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Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Plug Ins

Home needing more electrical plug-ins is extremely common for older homes says Edmonton electrician. And people who purchase older houses often find that this is important to do.

These older homes simply were not built with enough plug-ins. In order to cope with today’s electricity consumption needs. Therefore, it is important for people to upgrade their electrical service.

One common mistake that many people make. Is thinking that they can simply add electrical capabilities to their home. By purchasing a power bar, to allow them to plug even more things into one electrical outlet.

This is a huge mistake. Because while these power bars allow the capability of plugging many things and at the same time. They were typically not designed to allow all of those things to be turned on at the same time.

Because contrary to what many people believe. A power bar does not increase the number of amps that an outlet can handle.

According to Edmonton electrician, each outlet can process approximately 15 A of power at a time. And when people are plugging electrical devices into the outlet. They need to ensure that they are not exceeding 15 A.

While plugging in a reading lamp, and charging a person’s phone at the same time is not likely to exceed that power consumption. People can easily do this if they are plugging in a flat iron and blow dryer the same time. Or a microwave and an electric kettle just to name two instances.

Since one of those devices is likely going to draw 15 A. Plugging a second one in will most likely cause a person’s circuit breaker to turn the electricity off.


Therefore, by adding a power bar or an octopus, that will allow the ability to plug more things in. Is not going to increase the energy consumption of that outlet.

If people find that they are using many different devices throughout their home to be able to plug things in. They should contact Edmonton electrician to get a quote on upgrading their outlets.

In the process, the electrician may find that they need a larger breaker panel. Because they do not have any free spaces left. And they either will have to install a sub-panel, to add capabilities and swap some circuits over.

Or, the second and more preferable option. Will be for people to get an entirely new panel. Which will also give them the capability of adding more spaces as they need.

In addition to that, they will check to see what brand of breaker panel people have. Because if they have a Federal Pacific panel. It is extremely advised to remove that. Because not only is it now to fail 70 to 80% of the time.

When breaker panels fail, people typically will not realize that they have failed. Until a fire breaks out, at which point their family and their home is at risk.

Therefore, any time they find that they do not have enough ability for their electrical needs. Calling and Edmonton electrician for quote can help ensure that they get those needs met in a safe fashion.

Edmonton Electrician | Adding More Plug Ins

When people are renovating older homes, from the sixties, seventies or eighties Edmonton electrician says a common request is to increase the plug-ins that are there.

This is because many older homes typically do not have enough outlets. Because they were not built with today’s requirements for plug-ins in mind.

At the same time, when they call an Edmonton electrician for quote. They should look around, in order to see if there is anything that might impede their ability to add more outlets. Or that might require upgrading as well.

A great example of this, is if the home has aluminum wiring. It is extremely recommended that people upgrade to copper wiring. And bring the wiring of the house up to code.

As well, Edmonton electrician says older homes typically have a two wire scenario, which means they do not have grounding wires. This is not only dangerous, but not up to current code.

Therefore, a thorough electrician will ensure that they check for that, and include that in the quote. Because if there is not any grounding wires. They will need a ground fault circuit breaker installed in order to protect the home.

This can end up being very costly. Especially if the home has eight or more circuits. Since the cost will go up per circuit that needs grounding.

It is also for this reason that people should avoid trying to go with the cheapest quote. Because the least expensive quote may also be the lowest quality.


But also, the lowest quote might end up being the most expensive. As the electricians discover after they start work. That things need to be upgraded that they were not prepared for.

Best practices would be for people to call on three electricians to provide quotes. So that they do not end up going with the cheapest quality option.

In addition to that, the ten electrician should also be looking at the breaker panel. To ensure that it is wired properly. And that it is a good brand. Some of the wires that are going into the metal might be degraded and will need to be brought up to code.

And even if they are not degraded, but happen to be an 8 gauge wire, it should be upgraded to a 6 gauge in order to meet with today’s electrical codes.

There may be many reasons why people are looking for an electrical service upgrade. Whether because they are renovating, find that they have not enough outlets for their electrical needs.

Or if they are finding that their breaker keeps getting tripped, and they want to stop that from happening.

It is very important that they call on knowledgeable experts. That will ensure that they do the job correctly and safely. Because they know of families safety is in their hands.

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