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One incorrect assumption that many people make says Edmonton electrician is that all smoke detectors are essentially the same. This is not the case with how the smoke detectors are powered, how they detect smoke, and what features they come with. If people make the assumption that all smoke detectors are pretty much the same, they may end up with a smoke detector or smoke alarm that does not fit their home or their lifestyle very well. If that is the case, they may be inadvertently putting their family at risk.

Edmonton electrician says that there is one extremely good smoke detector on the market that is not only the most effective, but offers the most features as well. This is the nest brand of smoke detectors. Not only did the utilize photoelectric smoke detection, as well as on ionized smoke detection, this brand also uses split spectrum light technology as well as a blue light filter. Using these three styles in tandem with each other ensures that this brand of smoke detector offers the lowest amount of false alarm tripping than any other alarm on the market.

In addition to having three different styles of smoke detectors built into one unit says Edmonton electrician is also has the highest number of features as well. It has a built in carbon monoxide detector, not only alerting the family when the percentage gets dangerously high, but gives constant readings, whenever it changes. If something happens and it raises by up percentage or two, it alerts the family. This can help ensure that people are troubleshooting various appliances including their furnace. By being notified when the carbon monoxide level goes up slightly, can help people understand that may be their furnace is starting to fail, and they can contact a professional to come in and fix it before the carbon monoxide levels get dangerously high.

The wonderful thing about the nest system of smoke detectors says Edmonton electrician is that they also have a Wi-Fi compatibility built into them. This connects the smoke detector directly to people’s mobile devices, alerting them to if a smoke alarm is going off, get carbon monoxide readings directly to their phone, and the ability to silence alarms from their phone if they have verified it is a false alarm. This is very powerful, if a homeowner has pets, and want to ensure that if a false alarm goes off, their ears are not being hurt by the alarm.

People may not want to get the nest system because they can be the most expensive smoke detector on the market says Edmonton electrician, but these systems have the top amount of functionality, that can help ensure that a family is being protected several ways, for several things. Not only are not all smoke detectors created the same, but if people are looking for top-of-the-line technology is going to protect their family, their home and their pets, they should look no further than the nest brand of smoke detector.

Edmonton Electrician | Are All Smoke Detectors Built The Same?

People may not consider all of the different technology that goes into the smoke detector that protects them says Edmonton electrician. Not only are there styles of smoke detector that detects smoke differently, but how they are powered, and the various features are different from brand to brand, model to model and based on the manufacturers. When it comes to smoke detectors and smoke alarms, people should consider what kind of lifestyle they have, and what is going to be the best for them and their home.

People may not even understand that smoke detectors actually detect smoke in a variety of different ways. For examples as Edmonton electrician the photoelectric style operates on light refraction and light reflection inside the unit. When smoke enters the device, if it reflects or refracts the light, the alarm is sounded. However, with an ionized alarm, this style of smoke detector has to electrically charged plates inside of it that conduct electricity constantly. If smoke enters this unit says Edmonton electrician, it disrupts the electrical current which triggers the alarm. However, even though these are two different styles of smoke detectors, some of the best smoke detectors on the market utilize both of them. The reason why, is because units that have both styles help prevent false alarms going off.

Some smoke detectors or smoke alarms, with a built in carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is a gas that is colourless and odourless, so people cannot detect it. However, in high enough quantities it is lethal. Therefore, having a carbon monoxide detector in their home is an extremely good idea that can help protect their family from this silence, invisible threats. Often, carbon monoxide levels start to increase if a furnace is not operating properly such as not igniting enough. If a carbon monoxide detector goes off, this can help people not only get out safely, but some units even simply tell what percentage of carbon monoxide is in the air, so that people can fix the problem or troubleshoot the problem before it becomes lethal.

People also need to understand that when it comes to smoke detectors and smoke alarms, they should not alter the units in any way shape or form. Sometimes, people think they are smoke detector is ugly. If the decides to give it a makeover by painting at the same colour as the wall, they may inadvertently make their smoke detector unusable. Edmonton electrician says painting the units may cover sensors or plug holes, making the unit useless. Not only does it make it useless, but it voids the warranty, and causes a person’s insurance to not cover them in case their houses burned down. Therefore, if people paint their smoke detector, they could render it useless, and then not be covered by insurance if something happens. If people truly do not like the look of their life savings smoke detector, they can look for different brands and manufacturers that offer devices in trendy colours.

Ultimately, at the end of the day, people should understand that there is a large variety of styles and types of smoke detectors says Edmonton electrician. When the move into a new place, or every 7 to 10 years when they need to replace their unit, they should find out about how they can protect their family.

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