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Edmonton Electrician | Overloading a Plug In

Many homeowners are not aware of the dangers of overloading a plug-in it says Edmonton electrician. And think that a power bar, or an electrical extender such as an octopus. Is a safe and convenient way of being able to plug more things into their home.

In fact, homeowners should keep in mind that any plug-in that they have in their home is only rated for 15 amps. And if they exceed that by any means. They are overloading their plugins.

What happens when a plug-in gets overloaded says Edmonton electrician. Is that the wires will get hot as they struggle to keep up with the increased flow of electricity. That they were never designed to handle. When this happens, the wires will get physically hot. Which puts them at risk for igniting things that are surrounding them.

The longer that the wires stay hot, the higher the risk gets. And can potentially start an electrical fire. These are very dangerous. Because they can burn for a long time undetected. And spreading is too many areas of the home.

Therefore, people should avoid putting more things into the outlet than it can handle. The way that they can do this. Is ensuring that they know what amps each of their electrical devices needs. And then not exceeding 15 amps.

there are many electrical devices that are well known for being electricity Hogs. And always should be plugged in alone. For example, air conditioners, space heaters, hair dryers, and flat irons. I’ll take the plugins maximum amount of electricity. And should be plugged in alone.


The biggest problems happen when people are using a power bar or an electrical extender such as an octopus. This makes it easy for people to plug more things into the electrical socket then it was designed to handle.

And while people think that the surge protector in their power bar. Or that’s the breaker is going to keep them safe. By turning off electricity to a certain area if it gets overloaded. If that fails for some reason. Then they will potentially start a fire. And not even be aware that they have overloaded the unit.

One thing that people can do that can keep them safe says Edmonton electrician. Is simply not use Outlet extenders or Power Bars. Unless, the reason why they are using a power bar is to increase access to a certain plug-in. It might be under a desk, behind a bed, or somewhere inaccessible.

When they do buy a power bar. They should ensure that it is stamped with the letters c s a. Because that signifies that it has been inspected by Canadian Safety agencies. And is safe for use in this country.

The next thing that they can do is ensure that their power bar does have a surge protector built into it as a Fail-Safe. However, by avoiding plugging too many things in. People shouldn’t have to use it at all.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoiding Overloading a Plug In

Many people think that they’re only going to overload their plugins if they live in a very old home says Edmonton electrician. However doesn’t matter what the age of the house is. People can easily overload their electrical circuits.

They can do this, by plugging more amps into one plug-in than it was designed to handle. Each plug-in typically can take 15 amps at a time. And to exceed that, can potentially cause a fire.

If people find that they are using a lot of power bars, or electrical extenders. That should be a clue to them that they might want to get more electrical outlets installed in their home.

Not only do Power Bars make it much easier for people to overload their electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. But if people are using the Power Bars because the plugins that they have are in an inconvenience location. They can fix both problems at once.

It is much easier, faster, and less costly. Then many people assume to call in Edmonton electrician to come to their house to add electrical outlets. In fact, some people may not even realize that this is an option. And are living with fewer plugins than they need.

This is very common in older homes. That were built 250 or even a hundred years ago. Because there was not the need of plugins than there is today. But getting more plugins installed. Can increase the amount of electricity that people can use at a time. Without overloading their circuits.


All in Edmonton electrician has to do, is add a switch to their breaker box. And then run more wire through their home, so that they can add electrical outlets to wherever they are needed.

At the same time, the Edmonton electrician will be able to look at the overall health of their breaker box. As well as the rest of their wiring. While breaker boxes last a phenomenally long time. Without needing to be replaced. There is one brand of breaker box that is well-known for failing often.

This is a federal breaker box. And if people have one in their home. It is highly recommended that they get it replaced immediately. These breaker boxes are known to have an extremely high failure rate. And when this happens, electrical fires can break out more quickly. Because they are not having the power to an outlet turn off when it gets overloaded.

If people find that they don’t have enough plugins in their home during the year. They will probably have more problems during the holidays. As they will have more things plugged in during this time of year.

They might have multiple strands of lights on the outside of their home, have inflatable yard decorations. And even inside, their Christmas tree, extra strands of lights and decorations. Are going to to use more electricity than normal.

When they get additional Outlets installed in their home. They should ensure that they are also taking into consideration how many additional Outlets they need. So that they won’t overload their electrical circuits during the holidays.

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