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Hi everyone, and welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician.

This is where we bring customer service back to the trades. So one of the big parts that we stand for is customer service. And if you’re not being blown away by your current electrical contractor, maybe you guys give us a call. We’re COR certified, we’re WCB compliant, uh, we have all of our insurances, whether liability, commercial, it doesn’t matter.

We’ve got you covered. So at the end of the day, you can rest easy knowing that your job was done. Uh, well quality and uh, it was, it was done right and by a quality commercial and residential electrical contractor. So, uh, for all your electrical needs, give us a call here at Hauer Power. 780-935-0622 Anyways, that’s our contact info. That’s our plug. But today we have an issue that we want to talk about.

It is November 30th and we’re getting into December, which means Christmas is here, which is great. Everyone loves Christmas. Black Friday is over. And now we’re going into the number one thing that causes a lot of electrical house fires.
Overloaded circuits are a big deal. It doesn’t matter how old your house is, you can overload a circuit and it doesn’t matter what happens with your breaker, whether it’s too old, whether it’s just a dud or a lemon. Your breaker might not trip. And that’s a big issue when you’re plugging in all sorts of inflatables, all sorts of decorations.

When you have your Christmas tree plugged in and when you have all this paper robbing everywhere pushed up against your plugs, against your walls, against your outlets, uh, if there’s no surge protector in place, if your breakers are federal, uh, they might not trip.

If there’s no surge protector, your breaker might not trip. And what that means now is you’re going to have all this extra current that typically your system doesn’t see. So it typically wouldn’t know if your is going to trip or not cause it’s just fine. It’s just sitting there and your walls, it’s fine. But if you have all this extra current during this time of year and your wires are all rated for 15-20 amps, doesn’t matter what it is.

If you’re piling them full of juice, then the wires are going to get hot. And that’s just, that’s just environmental physics. That’s just how that works. When, when the wire gets hot, um, it’s not going to be rated for the right amount of current. It’s not gonna be rated for the right temperature. The whole breaker, the whole job of your electrical circuit breaker is to protect the wire servicing your circuit.

So it’s not to protect your Christmas tree, it’s not to protect your phone charger, it’s not to protect your blender, your microwave, anything else that you have plugged in on a circuit. The whole job of that electrical circuit breaker is just to protect the wire feeding your device. So if you overload that circuit and that breaker isn’t doing its job, that wire’s going to get hot.

Heat makes a fire. Now you have an electrical fire, and that’s, that’s why December is the month where there’s the most electrical house fires and business fires. Out of the whole year, December. That’s, that’s your reason. It’s cause the holidays, it’s cause everyone plugs in everything.

Maybe you got Christmas day, you got people over, you run a stove upstairs, a stove downstairs. Um, everyone’s got their stuff plugged in, their heaters, the cookers, they’re hot hot tops. They gotta keep their hand warm.

It doesn’t matter really why it happens, but it happens. It can happen any time of the year and we’ve seen it. But Christmas is the most, most popular time for it. So we do emergency service calls a little bit more expensive. Obviously if it’s in the off hour, off hours, evenings, holidays. We do have standby electricians on call ready for that.

That’s why it does cost extra money. But we are there for you if you need that. If you, if you want to get ahead of the game and you say, Hey, I’m gonna add some stuff on this circuit and maybe it’s tripped before. And you say, Hey, I want to get ahead of the game and prepare myself, give us a call. We’re happy to three in the schedule, we’re happy to give you an estimate free estimates and uh, we’ll, we’ll get that sorted for you there.

We’ll give you power, we’ll get that figured out for you and, and put your mind at ease. If you do have an old federal panel and you need a service upgrade, again, we offer free estimates to the Edmonton area. So give us a call.

We’re happy to put you in the calendar, schedule it out and we’ll, we’ll come out your house, have a look, we’ll give you exactly the price range of what you’re looking for. We can narrow it down.

Once we put it back in the computer and we can go from there, then we can book it out and get that solved for you and get rid of your old federal panel. That’s a, that’s a big goal of ours in 10 years to get rid of, is most federal panels as we can cause those federal panels are electrical fire hazards.

It doesn’t matter the age of home business facility, commercial, residential, whatever electrical system you have, if you have a federal panel, you want to get rid of it and they are known to be a hazard for a reason. It doesn’t matter how old they are, they’re known to be a hazard.

Get rid of that, play it on the safe side. But, uh, I digress back to the issue of your overloaded circuits. When you plug in an octopus, you say, Oh, that’s great. I only have a duplex outlet, but I need to plug in my Christmas tree, my speakers, my hot, my heating blanket, my space heater.

When you start plugging in all of these things into a just whatever octopus, maybe you get it at the dollar store, you plug that in. That octopus isn’t necessarily rated for the amount of current that can pull through it.

If it doesn’t say CSA, if it doesn’t say UL, then you’re really risking it. But if your breaker isn’t going to trip and it’s going to let 30 40 amps flow through it, maybe even just 20 amps flow through it. And it’s only rated for 15 amps. Well now it’s not. If it’s not rated, you’re going to have issues, whether it’s from heat, whether it’s from a contacts within the device being too close to each other.

