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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Ventilation Fan Options

While many people do not often think about their bathroom ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician. They should think about it more carefully when they have to replace one. Or if they have recently moved.

Even if they are moving into a brand-new home, often builders install the less expensive builder grade fans. Which not only last for only 2 to 5 years. But also move the least amount of air possible. That could end up causing moisture buildup. Once the fan ages.

There are many different options that homeowners can choose from when looking at bathroom ventilation fans. And while most calculators take into consideration the size of the room, and make a recommendation of what cubic feet per minute fan needs to move.

The calculator takes into account the amount of air that they are capable of moving when they are brand-new and first installed. But not how much air they are going to be able to move when they have dust on them, or once they are several years old.

Because of that, Edmonton electrician recommends that homeowners always add ten or twenty CFM to the fan that they have been recommended. For example, if they have been recommended a fan that is fifty CFM. That they purchase one that is 70 to 80 CFM instead.

This way, even as the fan ages, or even if it has dust on it. It still moving the amount of air required to eliminate moisture from their bathroom.


In addition to that, it is also important for people to choose what noise level they want in their fan. And while the least expensive options are a higher noise level. It does not cost a lot of money to get a low noise level. So that they can eliminate the ambient noise in their house.

Ultimately, Edmonton electrician says homeowners should be very wary of fans that are least expensive. Simply because the cheaper the fan is, to be replaced. And the more likely it is to not work efficiently.

And if the bathroom ventilation fan is not working efficiently, people are at an increased risk for developing moisture problems. And will end up having mould. Which is going to be very costly to renovate and repair to get rid of.

In addition to size, noise level and cost. People also might want to take into consideration the amount of energy that the fans use. While most bathroom ventilation fans use 1 to 2 amps per unit. There are energy-efficient options. That can help minimize the carbon footprint that homeowner has.

By choosing from all of these options, homeowners can end up with bathroom ventilation fans that can do their job properly, and to do it silently, so that people can enjoy the activities that they are doing, instead of hearing the ambient noise they can put off.

By taking this into consideration, when they are doing renovations, or when they are buying or selling a house. Can ensure that they are not only protecting their home. But increasing their enjoyment of it as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Ventilation Fan Options

Technology has evolved so much says Edmonton electrician. That there are wider variety of bathroom ventilation fans than ever before.

And while many people may not consider their bathroom ventilation fan very much. When they start looking at all of the different options, they might get inspired to install something that is nicer than the standard model.

One of the more popular options of bathroom ventilation fan. Is the one that has a built-in humidity sensor into it. What this does, is allows the bathroom fan to turn on. When it senses that the humidity has risen to a certain level.

It will stay on as long as it takes to lower that humidity down. And can often take the guesswork out of when people need to turn off their ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician.

Another option in the bathroom ventilation fan. Is that they can come with built in lighting. Whether people want a bright white light, to increase the light in their bathroom.

Or if they want a coloured LED light, to set the mood, or for relaxation. To add to their relaxing bath or shower experience.

There is even an option that has bathroom fans come with a built-in Bluetooth speaker. So that people can play whatever music they want. Whether it is relaxation music for their bath. Invigorating music for their shower to start their day.


Having a Bluetooth speaker, not only can people ensure that the noise level of their fan is low. But that they can also enjoy the music wherever they want.

There is also a bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a built-in heat lamp. However, Edmonton electrician does not recommend this for a couple of reasons.

One of the reasons is that the heat that is emitted from the heat lamp will actually age the motor of the fan. Causing it to needs to be replaced more often.

But far more importantly, since bathroom ventilation fans suck up the air. They also suck up dust and hair. And when that dust and hair builds up, and is close to a heat source. There can be an increased a fire hazard.

If homeowners do want a heat lamp in their bathroom. This can be a very nice option. Especially in colder climates and in the winter time. But in that case, the recommendation is for people to put the heat lamp away from the bathroom fan. So that the risk of fire is reduced.

There are so many different options that people can choose from. That ultimately, the airflow of the fan is most important. And if homeowners have any other questions.

They should contact their Edmonton electrician. Because having all of the different amenities in their bathroom can be fun. Those amenities do not make a lot of sense if they it is installed in a fan that does not ultimately protect their home from moisture buildup, and mould.

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