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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Circuits

Electrical circuits can only handle a certain amount of electricity says Edmonton electrician. That amount is approximately 1500 W. And any amount of electricity over and above that amount. Will cause the circuits to become overloaded.
Edmonton Electrician

What happens when a circuit is overloaded. Is that the wire that brings electricity. To that outlet is not designed to handle. That amount of electricity. The wire becomes increasingly hot to the touch.

Typically, the circuit breaker in the home. Is designed to turn off electricity. To an outlet that is having an overload of electricity. However, if the circuit breaker is not functioning properly. The wire will get hot enough.

To do one of two things, it will either get so hot it will break. Causing the outlets to stop functioning. Or, it will get so hot. That it will ignite the flammable surfaces around it. Inside a wall, there is a lot of flammable material.

Such as the inside of drywall, and studs that hold the wall together. The most dangerous thing about this type of fire says Edmonton electrician. Is that it starts in the walls. Consuming the oxygen that is there. Where it can spread quickly.

And consume most of the home. Before anyone realizes that there is a fire. This is extremely scary, and dangerous. Not to mention very avoidable. While many people believe that the circuit breaker. It will save them, circuit breakers are not infallible. Especially as they age, and near the end of their life.

If people are discovering. That there circuit breaker is tripping. More often than normal. Even though there electrical uses have not changed. That is a good indication. That there circuit breaker is starting to wear out.

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Some people, will simply put up with it says Edmonton electrician. Until the problem seems to go away. And they may think that the problem fixed itself. But the reason the circuit breaker is no longer tripping.

Is because the circuit breaker is no longer working. Now, their home is at risk. Because there is no circuit breaker to cut off the flow of electricity. Despite the thought that homeowners have. That they are still being protected by this failsafe.

Anytime people are experiencing their electrical breaker tripping more often. Is the time that they should be picking up the phone. In order to call an electrician at Hauer Power.

They will be able to come into the home, and do a walk-through. As well as look at the brand, age and condition. Of the electrical panel. They may make some recommendations.

Such as upgrading the electrical panel. To a new model. And one that has more spots for more circuits. They can give no obligation quote to the homeowner. On how much this is going to be.

And it may be a good happenstance in the first place. Simply because many homeowners. Would love to add more circuits, and electrical outlets. To handle the increasing need of electrical devices in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Circuits In Your Home

People may not realize that there is a limit says Edmonton electrician. Of how much electricity they can plug into their electrical circuits. But there is a limits, which is approximately 1500 W.

If they try to plug in. Electrical devices in excess of 1500 W. They will overload the circuits. And in most cases, the circuit breaker. Will kick into action, turning off electricity to that circuits.

In order to protect the wiring, and the home. From an inevitable electrical fire. That will happen if the circuit remains overloaded. It is increasingly easy to overload circuits in a home.

Especially because while homeowners are using. More electrical devices than ever before. More devices are using more electricity as well. It does not take a lot to overloaded circuits.

When homeowners start using devices like heated blankets, and air conditioner. A space heater, or things like a blow dryer, curling iron and flat iron. As well, homeowners should take into consideration.

The amount of technology they have in their home. Such as a cell phone, a tablet. Their laptop and home computers. That require constant charging. While a lot of these smaller devices will not overload the circuits.

The more electrical devices they use says Edmonton electrician. The more outlets they are also going to need. They may be lulled into a false sense of security. By continually buying many power bars.

Or outlet extenders, in order to accommodate. Their growing energy consumption. While it might not be a problem. To plug their radio, their cell phone. And there lamp into the same outlet.

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Once they start utilizing things like their lamp, radio and hairdryer. On the same circuit, is when problems start to happen. In fact, Edmonton electrician cautions homeowners.

From using power bars or outlet extenders. Unless they simply. Cannot reach the outlet that they are trying to plug into. By not getting used to using power bars. Homeowners can realize. When they reach the limit.

Of things that they can plug into the available wall sockets. That is when they should contact their Edmonton electrician. Such as the experts at Hauer Power to come in. And add more electrical outlets.

As well as add circuits, to accommodate. Their growing energy needs. It is also very important for people to understand. That these electrical devices that they buy. Such as power bars do not increase.

The ability to use electricity. Many people believe that an outlet extender. Increases the amount of electricity they can use. When all it does is increase the number. Of electrical devices they are.

Able to plug into an outlets. There is no device that actually increases the amount of electricity a person can use. Therefore, they should be very mindful. When they use these devices.

Even temporarily, such as a space heater in the winter. Or an air-conditioner in the summer. By being mindful about the electricity usage. And calling an electrician in when they need to increase.

The number of outlets in a home. Homeowners can prevent overloading there circuits. And preventing electrical fires from even starting.

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