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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Qualities

Choosing the right bathroom fan is important says Edmonton electrician. Even if homeowners are not aware of it. Lowly bathroom fan, is actually a very important tool. Used to remove moisture from the home.
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Moisture buildup in a home is incredibly damaging for many reasons. First of all, moisture can damage many different parts of the house. From making drywall go mushy. To causing various components of the home rot.

Subflooring, made of wood. They get moisture into it, can rot very easily. Moisture on the studs and frame of the house. Can also start to rot. The roof or the ceiling. That has moisture.

Can also become soft and rot. But even more disastrous. Then causing the structural components of a home. To soft and rot. Is actually the buildup of toxic black mould. Edmonton electrician says toxic black mould.

Is an extreme health hazard. And people who are living in home. With even a small amount of black mould. Can have the most disastrous health complications. From allergic reactions, such as rashes and hives.

To developing respiratory illnesses. And even developing autoimmune disorders. Because of the black mould. The bathroom fan is designed to help protect the home. Not only from the rotting that can happen.

When exposed to rampant moisture. But protecting the home from this black mould, that can be extremely disastrous to the health of the people. Therefore, people should not only understand the importance.

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Of bathroom fans. And turn them on what ever their having a bath or shower. But they also need to ensure that they are in good working order. Most homeowners probably are not doing the required maintenance.

On their bathroom ventilation fans. Which is very simple. They just have to know what to do. And then remember to do it. Edmonton electrician recommends. Taking a vacuum brush. And vacuuming the front of the fan.

Which is simply a grill. This grill can get clogged up with dust. Because as the fan sucks air up into the vents. There is dust floating in the air. Which will then get stuck on the grill, and stay there.

By vacuuming this off, once a month. It is five minutes of time. That can help protect the home. Another thing that homeowners should be doing. To ensure that their bathroom fans. Are in good working order include.

Approximately every three months, a good way to remember this. Is any time there is a change of the seasons. From spring to summer. From summer to fall, and fall to winter for example.

They can take off the grill from the fan. And vacuum the fan blades directly. Just like the fan grill gets clogged with dust. The fan blades can get clogged with dust as well. Causing the fans to turn slower.

Because the motor is compensating for the added weight. If they regularly vacuum out their bathroom fan blades. They can keep their fan in good working order longer. And protect their home from the moisture buildup. That can cause significant problems.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Fan Uses

When homeowners are replacing their bathroom fan, Edmonton electrician can help. Not only must they choose the right size. For the size of bathroom that they have. But, there are many other things.

That they can choose. Because there are so many different features when it comes to. Bathroom fans these days. Not just size and level of noise. However, size is the first consideration.

Edmonton electrician recommends choosing a larger size than is absolutely needed. And the reason for this, is quite simple. As the fan starts to work. And gets a layer of dust on it. It will start to spin a little bit slower.

And pull just a little bit less air through it. If it is the bare minimum size. For the room that it was put into. This tiny difference, can cause the fan. To not eliminate all the moisture it is designed to.

Therefore, if the room needs a fan that is 50 ft.³ per minute. Edmonton electrician recommends putting in a fan that moves. 70 to 80 ft.³ per minute. So that homeowners have that buffer, of knowing.

That their fan is still going to do the right job. Even when there is a bit of dust on it. And dust in a home. As well as dust ending up on it then blade. Is pretty much inevitable. When homeowners have the right size of fan.

Chosen for their needs. There are many options that they can also choose. One of the most popular is getting a Bluetooth speaker in their fan. These fans are usually noiseless. And are great option for people.

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Who love to have music in the bathroom. Whether they want music while there showering. Orth they want to put on relaxing music during a bubble bath. All they have to do is connect their electric device.

To their Bluetooth speakers, and listen to whatever music, podcasts. Or even audiobook that they desire, while they are getting ready or relaxing. They also can choose bathroom fans. The have different levels of noise.

Many people do not want their main bathroom. To have a very noisy bathroom fan. It might wake up children who are sleeping. Or for person is having a shower or bath. Late at night or very early in the morning.

When many other people in the house are asleep. They can also choose energy efficient models. Because for many homeowners, having a small carbon footprint. Or having a small electrical bill is important.

They also can choose fans that have built in LED mood lighting. Have humidity sensors built in. So that the fan automatically comes on. Whenever it senses the humidity levels rise. And then turn themselves off.

Whenever they sense that the humidity levels are back to normal. With all of these options, getting help is recommended. And the experts at Hauer Power electrical are ready, willing and able.

To help homeowners not only choose the right fan for their home. But install it correctly, and let them know. The right maintenance to help them keep their house moisture free.

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