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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Options

One of the biggest problems that occur in improperly ventilated bathrooms is mould buildup says Edmonton electrician. When moisture is not ventilated out of the bathroom, it builds up, where the moisture promotes mould growth.

The right bathroom ventilation fan can suck the moisture out of the room, and out of the house. So that there is not enough moisture to promote mould growth.

This is why choosing the right bathroom ventilation fan is so important. If people choose a fan that does not have enough airflow to it, they might think that they are protecting their home. However, moisture will still be building up and they might not even know it.

Even if they have calculated the square footage of their bathroom, and purchased a fan that has the right cubic feet per minute. It might not be working as efficiently as they think. Because dust buildup can cause bathroom fans to work less efficiently.

This is why Edmonton electrician suggests that homeowners purchase a bathroom ventilation fan for higher cubic feet per minute then what is recommended. Take into consideration that all bathroom fans will eventually have some dust on it at some points.

However, because all bathroom ventilation fans will develop dust. Homeowners need to know how to properly clean their bathroom ventilation fan. As well as how often they should clean it. To minimize that dust buildup.


Because not only can that buildup of dust because the fan to not move as much airflow as it is designed to. But the more dust that is built up on the fan. And the harder the fan motor has to work. Which will shorten the lifespan of their bathroom fan as well.

For most residential bathrooms, Edmonton electrician suggests cleaning it every 3 to 6 months. If there are more people using it. Or if it is being used more often than typical. Then homeowners might want to clean it more than every 3 to 6 months.

Homeowners can take a vacuum, and vacuum the grill of the ventilation fan. To minimize as much dust as possible.

However, the best way to clean the bathroom ventilation fan. Would be to remove the grill from the fan, and give that a thorough cleaning. And then vacuuming the bathroom fan itself. To get as much dust as possible out of the fan.

Also, homeowners should consider that the less expensive the fan is, the lower the lifespan is going to be. And the better fan they purchase, the more money they will save in the long run. From not having to do expensive renovations to get rid of the mould that has inevitably else up.

With how important the job is that a bathroom ventilation fan does. Homeowners should get an expert opinion, and ensure that they are choosing the best fan for their room, and their home. To ensure that they are not building up mould, that could compromise the safety and health of everybody in their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Options

Homeowners might not think of their bathroom fan often says Edmonton electrician. Unless it stops working efficiently, or it is extremely noisy. And noise is an important consideration in choosing the right bathroom fan. There are many other options that people can choose from.

And while many people want to keep their cost low, Edmonton electrician reminds people that the lower the cost of the fan, the less efficiently it will work. And the sooner they will have to replace it. Which is why people should never always can sit are the lowest option as their only option.

In addition to a fan with a high enough airflow for the room it is being installed in, and fan that has low noise levels. Homeowners can choose from fans that have lights built into them. Either a white LED light, to help brighten the light in the bathroom.

Or coloured LED lights in the bathroom ventilation fan. That can add mood lighting, which is especially fun. For people who want to have a Lexington bath or shower experience.

In addition to lights, there is an option that contains a Bluetooth speaker. So that homeowners can play music while in their bathroom. And not only is this a fun option, but it also ensures that the noise level and that fan is low, so that the music can be heard.

There is even the ability to choose a bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a built in humidity sensor. Instead of having a switch to turn on the fan, this fan simply senses when humidity levels have risen to a certain point.


And then the fan will turn itself on, and stay on until humidity levels have dropped back down. This can be especially beneficial, to ensure that people are keeping the bathroom fan on as long as needed. To eliminate the moisture in the room.

And while there is an option for the bathroom fan to have a built-in heater, Edmonton electrician does not recommend this. Because of the dust buildup that is inevitable on a bathroom fan. Having that dust close to a heat source. Means that it can increase the fire hazard in the bathroom.

While heat lamps are a very nice option in a bathroom. Especially in colder climates. That should be installed separately, away from the fan, and the source of dust buildup.

Another great option for homeowners. Is an low energy fan. Whether they want to save money on their energy bill. Or if it is for environmentally friendly reasons they want to have a lower carbon footprint. These fans exist, and can help people have a lower energy home.

By taking all of these different options into consideration. Homeowners can figure out what kind of bathroom fan they want. Not just one that will move the right amount of air quietly.

But ensuring that they have installed in their bathroom can help them enjoy all the time they spend in their bathroom. As well as ensuring that they are keeping their family safe from mould.

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