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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Details

Bathroom ventilation fans are incredibly important says Edmonton electrician. They are often hero, that is overlooked. Moisture is terrible inside a home. Which is why homebuilders use so many moisture barriers.
Edmonton Electrician

When they are building a home for the first time. These are all designed to protect the home. From moisture that is on the outside. However, what is the protection. For a home, from moisture on the inside?

The answer is the lowly bathroom fan. While they are often overlooked. And forgotten about, bathroom fans play an extremely important role. In keeping the inside of the home moisture free.

They are turned on when people have a bath or shower. The steam from the water. Will cause moisture buildup in the air. And if it is not eliminated. It can cause any number of problems. From causing the drywall.

To start to become soft. As well as causing rotting in the soft parts of the home. Such as the wooden studs and framing in the home. The subflooring, the drywall. And the ceiling. But even more insidious than rotting.

Is moisture can cause mould to form. Mould is incredibly damaging. And more than that, it is a huge health hazard. To all of the people living in a home. The spores from mould can be carried in the air.

Causing a wide variety of health problems. From allergic reactions, such as rashes and hives. To respiratory illnesses, and even autoimmune disorders. Homes that have black toxic mould.

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Are actually considered condemned. And the entire house must be gutted. In order to eliminate all traces of this toxic black mould. And restore the health of the people living within it.

Therefore, keeping the home moisture free. Is perhaps one of the most important activities. That homeowner can engage in. And that is the exact function. Of a bathroom fan.

They must be the right size. For the size of bathroom that they are in. Because they must move all of the air in the bathroom. And vented outside of the home. A fan that is not as powerful as is needed.

Will not be able to move all of the humid air. Causing the possibility. Of this moisture to buildup, where it can start to cause rotting, or mould to buildup. As well, Edmonton electrician recommends.

Getting a fan that is slightly more powerful than is needed. Because as the fan ages. It will be less efficient. And as it ages, it will have more of a buildup of dust. That will also cause it to work less efficiently.

Having a slightly more powerful fan. Means that even as it ages. Or gets clogged with dust. Homeowners are going to ensure that it will still. Move the right amount of air out of the bathroom. And protect their home against moisture buildup.

However, Edmonton electrician also recommends. Dusting the fan regularly. So that it does not prematurely age. And so that homeowners can ensure. That it is functioning as effectively as it should.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Inner Workings

Homeowners should understand says Edmonton electrician. That there bathroom ventilation fans. Our an extremely important parts. Not stop there bathroom, but of their homes in general.

The thing to keep in mind, is that their function. Is to eliminate moisture in the bathroom. That can actually wreak havoc across the entire house. This is why Edmonton electrician says homeowners.

Must ensure that the ventilation goes. To the outside of the house. And is sealed properly. All too often they have seen homes. Where the bathroom ventilation fans. Vent the humid air to other parts of the home.

Such as to the basement, to the attic. Were to where the homeowner thinks is outside. But they are venting it. To underneath a soffit for example. With air will just get sucked back into the house.

Where moisture can cause problems in unsuspecting places. Finally, Edmonton electrician says they also must ensure that the vent. Is properly sealed. When the vent goes out of the home.

Whether it is through the roof, or out the side of the home. That port must be properly sealed. They must eliminate any air from around the vent. And put moisture barriers.

Because if the air is vented out the port. But then it can sneak back in through an improperly sealed vent. It is again, going to cause moisture problems. In places that homeowner does not think to look.

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Once they have understood. That they have the right bathroom vents. And that they are vented properly. The next thing is understanding if they have the right fan for their needs.

Even if they have just moved into a brand-new home. Even if the bathroom fan is brand-new. Edmonton electrician recommends checking. To see if it is the right one for their needs. Perhaps it is a builder grade fan.

And while it is the right size for their need. It is extremely loud. Because the homebuilder. Did not want to put a more expensive fan in their. And they wanted to save their money.

They can get a quieter fan. Or a completely silent fan. This is great for people who are disrupted by noise. Or for people who are getting ready for work. When other people are asleep and they do not want to bother them.

In addition to having quiet and noise free options. People can choose energy-efficient models. Whether they want to save money on their electric bill. Or they simply want to ensure. That they have the lowest carbon footprint.

They also can get bathroom ventilation fans. That come with mood lighting. Strips of LED lights. In colour changing properties. Can help people have right lights. For cleaning, shaving or putting on makeup.

Or mood lighting, if they want to have a relaxing bath. Or an invigorating shower for example. They also can get bathroom ventilation fans that have built-in humidity sensors. And built in Bluetooth connectivity.

The sky is literally the limit. When choosing the right bathroom fan for home. Making sure homeowners get what is most important to them. Is important to how are power electrical.

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