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Edmonton Electrician | Stop Overloading Electrical Outlets

If there is one thing that homeowners should stop doing immediately says Edmonton electrician. That thing is overloading there electrical circuits in the home. The reason why this is a bad idea.
Edmonton Electrician

Is that overloaded circuits because electrical fires. What happens, is that the size of the wire. Was never designed to handle. That amount of electricity at a time. And therefore, as the wire tries.

To handle that full electricity, it becomes increasingly warmer. And if the flow of electricity is not stopped. Either by someone removing that electrical device from the circuit.

Or, having the circuit breaker kick in. And stop the flow of electricity. Then what will happen, is that the wire will continue to get warmer and warmer. Until it is hot. And it can get so hot.

That it can ignite flammable surfaces that are around it. Since the electrical wires be inside walls of a home. Surrounded by things like insulation, drywall and the studs that frame the walls.

These things are all flammable, and a very hot wire. Can ignite those surfaces. Very quickly, causing a fire. One of the reasons why electrical fires are so dangerous says Edmonton electrician.

Is quite simply, because the fire can rage on. Completely undetected, inside the wall. Because walls are hollow. There is a lot of oxygen, that can feed the fire. And there is also a lot of flammable material.

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Inside the walls, so the fire will rage on. Consuming the interior of the walls. Spreading to all of the other walls in the home. An electrical fire can get so out of hand, so quickly.

Without the homeowners understanding. That there was a fire in the home until. It has consumed almost all of the walls in that home. This is why they are so dangerous says Edmonton electrician.

Many people will tell their Edmonton electrician that they believe. That the circuit breaker will save them. If they have an overloaded circuit. And while yes, this is the function.

Of an electrical circuit breaker. These things are not completely infallible. And if they fail, there is no backup system. To protects the home or prevent it from catching fire.

Therefore, homeowners should avoid using this circuit breaker. As a completely failsafe option. Because if it does fail, they will be at risk. A much better solution. Is understanding how to avoid overloading electrical circuits.

Such as only plugging in. A maximum of 1500 W. On a single circuit at a time. If homeowners are using plug splitters, outlet extenders. Power bars, and extension cords in order to plug more in.

This is a great indication. That they should be instead. Calling the experts at Hauer Power. Add more circuits, and electrical outlets to their home. So that they can plug more electrical devices in safely.

At the same time, they will check the electrical panel. To make sure it is safe, and in great working order. So that people can remain safe and using electricity in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Electrical Outlets Today

Homeowners should avoid overloading there electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. Because all too often, homeowners are putting. Their home, as well as their family at risk doing this, unknowingly.

Each electrical circuit.. Can only handle a maximum period of 1500 W at any single time. What this means, is that if people. Are plugging in more electrical devices. To a single circuit.

Then they are putting their home at risk of an electrical fire. Electrical fires happen. When more electricity than a wire was designed to handle. Is coursing through that wire.

The wire becomes hot, until it is hot enough. To ignite the services around it. While the circuit breaker is definitely supposed to kick in. And stop the flow of electricity in these circumstances. If the circuit breaker is old.

Or worn out, it may not properly. There is nothing to indicate that it is no longer functioning properly. And the only way. People can tell if there circuit breaker is not functioning properly. Is when it fails, and a fire starts.

Therefore, it is important that homeowners understand how to avoid overloaded circuits. Such as only plugging in a maximum period of fifteen hundred wants on a single circuit.

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How they can learn how to do this says Edmonton electrician. Is by looking at the electric usage. Of each of their electrical devices. It is, by Canadian law. Printed either on the bottom of the device itself. Or, it is printed.

On a sticker that is wrapped around the devices court. This way, homeowners can always look to see how much. Electrical usage each device takes. And on a circuit, they should have electrical devices.

That new not consume more than 1500 W of electricity at a time. For example, devices such as cell phone charger, a reading lamp. A radio, or a nightlight. All consume anywhere between 3 to 500 W of electricity at a time.

Subsequently, devices that use more electricity. Include things like hair straightener, curling iron ore blow dryer. A steamer, an electric teakettle, pressure cooker or toaster just to name a few.

If people are using power bars, or extension cords regularly. In order to be able to plug. More electrical devices in at a time. This is a good indication. That they are overloading circuits.

And that they should be calling Edmonton electrician to come in. And add more circuits, and therefore more outlets to their home. So that they can safely use more electricity. Without a danger of overloading there circuits.

At the same time, the experts such as those at Hauer Power in Edmonton. Will be able to look at the electrical panel. If it is older, or small. They may have to upgrade the electrical panel. So that it is functioning properly.

Any other questions homeowners have. About the electrical usage in their home. Can be directed to the experts at Hauer Power. By phone, email or sending a message online.

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