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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Mistakes During Renovations

When homeowners are ready to start renovating their home, contacting an Edmonton electrician. Is one of the first things that they should do. Particularly when that room that they are renovating is the kitchen.

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Even if the renovation that they are planning is very small. Or they do not think it is going to require any electrical components. They should check with the professional just to be sure.

For example, if a homeowner is planning on moving any electrical appliances. Such as the fridge, stove, or their microwave. They may end up requiring the services of an electrician anyway.

The reason why, is because typically, when the home was originally built. The homebuilder only would wire each outlet. That the main appliances were going to be plugged into. To suit those specific electrical requirements.

Which means, if a refrigerator only needed a 14gauge wire. With a fifteen amp breaker. That is the maximum electrical components they would put on that outlet. In order to keep their costs down.

Because why would they need to wire that outlet for anything more powerful? When the only thing designed to be put on that electrical circuit. Would be that appliance alone.

Therefore, if homeowner is planning on moving those appliances. The outlet that they are planning on plugging that appliance into. May not be able to handle the electrical draw from that machine.

As well, homeowners may be planning on purchasing new appliances. Which means the outlets that are there. May not handle the power requirements of the new electrical devices.

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This is why it is very important to consult with an electrician. At the start of the renovations, even when homeowners do not think. That they are going to need their services.

At the very least, the professional can come in. And do a walk-through of their space. And listen to their plans. As well as look at what they have their four electrical components to begin with.

If they are not needed, they will tell those clients. That they do not need to hire an electrician. However, if they do need their services, they will be able to offer a great quote very easily.

Because they saw the site, and heard the renovation plans. Even more beneficial, if their Edmonton electrician says that they do need to make some minor electrical upgrades.

In order for that homeowner to do their kitchen renovation. They also will be able to talk to the homeowner about other electrical upgrades that they can do. Since they will be upgrading their kitchen anyway.

Things like adding electrical outlets. Adding under the counter lighting. And updating the overhead lighting to something more energy efficient like LED light bulbs.

Can be done very quickly, easily. And at a lower cost, since the electrician will be there doing work anyway. All of these things can add function to the kitchen. And is very desired by many homeowners.

Therefore, they should always err on the side of caution. In call an Edmonton electrician prior to any kitchen renovation.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid These Mistakes During Renovations

A common mistake that many homeowners make during renovations, is not calling in Edmonton electrician. Or at least not calming them at the start of the project. And doing things incorrectly.

Or having to call an electrician to fix things that should have been done correctly the first time. This is especially true when it comes to kitchen renovations. Because this is not only the most expensive room to renovate in a house.

But it is also the room that has the most electrical components. And he uses the most electricity. Simply because there are so many kitchen appliances that draw electricity.

This includes the refrigerator, the stove and oven. As well as things like the dishwasher, microwave and even range hood. Even if the range hood is an externally vented one, or one that re-circulates air.

All of these devices use a considerable amount of electricity. Therefore moving, or upgrading any of them. Could very easily require an electrician. To upgrade things like the wiring in the kitchen.

Adding more circuits, or upgrading lighting. Therefore before any homeowners jump right in to any renovations. But particularly a kitchen renovation, they should consult with the experts.

Typically, if their kitchen has been built longer than three years ago. If an electrician needs to upgrade any electrical components. They will also have to upgrade the entire kitchen to the most current safety standards.

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As outlined in the Canadian electrical code. Because that code specifies. Even minor changes to existing electrical system. Will require an electrician upgrading the entire room. To the most current safety standards.

And while this might seem like a lot of work. Homeowners should actually be very grateful that this standard exists. Because even though there home was built to code several years ago.

The Canadian electrical code actually gets upgraded every three years. Not only to add information about emerging technology. And how to wire that, and run cables.

But also, as more information is gathered. The safety standards are upgraded. To ensure that everything that electricians do. Can be as safe as possible. Because when electrical components are not done properly or safely.

It poses a significant safety risk not just to the property. But it can cause things like an electrical fire. That could pose a safety issue to the people in the house. Who might have to escape a burning building.

Because electrical components were not as safe as they could be. This is white so important for homeowners to consult with an Edmonton electrician. Before doing any renovations in their home.

Even if homeowners do not think they are going to need an electrician. It is far better to call one in, and after quick consultation. Find out that they are not needed at all.

Rather than find out too late that they should have hired one. Therefore, when people are planning renovations for their home. They always should consult with the right professionals, including an Edmonton electrician.

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