Edmonton Electrician | Adding Kitchen Appliances During a Renovation


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Edmonton Electrician | Adding Those Appliances While Renovating

When homeowners are designing the kitchen of their dreams to renovate, they should hire and Edmonton electrician. Because chances are quite good, that at least some electrical components. Will need to be updated.

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Especially depending on how old the home that they are living in is. Because the older the home is, the farther away the electrical work will be. To the current Canadian electrical code.

Not only is the Canadian electrical code up dated every three years. But it is mandatory for every electrician to be using that most up-to-date code. For several different reasons.

One of the first reasons why it is mandatory. To use the most current updated electrical code. Is because the code gets updated. With improved safety measures. And while ten years ago, the methods used.

May have been considered the safest techniques of the day. Ten years later, a lot more knowledge is known about electrical systems. And all electricians need to be doing everything as safely as possible.

Another reason why electricians need to be using the most up-to-date electrical code. Is because they updated with information about new devices and appliances. As they are created, and used.

For example, twenty years ago, electrician would not need to know about data cables. But now, data cables are used in almost every single room of the house. Including on televisions.

But also, there are such things as smart fridges, and smart ovens and stoves. Which means not only can the fridge connect to cable. So that people can watch television on it. But also, it can connect to the Internet.


Which will allow people to program their refrigerator. To order groceries when the fridge knows it is getting low. And this is new technology that is important for an Edmonton electrician to know about.

So that when they go to someone’s house, in order to install a new refrigerator in their home. They will also be able to know that they have to add data cables, as well as upgrade the wiring in their home.

This is why it is of vital importance. That homeowners hire and Edmonton electrician to do all of the electrical work. No matter how big or small they think it is. So that it can be done correctly the entire time.

As well, there are different electrical components that need to be taken into consideration. That a general contractor may not be aware of. For example, if someone is upgrading their kitchen lighting to LED light bulbs.

They may not realize that they may have to add three or four different circuits because of it. Because while LED lights use very little electricity. The current Canadian electrical code says.

That no more than fourteen devices can be on a circuits at any given time. And each individual LED light bulb. Is counted as its own electrical device. These are just some of the things that the electrician will know about.

And will ensure that those components are added properly. Which is why homeowners should always hire the right professionals, to do every aspect of their kitchen renovation.

Edmonton Electrician | Adding Kitchen Appliances During a Renovation

One of the most important things that homeowner can do when doing a kitchen renovation, is hire and Edmonton electrician. Even if they do not think they need an electrician. They should still consult with one.

By allowing them to do a walk-through, and have the homeowner explain every aspect of the renovation. The electrician might bring up important points that the homeowner did not consider.

Or share information with the homeowner. About what they are planning on, will require updating the electrical system. When they may not realize that when they plan their renovation initially.

For example, homeowner may think that all they are going to do is install new cabinets, update their fridge and stove. And at a fresh coat of paint.

And while that might seem like a very minor renovation. It actually may require an Edmonton electrician updating the outlet capabilities in their kitchen.

The reason why this be the case. Is because when the home was initially built. The contractors typically would have put the wiring in. That was appropriate for the ethics goal device that was going to be plugged in to that outlet.

For example, the fridge might have only needed a 14gauge wire with a fifteen amp breaker. But a new refrigerator that homeowner is buying, has a larger electrical requirement.


If they simply tried to plug in the refrigerator, they would blow the circuit. Therefore, by knowing that they are going to have to contact an electrician to upgrade the circuit to a higher power capability.

Will allow them to call the right professional when they are needed. And while that might seem like a very small job. electrician will also know. That if they are going to do the job according to the Canadian electrical code, which is law.

They are going to have to upgrade the entire electrical system in that room. To the current Canadian electrical code. So that it will be done properly, and pass inspection.

Because of how important this is, homeowners should always consult with an Edmonton electrician. Prior to getting started on the renovations. Because if they do not consult electrician first.

They might get into the renovation, and realize that they need one. Or they might get done, the renovation. And realize that the electrical components are not working properly.

They may have to undo some of the renovations. In order to do the important and required electrical components. And knowing what they need head of time. Will help homeowners do the job properly the first time.

While kitchen renovations are extremely costly. They also add the most value to home. Then any other renovation that they would do. But in order for it to add the most value, they need to ensure every aspect of the renovation. Gets done properly at every step.

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