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Edmonton Electrician | Overloading Electrical Circuits

Overloaded circuits are dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Even in new homes. Many people believe that they are not going to be able to damage their house if they overload their circuits. If they have a new-build.

It doesn’t actually matter how New or Old the house is. Anyone can overload their circuits. By plugging too many things into a plug-in. Which is why this should be avoided at all costs.

Many people who need more plug-ins than they have outlets in their home. Think that a great solution to this. Is simply buying a plug-in extender. Or a power bar. However, this does not help the situation.

Each plug in can hold up to a certain amount of amps per unit. And if they exceed that. That could cause a fire. Many people believe that buying a power bar. Especially the power bar that has a surge protector in it. Actually extends the amount of amps that each plug-in can take. But this is not actually true says Edmonton electrician.

All the power bar does, is makes it possible to plug more things into the outlet. But if they exceed the amount of amps that they can handle. That will be dangerous.

And while many Power Bars have a surge protector. People should not count on a surge protector to save them. They should understand the amps of each of the things that they plug into one outlet. And not exceed that amount.


A great example of this, is if people use curling irons or flat irons as well as blow dryers. Having both of these things plugged in to one electrical outlet. And having them both turned on is enough to overload the circuit. And it’s just two items.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician says adding a power bar to a electrical outlet is not going to help ensure that they’re not going to overload the circuit.

In fact, people should be very mindful of the Power Bars and electrical plug-in extenders that they purchased. To make sure that they are even safe for use. Especially if people buy cheaper quality items. Or purchase their power bars at the dollar store. This can be very dangerous.

Not only will this not likely be safe. But if they have a surge protector says Edmonton electrician. That is likely going to fail. Which can put the home at risk for an electrical fire. Therefore, if people do purchase Power Bars they should keep several things in mind.

One thing that they should keep in mind, is that they need to buy Power Bars that say CSA on them. Because these have been inspected by Canadian Safety standards. And has been proven to be safe for use in this country.

However, the best thing is not for a person that to buy a power bar in order to be able to plug mini things in. But call their Edmonton electrician to help them solve the issue of not enough electrical plugs in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoiding Overloaded Your Electrical Circuits

while it can be very easy to overload electrical circuits at Christmastime says Edmonton electrician. With all of the additional lights, Christmas trees, and decorations. It can actually be very easy to overload circuits anytime of the year. And people should be aware of how to avoid this. So that they don’t end up causing an electrical fire.

Each plug-in is rated to a certain amount of amps per plugin. And that should not be exceeded. If it is exceeded, what will physically happen to the wire is it will heat up in order to help manage the additional flow of electricity. That it was never designed to handle. The longer it tries to cope says Edmonton electrician. The hotter it gets.

When it gets extremely hot, it will cause a fire to the surrounding materials. The thing about this type of fire that’s very dangerous says Edmonton electrician. Is that it will start in the wall. And since most walls internally are Hollow. It has a lot of oxygen to feed the fire.

This Fire can start burning in the internal walls of the home, and spread very easily. By the time the people inside the home are aware that there is a fire. It is likely spread to every single room. Causing a lot of Devastation, and can be very dangerous for all occupants of the home to try to escape from.

Instead, people should call their Edmonton electrician if they don’t have enough plugins in their home. To get more plug-ins installed. They might think that this is an incredibly expensive or time-consuming task. But it actually is much easier, and less money than most people think.


And ultimately, Edmonton electrician says people should consider the differences between paying for additional Outlets to be put into their home. And the cost that a fire in their home would have. It is definitely going to be much less of a cost to install more Outlets.

All the Edmonton electrician has to do, is add a switch to the breaker, run more wire, and add electrical outlets wherever they need them. Before anyone calls the Edmonton electrician. They should get an idea of how many more Outlets they need in each room. Potentially by counting how many power bars are in use.

Even if a family has enough Outlets most of the year. But find that at Christmas time or the holidays. They need extra Outlets. They should call their Edmonton electrician anyway to get more Outlets put in. So that they don’t cause a potential electrical fire at the worst time of year.

By knowing how easy it is to get more Outlets installed. People should do that with their Edmonton electrician. Then trying to buy Power Bars to compensate. By doing this. Not only are people keeping their home and their family safer. But they are going to increase the usability of electrical devices in their home. And it eliminates a lot of frustration at the same time.

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