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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Qualities

Buying a home is very exciting says Edmonton electrician. But it is also very important to understand. That when people are buying a new home, that there bathroom fans. Are in good working order.
Edmonton Electrician

It is not assumptions that homeowners should make. That the fan is going to be in good working order. Even if they are buying a home that has just been built. Bathroom fans are so important to protect the home.

From moisture buildup, that is caused by. Steam and humidity from baths and showers. Settling in to various components of the house. Causing rot and mould among other things.

Therefore, they should always get a home inspection. Whether it is a new home. Or a previously owned home. To ensure that not only are the fans in good working order. But that the vents lead outside.

Edmonton electrician says they have seen many problems. Were bathroom ventilation fans. Whether installed by an expert. Or has been installed by homeowner. Who does not have the right training.

Not being vented properly. The idea of the bathroom vent. Is to take the humid air. And vented outside. Where it cannot cause problems to the home. However, these vents have been seen.

Going into the attic for example. Where not only is this going to cause rot and mould problems. But it is likely going to be undetected for a long time. Because nobody is going to assume. That moisture is being vented into the attic.

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Something else that has been seen. Is that the vents lead outside. But vent underneath a soffit. So that air is just going to get sucked back into the home. Where it can settle in places. That homeowners even suspect.

When homeowners think that there is a moisture problem in their home. They are going to look. Where there is already existing water. Such as a kitchen, and bathroom. But if they have their bathroom vent.

Being vented underneath the soffit. There is no telling. What part of the home could get damage from this moisture. The next thing that Edmonton electrician wants to check.

Is to be sure that the vent, is actually properly sealed. Whether it is being vented out the side of the house. Or through the roof. If the vent is not properly sealed. The moisture will be vented out of the home.

And then settle right on the vent. Causing moisture buildup. Which could include rot and mould, on the siding, or the rooftop. Therefore, these are all considerations that homeowners must take.

When they are moving into their home for the first time. Once that has been verified. They can check with their electrician, to see if it is the right size of than for their bathroom.

And if it is the right size. Checking to see if maybe it needs to be replaced. Not a lot of people think about their bathroom fans. And doing a little bit of pre-work.

Or even installing new bathroom fans win moving into a home. Can help ensure that that home is protected. Against moisture, mould and rot.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Vent Fan Uses

It is extremely important says Edmonton electrician. That people are not only choosing the right bathroom vent for their bathroom. But they are maintaining it as well. People have heard the importance.

Of dusting their bathroom ventilation fans. But few homeowners actually do this consistently. The reason white so important. Is because dust can significantly impact. The ability of the bathroom vent of function efficiently.

For example, there is the bathroom fan, with their blades. But when we instill. There is a grill that covers the blades. And that must regularly dust. But once a month, Edmonton electrician recommends.

The homeowner taking a vacuum, and simply sucking out. The dust that has accumulated on the outside of the fan. It should take no more than five minutes. Once a month, in order to dust the grill.

The reason white so important says Edmonton electrician. Is because if there is a lot of dust. Clogging up the grill, the fan. May not be able to pull as much humid air. Through the grill as is required.

To clear the air of humidity. This would then cause humidity to build up. On the walls and ceiling of the bathroom. Where it can cause mushy drywall, rot and mould. Therefore, it is important to do.

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The next thing that Edmonton electrician recommends. Is about every three months. The homeowner should pull that grill off of the fan. And take the same vacuum brush. And vacuum off the fan blades.

The reason why, is because the dust can actually make the fan blades heavier. And the fan is going to have to work harder. In order to do the same job. If the fan is the minimum size required for that room.

The dust on the fan blades can actually cause the fan. To not work as efficiently. Pulling less air out of the room than is needed. And again, causing problems such as rotting the drywall, and causing mould.

A good rule of thumb is that every time. There is a change of the seasons. Whether it is going from winter to spring, spring to summer. Or summer changing back into fall.

Homeowners should be vacuuming out there bathroom fan blades. Or, since their smoke detector should be check. Approximately every three months. They can just write that into the calendar.

And do all of the small and easy. Home maintenance activities, that can keep their home protected. And when homeowners are ready to buy a brand-new bathroom fan. Whether they want a larger one. Or the one they have has stopped working.

They can contact Hauer Power. Who will ensure that not only do they have. The right size fan. They understand all of their options. From energy efficient, to noise free fans.

Fans with built in mood lighting and Bluetooth speakers. The options are literally endless. And can help people. Have the best bathroom fans possible. Because they play such an important role in keeping their home protected.

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