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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Your Outlets

It is incredibly important according to Edmonton electrician. For homeowners to avoid overloading electrical circuits in their home. This is very common. However it is very dangerous for many reasons.
Edmonton Electrician

One of the first things that homeowners should understand. Is that every electrical circuit in the home. Is only designed and wired to handle. A maximum of 1500 W of electricity usage.

While this might seem very complex. The average electrical device. Such as a radio, television or charging a cell phone. Draws anywhere between 300 to 1000 W.

Therefore, having television working. On the same circuit as a reading lamp and a charging cell phone. Will be the maximum amount of electricity. That should be on that circuit.

Another thing for people to keep in mind. Is that a circuit is more than just a single electrical outlet. This might seem counterintuitive. But in many homes, there are multiple outlets on a circuit.

As well as the lights in the room. Have to operate on one of those circuits. The lights may only draw 2 to 300 W of electricity. Which means it should not impact the overall amount of electricity.

That can be used on that circuit. But it should be taken into consideration. Something else that Edmonton electrician says homeowners should be aware of. Is that there are some electrical devices.

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That draw a significant amount of electricity. And homeowners should know what those items are. So that they can avoid overloading there circuits in their home. Items such as air-conditioning units.

As well as space heaters, blow dryers, curling irons and flat irons. As well as many of the appliances in the kitchen. Such as an air fryer, pressure cooker. A slow cooker, an electric kettle or coffee pot and more.

Will draw a significant amount of electricity. Therefore, they should be very careful. To only put one of these devices. On a circuit at a time. Otherwise they will overload the circuit in the home.

While many people may not think it is important. To figure out how to avoid overloading circuits. The reason whites important says Edmonton electrician. Is quite simply because overloaded circuits pose a danger.

Overloaded circuits in the home, can lead to electrical fires. If the circuit is not interrupted and turned off. Many people often say that they believe. That the function of their circuit breaker.

Is to protect them against overloaded circuits. And while this is correct, people should not. Count on the circuit breaker functioning all of the time. And simply be that backup, in case they do accidentally. Overload the circuit once in a while.

The reason why, is because circuit breakers are not completely infallible. Which means they do not work from time to time. And the older a circuit breaker or panel is. The more likely it is going to fail.

Therefore, if homeowners learn how to avoid overloading there circuits. They may be more apt to avoid having to trigger their circuit. And be able to have more peace of mind in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Your Outlets Today

The reason why homeowners should avoid overloading there outlets says Edmonton electrician. Is because it can be a significant fire hazard. Overloaded circuits are the known cause of electrical fires.

Many homeowners may protest, saying that the function. Of their circuit breaker is to stop overloaded circuits. By cutting off the flow of electricity. To the circuit, so that it does not risk of fire.

That is only when the circuit breaker. Works perfectly all of the time. However, as electrical panels. And circuit breakers age says Edmonton electrician. They are less likely to work flawlessly. And they may not stop the flow.

Electricity to an overloaded circuit consistently. As well, there were a number of homes. Throughout North America that were installed. Using a very inexpensive electrical panel.

Under the brand name of federal, and it is now understood. That these panels fail quite often. With the circuit breaker not kicking in. To shut the flow of electricity off.

When the circuits were overloaded in a home. In fact, out of 90% of the house fires. That were caused by an electrical fire. The electrical panel in the home. It was the federal brand, that is now known to be problematic.

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Therefore, it is not a question of if the federal panels will fail. But a matter of when they will fail. Edmonton electrician has made it their goal. To remove the federal panels. From as many homes as possible.

Therefore, it is a very dangerous assumption. For people to say that there simply going to. Count on circuit breaker. When they do not know what brand of panel they have in their home.

That is whites important to learn how to not to overload the electrical circuits. And instead of counting on the circuit breaker. Simply use that. As the occasional backup that it was always designed to be.

A good rule of thumb for people. Who are just learning how to minimize electrical overload in their home. Is if they are using a power bar, and outlet extender. Or an extension cord in order to.

Be able to plug more devices into an outlet, that is a good sign. That they are likely overloading the electrical circuits in their home. While many people think that adding a power bar. Especially one that has been.

Inspected and certified by the Canadian safety Council. Safely adds the amount of electricity that can be used on that circuit. This is in fact not true. And it simply allows a person. To plug more devices into one circuit at a time.

Therefore, if they are using these devices regularly. Homeowners should instead call their Edmonton electrician at Hauer Power. To come in and add more circuits to their panel. And add more outlets into their home.

By adding more circuits, they can plug more devices in. Without risk of overloading circuits. And risking an electrical fire. That can damage their home, and in danger their family.

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