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Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Circuits In A House

Any time someone starts needing to use a power bar in order to have more things plugged in, Edmonton electrician says they should add more circuits instead. Not only is it a safety hazard to use a power bar. Because it will be more likely to overload the circuits.

It is also going to make a person’s home much more convenient. To allow them to plug more of their electrical devices in. And to do it in a safe manner as well.

When people call on an Edmonton electrician to quote on adding circuits. One of the first things that they are going to do, is look at the circuit breaker in their home.

The reason why, is because in older homes especially, circuit breakers are known to fail. And when they fail, that could cause a fire to break out in a family’s home.

The reason why it is likely to cause a fire. Is because the job that they circuit breaker does. The job of circuit breaker is to stop the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit.

And circuit can become overloaded by plugging more than one device into that circuit. That exceeds 15 A. When this happens, the wire will physically get hot. And the longer the devices remain plugged in and turned on. The hotter that wire gets.

The circuit breaker is designed to stop the flow of electricity to that wire. Before it gets physically hot enough to start a fire. But if that circuit breaker fails, people will not know until a fire does break out.


Therefore, it is extremely important that their Edmonton electrician checks out there circuit breaker. To ensure it is in good working order before people find out the wrong way that it is not.

In addition to that, they will also check the brand. Because while most circuit breakers will age and start to fail. The Federal Pacific brand of circuit breaker is known to fail more often than all the other brands put together.

Not only does it fail more often than not, according to Dr. Aaron Steen. It is known to fail 70 to 80% of the time. Resulting in approximately twenty-eight hundred house fires every single year in the United States alone.

Not only that, but the Federal Pacific breaker box is known to cause thirteen deaths every year on average. As well as fourteen million dollars in property damages due to the failure to break the circuit and stop the fire from happening.

In addition to calling an Edmonton electrician to check this out. People can keep an ion there circuit breakers. And if they start tripping more often than usual.

Even if their energy consumption does not change. That is typically a sign that they circuit breaker is reaching the end of its useful life. And people should inquire about getting it changed.

Therefore, anything to do with anything electrical related. Should cause people to contact their Edmonton electrician. In order to ensure not only things get done. But get done correctly in order to protect not just their home. But their family as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Circuits In A House

There are many different reasons why people may want to call an Edmonton electrician. If they have purchased an older home that they are planning on renovating.

The first reason, is because older homes, typically built in the sixties, seventies or even eighties. Typically do not have enough circuits for all of the energy consumption of a modern family.

So by adding more outlets, they can make their home more appealing. To people who have a lot more energy requirements then those built forty and fifty years ago.

Another reason why people might want to contact an Edmonton electrician. Is to see if they have enough room in their electrical panel or if they need to upgrade that.

Typically, people have two options when it comes to an increased energy requirement in their home. In the first is to add a sub panel on the existing one. That will allow the electrician to swap circuits, and make room for the additional ones.

However, this is less ideal. And often the less expensive option. Which is why many people choose this. However, there is many reasons why people might want to reconsider.

The first reason, is because it is best practices for electricians to simply replace old circuit breakers. Because as the circuit breaker ages, it will be prone to failing more often.

But also, the second reason is because if their energy consumption changes in the future. And they want to add more circuits. It will be easier to do so with a whole new panel instead of one that has been subbed in.


And the second option, and the ideal one. Is for an Edmonton to electrician to install a whole new panel. Not only to increase the space that people have.

But so that they can get away from having an older circuit breaker, that may or may not function properly to stop the flow of electricity to an overloaded circuit.

Another reason why people might want to call an electrician in order to work on an older home. Is because in the sixties, seventies and eighties. People often had homes built with aluminum wires.

Even though it is now proven to be more dangerous because of their tendency to overheat. Therefore, there electrician will be able to see if they have aluminum wire.” The cost of upgrading to copper, which is now industry-standard.

They also might find that the home is not grounded. As some homes were not done fifty years ago. And they might only have a two wire scenario.

Grounding each circuit is necessary, in order to ensure the home is grounded and safe. And when people call on the right experts to give them a quote on their electrical needs.

Edmonton electrician will be able to find out if this is the case with their home. So that they can quote on fixing it, and ensuring that the entire electrical components of their house are up to code and safe.

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