You’re going to have extra things to devices plugged in throughout your holiday season, you’re going to want to have your system ready that and rated for that. So give us a call. We offer free home electrical inspection walkthroughs. What that means is that if you say, Hey, I have a light. I don’t know what it’s doing. I would switch it doing the whole, I don’t know what it’s doing.

Or I’m an old federal panel and, uh, I don’t know how much it’ll cost to change that out, but I’ve heard that they’re bad. Um, give us a call. (780) 935-0622. You can visit us at hauerpower.ca and book an estimate through info@hauerpower.ca. We’re happy to answer our phones. We’ll talk to a real live electrician and we can’t wait to give you power this.

That’s why we’re here. Customer service. Helping you guys out. That’s the whole point of it. It’s just a big picture thing here. So give us a call. We’d be happy to send an electrician out and have a look at what your system needs, especially for the holidays.

The last thing we want to see is another house fire that doesn’t need to happen just because someone is not taking the right steps or taking the shortcuts or at the end of the day, if you do decide to elect, if you do decide to upgrade some electrical in your system, it’s always better to go with a licensed Edmonton electrician contractor because they have the insurances so that God forbid something does happen.

Now you’re covered. If you hire someone, Joe blow, maybe your neighbor, he says, Hey, I’m an Edmonton electrician. I can do that for you. That’s great. We can probably do a great job. But, uh, you know, 99 out of a hundred times, maybe that’s going to go well, but you might be that lucky one out of a hundred times where it doesn’t go well.

And in that case, you want them to have insurance. And if they don’t, then no one’s getting paid out for anything. And you’re high and dry and you’re up to your neck and high water. So don’t put yourself in a sticky situation. Hire a quality electrical contractor, uh, might be a little bit more expensive than your neighbor. That’s, that’s the only downfall of hiring a professional. But the end of the day, uh, what’s it worth to you? Right? So again, back to the whole thing about Christmas outlets.

Should you put that octopus unit, you plug it into your wall, you know, the kind of talking about, you’ve got six outlets on that little plastic chunk that just plugs into your outlet on your wall. Um, and you think, Hey, I went from two eyelets to six outlets. That means I got three times as much power. No, that’s not the case. That’s not the case at all. You’re just adding more to a circuit that may not be rated for it.

Code 2018 Canadian electrical code that’s valid here as of uh, November of 2019. This is what we abide by and this stipulates certain demands for your circuit. Cannot exceed. So if you’re tripling the amount that your circuit was designed for, well you’re tripling the amount of risk that you’re taking with your electrical system. Don’t do it. Just have another circuit added.

Hire an electrical contractor, hire professional Edmonton electrician, and get us to add a breaker. Add some wire, out-of-box and an outlet. It’s not going to really Rob you. It’s not gonna. It’s not going to put you in debt, but it is going to help you out and gets you where you want to be for your Christmas situation, whatever it may be.

And it’s gonna just make your house or your business, uh, worth that much more in the long run, right? So if you decide that, uh, Hey, I want to take a shortcut, I want to plug that in. You’re taking it into your own hands. That’s totally fine. You, you bought the place, you do what you would think is best with a place that’s totally up to you.

We can’t enforce this legally. However, if you, if you want to take a maybe a more practical shortcut through our surge protectors out there, surge protective devices and uh, depending on what you kind of, you get, you want it to be labeled as a surge protector, a power bar and a surge protector aren’t necessarily the same thing.

You can get power bars that are essentially the same as that six outlet octopus unit that we’re talking about, but it’s just in the shape of a bar. Instead, if you get a surge protecting one, that means it’s going to have a little over current device in it, a little fuse maybe. And that’s going to trip if you reach 15 apps.

Whether or not it’s rated for that, whether or not, um, it’s going to cause you an issue, you gotta be careful of what you’re buying in that situation. But if it’s labeled as a surge protector and it’s labeled as a 15 amp over current device, then maybe that’s a little bit better for you.

Especially if you have a known area that it’s going to trip. Maybe you plug one of those in and then you can plug your systems in and uh, it’s still kind of a shortcut and we don’t want you to take it, but Hey, if it beats put in that six outlet splitter on your wall and burning your house down, then we want you to take the better shortcut.

If you’re going to take a shortcut at all, uh, again, as your Edmonton electrical contractor, we are your Edmonton electrician. We do provide a quality professional electrical service, and that’s what we’re here for. So call us anytime day or night, seven days a week, 24, seven. We have on-call electricians staffed and ready to handle your needs. Our after hours.

Emergency services are a little bit more expensive. However, our daily services are extremely competitive. 780-935-0622 You can contact us through email at info@hauerpower.ca. That’s info@hauerpower.ca. And check out our website hauerpower.ca as your Edmonton electrician. Our mission is to provide exceptional power through customer service and good quality work. So give us a call, see what we can do for you, and we look forward to hearing from you and we look forward to giving you power. Have a great day. Edmonton and uh, and area and Hey, take care. Stay safe out there.

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