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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Doing Electrical Work Yourself

Even if people think that the task is going to be very simple to complete says Edmonton electrician. They still should not try to do their own electrical work themselves. There are many reasons why this is a bad idea.

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First, people may not realize. How difficult even the simplest job is. For example, people might see videos of electricians pulling wire. And thinking that is something that they can do themselves.

Or see an electrician on the jobsite. And think that it is as simple as. Climbing to the attic, and dropping some wire or cable down. And then pulling it through a whole. When it is a lot more difficult than that.

Many people may not realize, but they are actually many different obstacles inside a wall. From the cables and the wires that are already there. To pipes for plumbing, and other uses.

And if they have any other services, like phone cables, central vac, for example. There will be even more things in the walls. As well, the older the home is. The higher likelihood, of things being in the walls.

Perhaps walls removed, and rooms were changed. This can result in many things being left in the walls. That do not seem to make sense. Such as plumbing pipes, being the walls of a bedroom for example.

Knowing how to get around these obstacles. Is just one of the things that an Edmonton electrician knows how to do well. When fishing wire or cables through the walls.

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For example, if they simply tried to use gravity. To drop the cable down. It may be very difficult to get around those obstacles. But it is more than just using a stick to guide the cable through those obstacles.

One of the favourite tricks, used by Edmonton electrician. To ensure that they can put the cable well. Is tying a nest of twine around the bottom of one cable. And then using a hook on the end of the stick.

To grab onto that nest. To help guide the wire down, through the best path. This is what professionals will be able to do. In order to get the job done well, quickly and correctly.

Another great example, is knowing what to do. When they are having to drill a hole, through a wall where there is insulation. Someone who is not a professional, may simply drill into that wall.

And as a result get insulation wrapped around their drill bit. However, their electrician will know. How to drill, counter clockwise. So that they can drill a hole into the wall.

But not get the insulation wound up on their drill bits. Where they may pull out enough insulation. To create a cold spot in the wall. Or to break through the vapour barrier, causing even more problems.

Such as moisture getting into the home. Where mould can start to form. And impact the health of the people living in the home. These are just some of the reasons why it is worth people’s time to hire an electrician.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Doing Electrical Work Yourself

It can be very problematic, to try and do the electrical work in a renovation yourself, says Edmonton electrician. No matter how big or small the renovation is. Chances are quite great, that a professional will be needed.

For example, many homeowners may not realize. That the existing Canadian electrical code. Specifies, that if any changes are made to an electrical system. No matter how big or small they are.

That the rest of the electrical system. Will get upgraded to the most current safety standards. This is because the Canadian electrical code gets updated every few years. Based on the most current safety information.

As more techniques are developed. And government finds more information about electrical applications, the code will be updated. Which is why the requirement is to upgrade the safety requirements.

So that people do not end up with a very unsafe electrical system. Even if they have had minor work on it throughout the years. This is designed, to ensure that electrical systems can be as safe as possible.

Even when all person wants to do, is upgrade their fluorescent lighting. Such as to LED under the counter lights, or pot lights. Or if all they want is an additional outlet or two in their kitchen.

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This should always be done by an Edmonton electrician. So that people do not accidentally or inadvertently, because something to be done in an unsafe way. Where they might put the rest of their family at risk.

As well, their electrician. Will be able to look at things. That they might not thing to do themselves. Such as checking what brand of panel they have. For example, people with a federal Pacific panel.

Should upgrade their panel, because it is known to fail and cause fires. In fact, according to studies, this panel is shown to have a 70 to 80% failure rate. And this is something that their electrician will be able to check.

When they do the rest of the electrical work. They will be able to guide a homeowner through the decisions, of whether they should get a new panel, or simply add a subpanel.

And know that everything that they electrician does. Will be able to pass electrical code. And not put their family at risk. it will be done properly, no matter how much or how little work was done.

Whether they are planning a kitchen renovation, creating a home office. Or building a home theatre of their dreams. It is very important that they use the best professionals. So that they can get it done properly and safely.

When people are looking for the right Edmonton electrician to hire. Contacting Hauer Power can be a great decision for them. Not only did they do residential work, but commercial and industrial as well. So in a matter what a person needs. They will get that from Hauer Power.

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