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Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Electrical Outlets

Many homeowners may not realize the importance of adding more outlets says Edmonton electrician. Because they are unaware that they are consistently. Overloading the circuits in their home.
Edmonton Electrician

The reason why overloading circuits is such a dangerous problem. Is because this is what causes electrical fires. When electricity is coursing through the circuits. That are not designed to handle that amount of electricity.

The wires that are conducting that electricity heat up. As a result of handling more electricity than they were designed. If the flow of electricity is not eliminated. Or turned off, either by a circuit breaker.

Or a person removing that electrical device from the circuit. Then the wire will continue to heat up, until it ignites the surfaces around it. This is what causes the electrical fire. Which can spread very quickly.

Using the ample oxygen in between the walls. To burn, and spread very quickly throughout the house. Often, people who have electrical fires in their home. Say that they did not realize the house was on fire.

Until the entire thing was engulfed in flames. Many homeowners also say. That they believed there home would be safe from overloaded circuits. Because the circuit breakers function. Is to turn off the flow of electricity.

To any circuits that are currently overloaded. And while yes, Edmonton electrician says this is the function of the circuit breaker. If the circuit breaker fails at any time. The consequence is having an electrical fire.

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Do people want to gamble on their circuit breaker not feeling. Especially when they have many times a day. Where they are overloading the circuits in their home?

As well, if people have an older circuit panel. Or if they have a pioneer panel, which is known. To fail spectacularly. With 90% of panels of this brand. Having they circuit breaker fail at one time or another.

Which means it is a problem. That many homeowners face without realizing it. That they believe their home is safe from electrical fires. Because of the circuit breaker. When the circuit breaker is not functioning properly.

When people want to ensure that they are not overloading there circuit. They can do a few different things. First of all, they can avoid using outlet extenders, power bars. And extension cords to allow them to plug more devices in.

To their electrical outlets at a time. They can also pay attention to the amount of electricity. That each of their electrical devices use at a time. While this is stated on the box, according to Canadian electrical standards.

They also must have it written on the device. Usually somewhere on the body of the device. Or on a sticker on the cord. They will need to understand that they can never exceed 1500 W. As that is the typical capability of any electrical outlets.

By knowing what to avoid. And what to look for. Homeowners can keep their house and family safe. And if they feel that they need more electrical outlets, their Edmonton electrician will be more than happy. To install more circuits as well as more outlets.

Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Electrical Outlets To Your Home

There are many misconceptions says Edmonton electrician. That people believe about electricity usage in their homes. A common misunderstanding is that electrical power bars, and extension cords.

Will enable people to be able to plug. More electrical devices safely into their outlets. They believe, especially the ones that have been inspected by the Canadian safety Council. Will allow them to extend.

The amount of watts that can safely be handled by their electrical outlets. This is not true. And all these devices do. Even the ones that are inspected by the Canadian safety Council. Simply allow people to plug more devices into an outlets.

Whether or not this is safe will depend on the amount of electricity. That each of their electrical devices will draw. For example, something like a reading lamp, a cell phone charger or radio.

Will draw approximately 300 to 400 W. And there is no problem plugging all three of those devices. Into a single outlets at a time. They will need an outlet extenders to do this. But it is not going to cause an overloaded circuits.

However, the problem comes in when people are utilizing. Electrical devices that use significantly more. Then 1500 W altogether. For example, a hair straightener, and a blow dryer will both exceed the wattage of an outlets.

If people use those devices with anything else. People should also be considering exactly what they are plugging in to all of the electrical outlets. They might have a 50 inch plasma screen TV.

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With a digital recording device, a gaming system and external speakers. And will all of those things overload a single circuit? This is why a little bit more knowledge can help empower homeowners.

Ensure that they are not overloading there circuits. And if they do have a computer, or gaming system. That is going to exceed what can be handled by one circuit. That is a good time for them to call.

Their Edmonton electrician to do a walk-through of their home. And see how many additional circuits they are going to need. To handle all of the different electrical devices they want to plug into their home.

As well, people should not just be considering. All of the electrical devices they use normally. But what they use, during special times of the year. For example, a portable air conditioner and additional fans.

In the hottest part of summer. A space heater in the coldest parts of winter. And Christmas lights, as well as Christmas tree decorations that people often use. Only for a month or two each and every year.

By knowing the wattage that they must keep to each circuits. As well as knowing that their Edmonton electrician can help them add circuits. Will keep homeowners safe, and not depending on.

And often fallible circuit breaker, so that they can keep their family, their home and all of their belongings safe. For many years to come.

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