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Edmonton Electrician | How Not to Overload Circuits at Christmas

Even though it’s possible to overload your electrical circuits anytime of the Year according to Edmonton electrician. Christmas is one of the worst times of year for overloaded circuit. More house fires happen in December than any other time of the year. And it’s typically because of overloaded circuit.

How this happens, is because people are plugging so much into their electrical outlet. Whether it is several light strands to illuminate their house as Edmonton electrician. They might also have several yard decorations such as Inflatables that consume a considerable amount of power.

Inside the house, there is the Christmas tree with all of its strands of light. Plus additional decorations that often require power. Also, during the holidays it is very common for people to have many house guest over. Just means a lot of people with their appliances to plug in such as their phones and tablets. Are there blow dryers on my curling irons and razors just name a few.

And typically, if people don’t have enough outlets in their house. They will buy Outlet extender such as power bar. 2 more Outlets available to plug everything that they need power in.

However, Edmonton electrician says that this is very dangerous. Because it doesn’t mean that they have more power capabilities. But that they are plugging more into the outlet than it was designed to handle.

Typically, Edmonton electrician says that the circuit breaker should be designed to flip off the breaker if the circuits get overloaded. Unfortunately, the only way that people can find out if they’re circuit breaker is not working. Is when it fails and a fire breaks out.


And while people might want to buy Power Bars that have a surge protector. So that ideally, the power that outlet will be turned off if it gets overloaded. A better solution would be hauling Edmonton electrician before the holidays. To add breaker to the breaker box. Add some wire, and put in more electrical outlets.

They can do this in any room of the house. And they can also do it outside of the house. So that they can have all of the things that they want ad in it to make their holidays festive. Without worrying that they are going to overload the electrical circuits in their house. And potentially start a devastating fire.

While some people think that the cost is not worth it. Edmonton electrician says they should consider how much more costly house fire would be. Especially during the holidays with friends and family coming over to the house.

Is people had overloaded their electrical circuit over the holidays last year. this is a really great sign that they should all Edmonton electrician to add more Outlets to their house now. So that when the holidays roll around, they don’t have to worry if they are going to overload your circuits. And they can just get on with having the very merriest holiday ever.

Edmonton Electrician | Avoid Overloading Circuits at Christmas

While there are more house fires in December than any other time of year says Edmonton electrician. Overloaded circuit can happen at any time. It’s typically the holidays that it happens however. Because there are so many additional things being plugged into the outlet.

Outside there are all of the Christmas decorations. And as the cost of light stand inflatable go down. More and more people are decorating their house with these types of decorations. And more people are buying more than they ever have before. And while this is a great way to show off your festive spirit. If there’s not an outlet manage the additional things to be plugged in. Simply funding in a power bar is not going to solve the problem.

Many people think that adding a power bar, or any Outlet extender means that they’re increasing the amount of that they’re Outlets can handle. This is untrue. And other people also Believe that power bars all come with a built-in surge protector. Edmonton electrician says this is also untrue.

And depending on the quality of the outlet extender, commonly referred to as an octopus. Or the quality of the surge protector. Often, these devices can be very cheaply made. For example if someone picks one up at the dollar store. And these have a higher frequency of failing. And people should be very aware that they are dangerous products.


If people must buy an outlet extender, Edmonton electrician recommend people look for power bars or Outlet extenders that have the letters CSA or UL printed on it. Because these indicates that it has been approved for use in Canada and is guaranteed to have passed the safety test for by the country.

Also, if people are going to be buying power bars with proper certification. They should also pick one up that has surge protector. These aren’t cheap. And while they’re not expensive. They can provide a layer Of protection.

something else for people to take into consideration according to Edmonton electrician is to look at their breaker box itself. There is a brand called Federal, that has been very well known for failing and its capacity to break the circuit. Breaker boxes are designed to shut power off to an outlet if it is being overloaded.

But this brand has breaker box has been known to fail often. It’s no longer approved for use in Canada. However, many people are unaware that there is a problem with them if they have one in their home. Therefore, if people want to ensure that they are going to be less likely to cause house fires during the holiday season. They should check to make sure they do not have a federal circuit breaker box.

If they do however, Edmonton electrician will come in and replace the breaker box for people. Checking well before the holiday season will be a good way to ensure that they can have the work done. And minimize the danger when they are utilizing more power than normal during the holiday season.

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