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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Details

Many homeowners may not realize says Edmonton electrician. There are so many different options. When it comes to choosing bathroom fans. They likely are not having to do this regularly.
Edmonton Electrician

Or, perhaps they have never replaced. There bathroom ventilation fan ever. There are many reasons why they should be replacing their bathroom fans more often. Starting with the fact that.

Bathroom fans are not designed to last forever. The cheaper ones are only designed to last for one or two years. While even the more expensive options. Our only designed to last 5 to 10 years.

Therefore, if homeowners have lived in their house. For five years. That is a good indication. That they may need to replace their bathroom fan. If they have never done regular maintenance on their fan.

Such as dusting it once a month. Or, cleaning off the blades four times a year. They may be overdue. For replacing their bathroom fan. Bathroom fans are designed to pull all of the moist air out of the bathroom.

Therefore, their power is rated. In how many cubic feet they can move in a single minute. This is referred to as CFM. The smallest bathrooms are going to require the smallest cubic feet per minute.

And the smallest bathroom fan on the market according to Edmonton electrician. Is a fifty CFM fan. The largest is about hundred and fifty CFM. But that does not mean the largest bathroom. Only needs one of these fans.

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By hiring Edmonton electrician. They can calculate the cubic feet in their bathroom. And recommend which fan. Or if they need multiple fans. To move the right amount of air out of the room.

A rule of thumb that they use, is never installing. The smallest fan that is needed. They usually install something slightly more powerful. And the reason for this is quite simple.

The fans will not work as efficiently. Once they have a little bit of dust on them. And any homeowner who has dusted their house. Will realize that dust can accumulate alarmingly fast.

Especially since bathroom fans are designed. To pull up humid air. Of dust that is now wet. So they are very likely. To get covered in dust. In a very short amount of time. The reason why dust on a fan makes an impact.

Is because if there is dust on the outside of the fan. It will be hard to suck air through the grill. And dust that has settled on the fan blades themselves. Will cause the motor to have to either work harder.

Two turn the blades fast enough. To suck the right amount of air through them. This will cause the motor to wear out sooner. Or, the fan motor is not going to be powerful enough.

To move the air through them. Causing the fan to not be able to eliminate the moisture in the bathroom. Having a slightly more powerful fan. Ensures that even if it does have dust on it. It will be able to do its job.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Inners

It is very important says Edmonton electrician. To choose the right bathroom fan. For each bathroom, based on the home owners needs and desires. Homeowners may not even realize.

How many various options they have. When they are choosing bathroom fans. They may have an idea of wanting a fan. That does not make quite as much noise. As the bathroom fan that they are replacing.

Or, it is very important to many homeowners. To have an energy efficient option. Whether they want to leave a very small carbon footprint. Or they simply want to save money on their electric bill.

These are definitely options that they can choose. Edmonton electrician says that they can choose. A quiet fan. Or a completely noiseless fan. Which is fantastic for people. Who want to listen to music.

While there in the bathroom. Or for people who are getting ready for work. Or coming home late at night. And do not want to disrupt. The family members who are asleep when they get home.

It also can just be 1 More Way. That homeowners are eliminating extraneous noise in their home. For a peaceful and harmonious environment. They also can choose options that allow them. To have sensors inside the fan.

That since the level of humidity. It will turn on when it is needed. In the fan will then turn itself off says Edmonton electrician. When the humidity levels drop again. This is perfect for homes that have forgetful people in it.

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Or homes that have small children. That may not remember to turn on. Or turn off the fan. Or homes that have seniors, who may not hear the fan. And forget about them. Whoever wants to not think about their bathroom fan.

Can get the ones with the humidity sensor inside of it. There are also options that allow people. To have mood lighting in their bathroom fan. Bright white, to help them shave put makeup on.

Or mood lighting for invigorating showers. Or relaxing baths. Whatever colour they want, most of the bathroom fans. Have colour changers in them. So that they can have whatever colour. That they need at the time.

While there are also options. That allow people to have a heating bulb. Build into their bathroom fan. It is lovely to step out of a bath or shower. And be bathed in a radiant glow of heat.

But Edmonton electrician advises against this for many reasons. First, the bathroom fan is actually a magnet for dust. Simply because it is sucking humid air through it. On a regular basis, where wet dust.

Will stick to the fan grill and blades. But the heating bulb, is so hot. It can catch dust on fire. When you place a heating element to something that attracts dust. That is a recipe for a fire.

That does not mean people cannot have heating bulbs in their bathroom. But how are power be more than happy to install the heating bulb. Separate from the bathroom fan. And eliminate the risk of a fire.

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