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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Outlets

The reason why homeowners should be avoiding overloading outlets says Edmonton electrician. Is because it is not guaranteed. That there circuit breaker is going to function properly.
Edmonton Electrician

While this is the failsafe. Designed to protect the home. Against overloaded circuits that can lead to electrical fires. Homeowners need to understand. That there is no backup to the circuit breaker if it fails.

And if people have overloaded circuits. And there circuit breaker fails. An electrical fire will start. And they will not have any indication. That anything is wrong, until the fire. Has spread, and consumed most of the house.

This is because electrical fires tend to burn. Within the walls of the house. Consuming the oxygen in the hollow walls. Eating up all of the flammable material. Such as studs, and the inside of the drywall.

Therefore, it is far better for homeowners. To understand what wattage their electrical circuits can handle. And then avoid overloading them. That is to say, avoid plugging in. Electrical devices that exceed that amount of energy.

A typical home will have outlets. And circuits that can only handle. Up to a maximum of 1500 W at a time. This means, that homeowners need to understand. What outlets are on the same circuit.

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As well as figure out. What wattage each of their electrical devices draws. This might sound complicated. But the amount of energy that each device draws. It is written, by law on the device itself. Either on the bottom, or placed on a sticker. That is wrapped around the cord to the device. This way, homeowners can figure out. By doing quick addition. How many devices they can have plugged in to a single circuits.

For example, a radio might only have 300 W. Of energy that it draws, a cell phone charger might utilize three hundred and fifty. And then a reading lamp draw 500 W.

It is very easy for homeowner to see. That they can only have these three devices. On a single circuits. Without overloading it. If they have any more devices, it will have to go on a separate circuit.

There in lies the problem says Edmonton electrician. With devices that extend. An outlets capability. Of having electrical vices plugged into it. For example, an octopus. That usually has room. To plug in four or five more devices.

Lola homeowner into a false sense of security. With them thinking that it is possible, and even safe. For them to plug in as many electrical devices. As there is room on the octopus.

Of course this is not true. But homeowners that are not aware. That this will lead them to overload their circuits. May do so, and not realize. That they are putting their home in danger of an electrical fire.

By learning a little bit about the electrical works inside their home. And getting to know their Edmonton electrician. Who will be more than happy to do a walk-through of their house. Homeowners can figure out the best way. To use electricity in their home. Without causing damage to their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Outlets Today

Overloaded outlets can lead to electrical fires says Edmonton electrician. Which is dangerous, not just because. That can burn the house down. But it can also damage wiring even if a fire does not start.

It can be easy to avoid overloading a circuit. As long as homeowners no what electricity draws. Come from each of their electrical appliances. And what electrical outlets are on a circuit.

Another problem that complicates matters says Edmonton electrician is that many circuit breakers. Do not function properly. Unfortunately, a lot of the circuit breakers. That were installed into homes during the nineteen eighties.

Were of poor quality, and ended up. Not functioning properly only after a few years. The brand is federal, and despite the fact. That hundreds upon thousands of these devices. Were removed from homes across North America.

An uncountable number still exist. In North America today. If a person has a home that was built. In the seventies, eighties or early nineties. They should call their Edmonton electrician. In order to check the panel to see if it is a federal panel, and therefore needs to be upgraded. If they think that there circuit breaker will work perfectly. Any time there is an overloaded circuits, they may be putting their home risk.

As well, even if they do not have a federal panel. The panel that they do have. Will only have the circuit breaker work. For certain number of years before it wears out. A common scenario in an older home.

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Is that circuit breaker starts being trips. For no apparent reason. Due to no additional electric devices being used. And this might be seen. As a frustration. Rather than the warning sign that it is.

If the circuit breaker continues to be tripped. And homeowners do not call there electrician. To come in and inspect it. What might be happening, is that the circuit breaker. Is starting to wear out completely.

And when the circuit breaker stops being tripped altogether. Homeowners might believe that the problem is resolved. When in fact the problem just stopped working permanently.

Therefore, any time the electrical components of the house. Stop working the way they once were. Or when a homeowner is realizing. That almost every electrical outlet in their home.

Has a power bar, or an outlet extender on it. That is a good indication that they are outgrowing the home’s energy capability. And that they should upgrade the electrical in their home. If they call Hauer Power today, they will be able to.

Come into the home, have a look around. And give the homeowner a no obligation and free price. About what it would cost to upgrade the panel if it is necessary. And add the right number of electrical outlets.

To all of the various rooms in their house. Not having enough electrical outlets can be annoying. But overloading the circuits is dangerous. Do not let this danger happen to your family.

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