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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Elements

Who thinks about their bathroom fan asks Edmonton electrician? This is not something that most people take into consideration. Until, it is no longer working properly. Whether it quits working. Or starts working more noisily.
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Regardless of the reason why people. Are now thinking of their bathroom fans. They are the unsung heroes of the home. Protecting it against moisture buildup. That can cause problems. Such as rotting, and mould.

Mould can be a special disaster. To the health of the people living in the home. As black mould is considered toxic. Causing all sorts of health problems from respiratory diseases. To rashes, and autoimmune problems.

Therefore, homeowners should not only ensure. That they have the right fan in their bathroom. And that they are turning on the fan. Every time someone has a bath or shower. But it is also important.

To do routine maintenance on the fan. To ensure it is in good working order. Homeowners do not have to work very hard at this. It is very quick and easy. Maintenance tasks that can ensure the longevity and efficiency.

Of this important feature in their bathroom. The first thing that Edmonton electrician recommends. Is once a month, homeowners should grab their vacuum. And using their vacuum brush.

Or handheld vacuum, simply lifted up to the bathroom vent. And vacuum off the grill that covers the fan. This should take approximately five minutes or less. But doing this, will make a significant impact to their fan.

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The reason why this is so important. Is because dust will automatically clog the grill. Simply because air is being pulled through the grill every single day. Therefore, dust will build up on this part of the fan.

As the grill gets clogged with dust. The fan will have a harder and harder time. Pulling air through the clogged grill. Vacuuming once a month. Ensures that homeowners are removing the dust.

So that it can be easier for the fan. To pull air through the grill. If they do not do this, not only will the fan. Have to work harder to pull the air through the grill. Aging the motor, and causing the fan.

To wear out sooner than it needs to. But also, if the fan is the minimum amount of power. That is part of that size of room. Having a clogged grill. Means that the fan is just unable. To move the required air through the space.

The next thing that Edmonton electrician recommends. Is pulling off the grill once every three months. Or, as often as there are a change in the seasons. To vacuum off the fan blades.

Clogged fan blades will cause the motor to work harder. And age sooner. As well as cause the blades to turn slower. And not move the amount of air that is needed through them.

By regularly maintaining their fan. Homeowners can ensure that their bathroom fan does the job. Of moving humid air out of the home. Where it cannot cause problems.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Things

Bathroom fans are not complicated says Edmonton electrician. But they are incredibly important. They are so important, that building a bathroom. Without a fan is actually against builders code.

This is because humidity that exists in a bathroom. Can actually be incredibly damaging to a home. Causing mould and even rotting various components of the house. Such as subflooring, drywall and the studs in the walls.

Therefore, homeowners not only should ensure. That they have the right bathroom fan installed. They also need to ensure that it is maintained. And turned on as often as is required.

Even if people are moving into a brand-new home. They should not assume that the builder. Installed the best bathroom fan. They often install. What is called builder grade bathroom fans.

Which means not only is it very inexpensive. The fan is likely to only last one or two years. And is likely, only as powerful. As is absolutely needed. Edmonton electrician recommends installing.

A bathroom fan that is a little bit more powerful. So that it can continue to do the bare minimum work. If it is clogged with dust. Or, when it is nearing the end of its life. Edmonton electrician can help homeowners choose the right fan.

For the size of their bathroom. Also, they can walk the homeowners. Through the various, and quite frankly overwhelming options. That they have in the bathroom fan department. One of the most popular options.

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Is getting a bathroom fan that is actually silent. Many people have heard how loud and annoying. Many bathroom fans can be. Causing people to not even want to turn their fan on.

They are having a relaxing bath, for how annoying it is. They can also choose options that allow them to have. A bathroom fan that is incredibly energy-efficient. Whether their goal is to save on their electrical bill.

Or, reducing their carbon footprint. They can also get a bathroom fan. That comes with built-in humidity sensor. So that they do not have to think about. Turning their bathroom than on.

It simply comes on when it is needed. And turns off when it is not needed any longer. Not only is this great. To save money on electrical bills. Since it is only in use when it is needed.

But also, it is great to reduce carbon footprint. And in a home, that might have forgetful people. Who often forget to turn it on. Or forget to turn it back off again. There are even fancy options.

Such as built in LED mood lighting. And a built in Bluetooth speaker. So that people do not have to be far away from their music. When they are showering, having a relaxing bath.

Or want to listen to their favourite podcast while getting ready for work. If homeowners are looking to get a new bathroom ventilation fan. They should contact the experts at Hauer Power who can help them decide. And expertly install this important piece of equipment.

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