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Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Pulling Wires Yourself

Even though it may be very tempting for some people, to try to do some electrical work themselves says Edmonton electrician. This actually very dangerous. And should be avoided for many different reasons.

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For example, people may not know what to look for. To ensure that they did the work safely. Or what to look for, that can point to problems. Such as if they have an old, outdated electrical panel.

This is most likely to occur. When people are renovating an older home. Especially because older homes typically need a lot of electrical upgrades. And when they do not contact the professional.

Because they think they are going to be of the do it themselves. They may not realize that their old, federal Pacific panel is actually unsafe. This is why hiring a professional is so important.

If they hired an Edmonton electrician to come in, and do this job for them. There electrician would be able to tell the homeowner. That there panel is actually extremely unsafe.

That actually has a 70 to 80% failure rate. And they should be updating that panel, at the same time. In fact, Edmonton electrician says the Canadian electrical code. Is actually updated every three years.

As they find more and more information about the more safe ways to do many different electrical tasks. Therefore, even if someone was once familiar with the Canadian electrical code. But that was several years ago.

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They are missing a lot of information. About how to do things safely now. Which is why people should not just hire any electrician. But hire a certified and licensed electrician. Such as how are power to do the work.

They will have developed many different tips and tricks. To help overcome obstacles. Such as a wires that are already in the wall. As well as data cables, that may provide an additional obstacle, being thicker and larger.

So that they can pull cable safely, without disrupting any of the cables and wires around them. They also know important tips and tricks, such as how to avoid accidentally pulling I want of insulation out by accident.

When they have to drill into a wall, that has insulation in it. The tip that electricians use. Is to actually drill counter clock wise, so that they will go through the wall. But it is not going to grab the insulation and pull it out.

If they do accidentally pull out insulation. What can happen, is a cold spot could develop. Letting in cold from the outside. But also, they could have put a hole through the vapour barrier.

Which would cause moisture to get into the home. And cause mould to start to form. Which could put the health of everybody in the home at risk.

While it may be something that people are trying to do to save money. Chances are that they will encounter problems. And it will cost them more in the long run. Then to call their professional, and have them do it correctly the first time.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Pulling Wires Yourself

The reason why people would want to avoid calling in Edmonton electrician. When they are doing renovations in their home. Is to save money. However, they should ask themselves how much it is worth, to keep their family and home safe.

The reason why they should consider that. Is because when they do electrical work themselves. They may make a mistake. That would impact the electrical system. And put them at a higher risk of electrical fires, or other problems.

As well, even if people have watched many how to videos. And think that is going to be very easy. To pull wires, or cables. They should just keep in mind, that these videos have been made by professionals.

Who have years of experience school, and dozens of years of experience. The makes it look so easy. Chances are quite high, especially if someone is in an older home. That they will encounter problems along the way.

For example, they may go to pull the wire or cable. But then realize, that the wire or cable is getting caught on something inside the wall. And they do not know what it is. Or how to get around it.

They may think that all they have to do, is drill into whatever is blocking the cable. And they will be able to pull it through just fine after that. However, Edmonton electrician advises against that.

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If people do not know what it is that is blocking their cable or wire. Then they do not know why it is there, and drilling into it can cause problems. For example, if it is a fire block.

Which is a piece of wood, that is perpendicular to the rest of the studs. That is designed to stop the spread of fire. In the instance of an electrical fire. Typically, electrical fires catch and burn very quickly.

Because the walls are hollow, and full of oxygen. Which is why the fire block is there. To stop a fire, and cut its flow of oxygen. So that it may either stop the fire completely. Or at least slow its progress.

If people drill a hole into that, and then when a cable through. What will happen, is that fire block will not be useful. And will put the house at risk of an electrical fire. Because that block is not going to cut the flow of oxygen off.

As well, they may drill through something only to realize that it is waterpipe. Or that they accidentally drilled through a wire at the same time. And now they have a whole house that is not working electrically.

There so many things that could go wrong. That people who are looking to do renovations. Should look for other ways to save money. Because the money going to an Edmonton electrician. Can help ensure that the renovations are done safely. To not put their family at risk.

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