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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Features

Understanding the importance of bathroom fans says Edmonton electrician. Is just as important as understanding the features of these important fans. The design of a bathroom fan is to protect the home.
Edmonton Electrician

It protects the home from moisture buildup. A how devastating moisture is to home. Or who has ever seen house being built. And has seen all of the work that the builders put into. Protecting the home from moisture.

Such as moisture barriers, in the basement. In the walls, and on the roof. As well as using materials. Such as moisture resistant insulation. Moisture resistant drywall, and paint.

May understand that protecting the home. From external moisture is important. But what a bathroom fan does says Edmonton electrician. Is protect the home from moisture. That comes from within the home.

The first step in ensuring the home is protected. From internal moisture. Is installing these fans. People might understand that there is a range hood fan. Designed to pull moisture like steam. And smoke from the kitchen.

But the bathroom fans are there. Specifically to pull moist air from the bathroom. Caused by the steam from a shower or hot bad. And then put out of the home. It is actually required by Canadian building code law.

That all bathrooms will have a bathroom fan. Or, they will have a window to the outside. The second thing that people must do. Is ensure that the bathroom ventilation fan. Actually vents to the out doors.

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People may just assume. That there bathroom ventilation fan goes outside. But, that is not always the case. If a homeowner. Has renovated their house themselves. There then may not be adequate.

Edmonton electrician has seen problems. Such as the bathroom ventilation fans. Going to the attic. Or the bathroom ventilation fans going outside. But, going underneath a soffit. Which does not keep the moisture out of the home.

As well, home inspection can ensure. Not only will the vents go outside. But make sure that the vents are properly sealed outside. If the vent is not properly sealed. That moisture will go outside.

And then buildup on the vent, on the house. Which again, does not solve the houses moisture problems. Once they have the proper bathroom vents. And a professional has insured that the bathroom vents lead outside properly.

The next things to consider, include the bathroom fans themselves. They need to be the right size for the room. Otherwise, the fans will try to pull moist air. Unsuccessfully, causing moisture buildup.

Bathroom fans are sized on a cubic feet per minute. Referring to how much air they can suck in one minutes. The smallest bathroom fans are rated for fifty CFM, or cubic feet per minute.

While the largest bathroom fans on the market are rated to one hundred and fifty CFM. This does not mean that homeowner. Who has a very large bathroom can simply get the largest fan, and call it good.

Instead, they should check with Hauer Power. To make sure they do not need larger fans for their room.

Edmonton Electrician | Washroom Fan Features

When homeowners are choosing the right bathroom fan, Edmonton electrician can help. Not only must they choose the right size for the room. But there are so many different options. When it comes to choosing bathroom fans.

That the choices can honestly be overwhelming. The first thing that homeowners need to do. Is ensure that they are choosing a fan. That is the right size for their space. 50 ft.³ per minute.

Is the lowest power of the fan. That homeowners can get, with the largest being 150 ft.³ per minute. Hauer Power recommends getting a fan. That is actually slightly more powerful then they need.

And the simple reason why, is because homeowners. Understand how dusty their house can get. And that dust will also, inevitably settle. On the fan blades. As well as the grill that sits in front of the fan.

The thick layer of dust will cause the fan. Not be able to pull. As much air through the grill as it should. And the fan blades having dust on them. Will cause the fan blades to turn slower. Also, pulling less air.

Out of the room as is needed. When Edmonton electrician puts a slightly more powerful fan in the room. Even if it has a bit of dust on it. It is not going to cause the fan. To not be able to move the air that is required.

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Once they have the correct power of fan. They homeowner can choose a multitude of options says Edmonton electrician. One of the most commonly sought after features. Is a noiseless fan.

People have had the experience of showering or bashing. In an extremely loud bathroom. Where the bathroom fan is extremely loud, and irritating. People can get a quieter fan.

Or, completely noiseless fan if they desire. Whether they simply want to relax. Or they want to listen to their music in peace. This is an option that more and more homeowners are asking for.

People can also get an energy efficient fan. If having a small carbon footprint. Is important to that homeowner. They can also get a bathroom fan. That has a built in humidity sensor. Which means it will turn itself on.

Senses the humidity levels are higher. And then turn itself off, when the humidity levels are back to normal. This is so perfect in a home says Edmonton electrician. That has children or seniors.

Where they often forget to turn on. Back off the fan. It is also very helpful in a house. Where people are forgetting to turn the bathroom fan on in general. In addition to these features. Bathroom fans can come with.

Built in mood lighting, in the form of LED lights. As well as Bluetooth speakers. So people can listen to their favourite music. Without having to haul a bunch of stereo equipment into their bathroom. If homeowners want to discuss bathroom fans. Ryan at Hauer Power is ready for their phone call.

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