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Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Outlets

The importance of adding more outlets is not always clear says Edmonton electrician. Any people believe that if they need more outlets. They can simply purchase power bars or extension cords.
Edmonton Electrician

A common misunderstanding that many people have. Is that power bars or extension cords. Actually increase the amount of electricity. That an outlet is able to handle at a time.

They also believe that anything that is approved by the Canadian electrical Council. Has the ability to do this. Therefore they purchase power bars and extension cords. And plug more devices into their outlets.

Believing that they are operating electrical devices safely. Unfortunately, no device in the world. Safely increases the amount of electricity. That can be used in an electrical outlet at a single time.

As well, the amount of electricity that a single outlet can handle. Is approximately 1500 W at a single time. Add in the complexity that many electrical devices. Draw more electricity when they are starting.

Then when they are running. And this can often be confusing. For many homeowners to understand. Why they can plug some multiple devices into an outlet. But they cannot plug others in as well.

Most of the electrical devices that people use do not draw 1500 W. For example, a radio, a reading lamp, and charging a cell phone. Will each draw approximately 300 W each.

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This means they can all be plugged into a single outlet with absolutely no danger. Of overloading the circuit at the time. However, there are other electrical devices. That draw significantly more electricity.

And the danger comes from plugging those devices in. With anything else, that will combined exceed 1500 W of electricity. For example, while someone can plug in a radio and a reading lamp at the same time.

A person who is using hair straightener or a blow dryer. Cannot plug anything else into that outlet. Because it will exceed the 1500 W amount. If people are finding that they are constantly tripping there circuit breaker.

This is a good time to call Edmonton electrician to have a look around their home. And see if they need to upgrade the amount of outlets they had. Which means they typically will need to increase the amount of circuits.

A quick look at their electrical panel will tell the electrician. If the homeowner need. to either upgrade to a new panel entirely. Or if they need.a subpanel, in order to add the number of circuits they need.

To add the correct number of outlets to their home. Some homeowners may even think. That since they are not using outlet extenders or power bars. On a regular basis, that there is no risk to their home.

For example, they only use extension cords. In the summertime when they are using a portable air conditioner. And then in the winter with a space heater.

And then only when they have their Christmas lights up. Even doing this temporarily is a risk. And people should be contacting their Edmonton electrician at Hauer Power to get them to upgrade to more circuits. And more electrical outlets in their home. To eliminate the risk.

Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Outlets Today

Most homeowners need to add more electrical outlets to their home says Edmonton electrician. Whether the home is recently built, or is older. Most homes do not have enough electrical outlets.

Part of the reason is, in the home was initially billed. People were using fewer electrical devices. But even in brand-new builds. There are not enough electrical outlets. Simply because the builder was saving money. By not adding more electrical outlets and circuits.

This is why even in the most modern kitchens. Homeowners will find that there are not enough electrical outlets. To plug all of the kitchen devices they want to use. At a single time.

The kitchen is actually the one room of the house. That draws the most electricity. Than any other room. Because of devices like the refrigerator, that is constantly running. The electric range.

That has a oven and a stove. The dishwasher, and the microwave. Will all draw a significant amount of electricity. And therefore, each of these devices not only needs to have their own circuits. But the circuit must be specifically wired. In order to handle the amount of watts that they draw.

Especially since most of them will be drawing more than the 1500 W that most usual electrical outlets are designed to withstand. Therefore, in the kitchen the builder might have only put another two or three outlets.

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Especially because of the proximity to the sink, builders will also have to install. A GF CI outlets. In order to ensure that it can be turned off quickly. If water gets into the outlet itself.

All of this costs time and money. Therefore, homebuilders will typically only install. The minimum number of a outlets. When homeowners move in, that is when they should be contacting their Edmonton electrician.

To walk through the helm with them. And figure out how many more outlets they are going to need for each room. They could also ensure that they are calculating the correct number of additional outlets they need.

Simply by living in the home for a few months. If they need a lot of lytic tenders, power bars. Or extension cords, those are all good indicators. That they need additional outlets in the rooms. Where those devices are being used.

Especially if the room use a lot of electricity. For example, someone is building a game room. That has a gaming computer, several monitors. And things like a mini fridge, or air conditioning unit.

That is going to require even more electrical outlets than usual. By understanding the importance of not using power bars. Or extension cords to plug more devices in. Can help homeowners do the right thing.

Get their Edmonton electrician to add electrical outlets to their home. So that they can eliminate the risk of electrical fires. And keep their family, and their home safe at all times. The sooner homeowners can do this. The better it will be for their safety. As well as for their peace of mind.

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