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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Components

Not only are bathroom fans important to a home says Edmonton electrician. Maintaining these bathroom fans is just as important. Many homeowners are completely unaware of this.
Edmonton Electrician

And therefore, either end up with bathrooms. That are not being protected against moisture. Or, are inadvertently. Aging their fans unnecessarily. Requiring them to replace these important devices. Sooner than is absolutely needed.

Bathroom fans play an important role. Of taking the moist air. And venting it out of the bathroom. The reason why this is so important. Is because moisture is in fact. Very disastrous to a home.

People may never even consider. The fact that homebuilders. Use moisture barriers in all aspects. Of their home build. Because moisture is the Holmes enemy. It can cause components to start to rot.

And even cause mould to start to grow. Where it will cause problems for the health. Of the people living in the home. And while homebuilders protect against moisture. That comes from outside the home.

Bathroom ventilation fans protect the home for moisture. That comes from inside the home. When people have a bath or shower says Edmonton electrician. Steam is released into the air.

And if nothing is done to remove this humid air. The moisture will settle in, in various places. And start to cause problems. It could be in the subfloor, in the drywall. Or even in the wooden frame and studs.

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But wherever it is, it has the perfect recipe for disaster. Especially if it goes undetected for months or years. Therefore, Edmonton electrician simply recommends homeowners.

Turning on their bathroom fan whenever they have a bath or shower. And engaging in some very simple. Routine maintenance to ensure. That the fans are in good working order.

The first type of maintenance is monthly. And it involves taking a brush attachment of their vacuum. Or even a handheld vacuum. And simply vacuuming off the grill. In front of the bathroom fan blades.

This task should take approximately five minutes or less. And only needs to be performed once a month. If this is not done, the air may not be able to move efficiently through the grill. And out of the home.

Not doing this, can cause moisture to build up. Even if the fan is in perfect working order. After that, the next maintenance that homeowners should perform. On their bathroom fan is just as easy. It involves removing the grill.

And then, vacuuming off the fan blades. Again, this should take about 5 to 10 minutes. And it only needs to be done once every three months. A good reminder, is every time there is a change of the seasons.

From winter to spring, spring to summer. And then summer to fall, is the time. For homeowners to pull out their vacuums. And dust their fan blades. If they do not do this, the fan is likely to work slower.

Not being able to move as much air as it was designed. Causing moisture buildup. So to protect their home. Regular maintenance of their fan is important.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Parts

Bathroom fans are incredibly important admits Edmonton electrician. However, many homeowners are unaware of this. When people are buying a new home. Building a home, or simply replacing their bathroom fan.

Calling on the experts, such as Ryan at Hauer Power in Edmonton. Can help homeowners. Learn the importance of this device. Choose the right one, and get it properly installed inside their home.

The first consideration when choosing a bathroom fan. Is the size. People may not understand this. When they go to their home improvement store. Which is the first stumbling block. When choosing the fan for their home.

Fans have different power rating, expressed as CFM. CFM stands for cubic feet per minutes. And refers to how much air the fan is able to move. In one minutes. The larger the bathroom. The more powerful the fan needs to be.

In order to move that amount of air. While the smallest bathrooms may only need. A 50 ft.³ per minute rating. Edmonton electrician recommends. Never putting the minimum size in a room.

The simple reason for this, is if the fan is the minimum. And it wears out. Or, it gets covered in dust. And is not able to work as efficiently. Then, it is not doing the bare minimum job. Of removing the air from that room.

Therefore, by installing a fan that is twenty or thirty CFM’s more powerful. Then is required, ensures that when the fan is older. Or if the fan has dust on it. It will still do its job efficiently and correctly.

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Once Edmonton electrician has help the homeowner choose the right power of fan. They need to discuss. The mind-boggling array of options. That people will have for this seemingly simple device.

While most people have experience. The deafening roar of a fan in a bathroom. Where they cannot even hear themselves think. Or hear music, or listen to their partner in the next room.

For various reasons, they want a fan. That is much quieter. Not only are there quiet options in bathroom fans. But there are even options to have a completely silent fan. Imagine walking into a bathroom.

In order to have a bath or shower, and turning on the bathroom fan. And hearing, nothing. That is amazing to many people. Whether they have problems with noise. Or they just want peace.

Other than different levels of quiet. Homeowners can choose energy efficient models. Whether they want to save on their electric bill. Or if they are interested. In reducing their carbon footprint.

They can get bathroom fans that have humidity sensors. That turn the fan on. Whenever it senses the humidity rising. And turns itself off when the humidity level drops. This is great for families who are forgetful.

Or great for families who only want the fan running. As often as is needed. Whether it is to save money. Or to reduce their carbon footprint even further. For the wide variety of options. Homeowners can contact Ryan at Hauer Power today.

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