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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Electrical Circuits

Only so much wattage can be plugged into each electrical outlet says Edmonton electrician. And plugging more than it is designed, usually 1500 W. Is a recipe for disaster.
Edmonton Electrician

As the thin wire in the electrical outlets. Tries to cope with the flow of more electricity than it is designed to handle. The wire heats up, indefinitely. And can ignite flammable surfaces that surround it.

While a circuit breaker is designed. To turn off the flow of electricity. To any circuit that is overloaded. That is utilizing more than 1500 W. A circuit breaker is not infallible. And if it fails, the consequences.

Is an electrical fire, that can often get out of hand quickly. The reason why electrical fires are so dangerous. Is because it ignites the internal core of the walls. Or it can spread to every single room in the house.

Before it is detected by anyone. By the time people realize that the house is on fire. Every single room and the ceilings are burning. Making escape very dangerous. Especially if the fire started at night.

This is why it is so important. That people do not overload the electrical outlets in their home. A good rule of thumb says Edmonton electrician is that if they are using. Outlets extenders, like an octopus.

The power bar, or an extension cord. In order to plug more than two devices. Into that electrical outlets, that is a good indicator. That they are consistently overloading that electrical circuit.

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Many electrical devices in our homes. Can be plugged in on their own. To any electrical outlets. The danger comes when we plug more than one device in. To an outlet at a time.

It is best if people can keep track of. How much electricity each of their devices use. And avoid plugging too many things in. To one outlets, when they draw a lot of electricity.

The kitchen is the most common offender. With kitchens having too few electrical outlets. And most of the devices that are used in a kitchen. Draw close to the maximum wattage. That a circuit should have at any given time.

Therefore, people might think nothing. Of plugging their toaster into the same outlets. That they plug their electric kettle in. But this, will easily overload a typical circuits. That is designed to only handle 1500 W.

Something else that people should keep in mind. Is that a device will draw more electricity. When it is just starting, or warming up. Then it will, once it is fully under use. This is why if people are constantly.

Overloading the circuits in their kitchen. Tripping the breaker, this is a good indication. That they should be contacting Edmonton electrician. In order to add more circuits in that room, or in their house overall.

Another rule of thumb is that if people can go into every room of their house. And count how many extension cords, power bars. And outlet extenders that they are using. That is how many additional outlets they should get installed.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Electrical Circuits Today

People may not understand the dangers of overloading there electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. And it is unfortunately far more common than many people realize. Especially during certain months of the year.

Such as at Christmas time. When people have their Christmas tree and lights. As well as the external decorations plugged in. They may think absolutely nothing. Of adding a power bar, or an extension cord.

In order to accommodate the additional electrical devices. Without realizing that this is a huge risk. That they are most likely overloading there circuit. And if there circuit breaker fails, then a fire will start.

Another time of year where overloading electrical circuits is common. Is in the summertime, when many homes that are not equipped with air conditioning. Utilize fans, and portable air conditioners.

Air conditioning units draw close to the maximum wattage that a circuit can handle. Usually up to or around 1500 W. Therefore, by plugging the air conditioner and anything else in.

Will overload circuit. This is why people should be contacting Edmonton electrician in advance. Before Christmas, or before summer. In order to add more electrical outlets to their home. So that they can avoid running the risk of electrical fires.

Something else that many people may not be aware of says Edmonton electrician. Is that the use of power bars or extension cords. Even ones that are certified for use in Canada.

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Do not add wattage to the ability of the circuits. Which means many people believe that a power bar or extension cord. Will allow people to plug more than 1500 W into that circuits. But this is absolutely untrue.

All it does is makes it possible for people to plug-in. More than two electrical devices at a time. But that does not mean that they should, especially when those electrical devices. Draw a significant amount of electricity.

For example, a hair straightener will use. Up to or around 1500 W. Which means plugging a hair straightener, and anything else. Even a radio, or charging a cell phone. Will easily overload the circuit.

Therefore, it is of paramount importance that people understand. That not only should they avoid using outlet extenders and extension cords. Unless they are simply going to plug a device in that cannot reach the outlets.

It is not a way to help them utilize more electricity. The sooner people can understand this. The safer there home will be. And when they contact Edmonton electrician to add more electrical outlets to their home.

They will also check the make and model, and the age. Of the electrical panel in the home. The older the panel is, the more likely. The circuit breakers are going to fail. Which also puts the home at risk.

It should be part of homeowners regular maintenance check for their home. Adding an electrician in to ensure that the panel is working correctly. And add any electrical outlets and circuits that they need. To keep all of the electrical devices in their home operating perfectly.

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