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Edmonton Electrician | Additional Options for Bathroom Fans

Significant problems can happen in a home, if moisture builds up says Edmonton electrician. Not only does moisture buildup because damage to the home. But it can promote mould and mildew. And mould can be extremely toxic to people living in a home.

This is why homeowners need to ensure that they are purchasing the right bathroom ventilation fan. As well as maintaining it on a regular basis.

The function of the bathroom ventilation fan, is to suck up the air in the bathroom, taking any moisture that is in the air with it. And venting it out of the house through appropriate ducting.

If a bathroom ventilation fan is old and is not working efficiently. Or if it is very clogged with dust and dirt from not being cleaned for many years. Or if it simply does did not have the large enough motor for it to work in a bathroom that size.

Then people can be turning their bathroom fans on, but not having the moisture being removed from their house. And can cause mould and mildew to form very easily.

Therefore, people should ensure that they are choosing the right size fan for their bathroom. On the larger their bathroom is, the larger the fan needs to be.

This is expressed in cubic feet per minute. Or CFM. The lowest capability fan will be about fifty CFM. While the largest fan will be about hundred and fifty CFM.

In order for homeowners to calculate the size of than they need for their bathroom. They can put the square footage of their bathroom into a calculator online. That calculates what CFM they need.


Or, they can contact their Edmonton electrician. Will be able to help them choose the right size fan for their needs.

In addition to the size of fan. People need to consider a wide variety of other options that are available. One of the most important options is the noise level in the fan.

By choosing a low level through ventilation fan. Can help ensure that homeowners are helping their home be a quiet oasis. Or allowing them to do things like listen to music in their bathroom.

And while a lower noise level fan will be a little bit more money. This is often very worthwhile. To minimize the extraneous sound within a home.

Other options that can be considered. Include bathroom ventilation fans that come equipped with lights. Whether homeowners need additional lighting in their bathroom because it is dark.

Or, if homeowners wants the option of putting who had lighting in their bathroom. To make their baths more relaxing is a great example of using mood lighting in a bathroom.

Another option that homeowners can choose from. Is putting a fan that has a humidity sensor into their bathroom says Edmonton electrician.

This fan will turn on when the humidity levels reach a certain point. And then stay on, until the humidity levels have dropped. This is especially great in a home where there are small children. May not turn the fan on. Or if homeowner is particularly forgetful about turning the ventilation fan on themselves.

By understanding all of the options that are available. Can help homeowners choose the right bathroom ventilation fan. Not just help them vent moisture from their bathroom. But to allow them to get the enjoyment they want out of their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Additional Options for Bathroom Fans

Homeowners may not consider how important the bathroom ventilation fan is on a day-to-day basis says Edmonton electrician. However, when it is time to choose the bathroom fan. It is very important decision.

Because the bathroom fan is designed to pull moisture out of home. This can help protect the home against moisture damage. But more seriously, can protect against mould.

When mould is present in a home, and can affect the health of all the people living in that. Aching it extremely important to minimize moisture buildup.

In addition to the fan itself, Edmonton electrician says the venting in the home is just as important. Because if the venting is not done properly.

While the bathroom fan might take moisture out of the room. The venting might put it into a different room. Where it can cause moisture buildup, and mould undetected.

Ideally, the venting will go directly out of the bathroom, and up through the roof, where will go through a rated exhaust hatch.

This way, it takes the moist air directly out of the home, where it will not be able to cause damage to the house, or promote mould growth.

It is very important though, that the exhaust hatch is sealed properly, and that has a flap or a damper on it. That means air can flow out of the house. But not back into it.


One problem that Edmonton electrician sees occasionally, is having the ducting direct into the soffits of the home. And this is a problem, because that air will get sucked into their attic. Each will allow moisture to build up, and mould to start to grow.

When homeowners are purchasing a bathroom ventilation fan. Should also take the time to ensure that the ducting is done properly. So that they do not purchase a great fan, but do not end up protecting their home.

However, it is just as important that homeowners are also doing the appropriate maintenance on their bathroom ventilation fan. Which most often requires cleaning it as often as necessary.

The recommendation is for homeowners to vacuum the grill of the fan by 3 to 6 months. This is because the fan will inevitably get dust and hair builds up on it. Because the fans job is to suck air into it.

Any dust and hair, especially pet hair in the air. We will get sucked into the fan, and some of it will stick onto the fan itself.

Another way to clean the bathroom ventilation fan thoroughly. His to take the grill off of the fan itself. Clean that and lead air dry. And then vacuum the fan blades that are exposed.

By doing this, homeowners are ensuring that the dust buildup does not impact the airflow, or cause the motor to stop working efficiently.

By ensuring that they are maintaining their fan properly. They can ensure that they are protecting their home from moisture and mould.

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