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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Elements

Choosing the right bathroom fan can be confusing says Edmonton electrician. There are the important considerations, such as what size. Is needed for the area. Ensuring that the vents actually lead outside.
Edmonton Electrician

And then finally, there are many different options. That people can choose including different noise options. From quieter to silent. Energy efficient models. And fans that come with different bells and whistles.

The first thing to consider is the size of fan. First of all, people need to understand. That the job of the fan. Is to suck out all of the humid air. In a bathroom, and vent it outside. Where the humidity cannot cause damage to the home.

Therefore, the larger the bathroom is. The more air is in the bathroom. And the more powerful the fan needs to be. In order to suck out all of the air. This is referred to in cubic feet per minute.

How much air the fan can move in one single minute. The smallest power of fan. That homeowners are going to be old to buy. Is fifty CFM. While the largest, is hundred and fifty CFM for residences.

However, that does not mean. That a homeowner can simply purchase the largest fan. And ensure that they have the best fan their needs. Perhaps they have a large bathroom. Or they have many things inside their bathroom.

Such as a soaker tub, a shower. A Jacuzzi, and two toilets and two sinks. This is a fairly large bathroom yes. But it also has many things that will be contributing. To the humidity in the bathroom.

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They should always consult experts. Who will be able to calculate. What power of fan. Or if they need multiple fans. In order to do the correct job. And eliminate the humid air in the bathroom.

Another rule of thumb says Edmonton electrician. Is that they should not consider adding a fan. That is actually the exact size they need. That might seem like a prudent choice. But it is not at all.

The reason why, is because the fan. Will inevitably get clogged with dust. Anyone who has dusted inside a home will realize. That it does not take very long. For thin layer of dust to cover. Virtually everything inside the home.

Therefore, they need to understand. That this dust can actually impact the fans ability. To do its job. Dust can first of all, clog the grill in front of the fan. Making it difficult. For the fan to pull air through it.

Then, dust that has settled on the fan blades themselves. Can cause the fan to run slower. Aging the motor, causing it to work harder. But also, causing the fan to not do the job of eliminating the air.

Therefore, Edmonton electrician says. Getting a fan that is slightly more powerful. Ensures that it can still do the proper job. Even when the inevitable happens. In the fan gets dust on it. For more help choosing a bathroom fan. Call the experts at Hauer Power today.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Features

It is extremely important that homeowners choose the right bathroom fan says Edmonton electrician. Simply because they play an important role. Keeping the home moisture free. Moisture is extremely damaging and home.

Not only causing softer elements, such as wood or drywall. To start rotting, but also. Moisture can cause mould to develop. Which not only is damaging. But negatively impacts the health of people. Living in the home in a significant way.

Mould can cause people to develop over them even diseases. They can develop respiratory issues, and even get hives and rashes. The mould sends spores through the air. And any home that has toxic black mould.

Is actually considered condemned, until crews can come in. And get the entire house. Eliminating all causes of black mould. The bathroom fan is an extremely important tool. To helping protect against this problem.

However, once people have the right size of bathroom fan. For the size of bathroom that they have. And Edmonton electrician has insured. That the bathroom vent has been properly set up. To vent the humid air outside.

The next thing that people need to do. Is choose the right fan, with the right options. For their home. One of the most popular options is a fan. That operates completely silently. Many people have experienced.

Walking into a bathroom, and having the bathroom fan. Be so loud, that they cannot hear themselves think. They cannot hear their music. Or, here was going on in the rooms outside.

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Whether this is irritating, or a huge problem. Such as people not wanting to wake the family. If they need to get ready for work. But everyone else is asleep. They now can choose a bathroom fan says Edmonton electrician.

That allows people to have the bathroom fan on. And not make a single sound. Other options they can choose include energy efficient models. These ones are not going to be completely silent.

But to many people, having a low energy bill. Or, having a small carbon footprint. Is worth the trade-off. Of having a quiet, but not silent. Bathroom fan in their home. The next thing that people can choose is an option.

To have their bathroom fan come with a built in the humidity sensor. This means that the fan only turns on when the humidity levels are rising. And it will turn itself off when there is no more humidity.

This can be great for many people. Who are often forgetful. Forgetting to turn the fan on. Or forgetting to turn the fan off. And it is also great for people. Who only want to use. The bare minimum of electricity required.

There are even options for the fans to come with mood lighting, in colour changing LEDs. And built in Bluetooth speaker connectivity. Virtually any options that people are looking for.

They can get in their bathroom fan. To help choose the right one. And then have it expertly installed, homeowners can contact. Ryan at Hauer Power in Edmonton today.

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