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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Making Mistakes During Renovations

One mistake that homeowners make when doing renovations is not hiring an Edmonton electrician. Thinking that they can hire a general contractor to do the job for less money.

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This is a huge mistake for several reasons. Including the fact that general contractors. While they might have some knowledge about electrical systems. Since they are not working with it every day.

May forget important aspects. Or overlook certain things. That impact the safety of the job that they are doing. As well, chances are quite low that a general contractor that does electrical work.

Is also utilizing the most current and up-to-date Canadian electrical code. Especially since it is upgraded every three years. And is a large enough job for certified electricians to stay up-to-date on.

Which means even if they do not miss any important parts of doing electrical job. They are not doing it up to code. So that it is not going to be able to pass inspection. And it may not even be safe.

The reason why the Canadian electrical code gets upgraded so often. Is because they increase the safety standards. And change the way things are done. In order to increase the safety of the work electricians do.

Therefore, it is not worth the money that people save. To hire someone other than a professional electrical contractor. This safety of their family and of their house is so important.

And the functionality of their kitchen is so important. That homeowners should not compromise this in order to save a few dollars. In fact, the kitchen renovation is one of the most valuable renovations.

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That homeowner can do in their home. That not only increases functionality. Of this most used room in their house. But also, increase the homes value, and resale price.

Therefore, having the renovation done properly. The hiring the right professionals for every single step of the way. Is incredibly important. Another reason why homeowners may not hire and Edmonton electrician.

In order to help with their kitchen renovations. Is because they simply do not think they need one. Because they are not intending on changing any electrical components in this room.

However, if they are planning on purchasing a new kitchen appliance. They may have no choice, but to require hiring an Edmonton electrician. Because the new appliance draws more energy.

Than their previous appliance drew. And it needs more electricity than the outlets can currently handle. For example, a kitchen outlet might have a 14gauge wire. As well as a fifteen amp breaker.

However, the new refrigerator needs a 12gauge wire, and a twenty amp breaker. Which means even if they were not planning on hiring an electrician. They now need to.

This is why it is very advantageous for all homeowners. To consult with a professional electrician before they start any renovations. So that they can budget appropriately. And be prepared for any eventuality that might happen during the renovation of their kitchen.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid These Mistakes During Renovations

When homeowners are planning a kitchen renovation, contacting an Edmonton electrician. Can be one of the most beneficial things they do. To ensure that the renovation gets done very well.

Even if people think that the renovation is so small. That they do not need to worry about updating the electrical system. Chances are, that at some point they are going to need to upgrade something.

And doing it when they plan to, during the renovation. Is better than having to call in an electrician. Because something is not working and they cannot figure out why not.

For example, even if all people are planning on doing for their kitchen renovation. Is buying new kitchen appliances. They are probably going to have to upgrade the outlets in those areas.

Not only will each of the kitchen appliances. Be wired to be on their own electrical outlet. They typically would only be wired to handle the electricity draw of the appliance that was originally installed in that location.

Therefore, as people purchase stoves, microwaves dishwashers and refrigerators. They are going to have to increase the power capability of each outlet. Which means upgrading the wire and the amps.

Even if people are changing out their range hood, that will most likely require an electrical component to change. And according to the Canadian electrical code. Even a minor change to an electrical system.

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Requires upgrading every electrical component in that room. To the safety standards of the most current Canadian electrical code. This means even if all a person is doing is buying a new microwave.

It may require calling in an electrician to rewire their entire kitchen. It is better for people to know this ahead of time so that they can budget for it. However, another benefit of knowing this at the beginning of the process.

Is that homeowner can work the fact that they have to hire and Edmonton electrician into their budget. And plan for other work, such as upgrading to LED lights. Or adding under the counter lighting.

As well as increasing the number of outlets they have in their kitchen. So that they can have more electrical devices plugged in at one time. To do even more in their kitchen than they used to be able to.

Therefore, the matter how big or small the renovation is. Such as homeowners knocking out walls, building islands that can have devices plugged into them, and a sink in that location.

As well as adding more appliances, more cupboards and more counter space. Chances are quite high that the entire project needs to start with an Edmonton electrician.

They also will know at what stages of construction the entire project needs to be inspected. So that homeowners can get this done properly. And inspected, so that they can be certain that it is done safely.

When homeowners are planning a kitchen renovation. This is going to be one of the most important renovations they do. In doing it properly is going to be incredibly important.

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