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Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Ventilation Fans

There are many reasons why the homeowner might want to consider their bathroom ventilation fans according to Edmonton electrician. If they have purchased a brand-new home, if they have purchased an older home. Even if they have lived in their house for many years, they might want to think about changing their bathroom fan.

In order for fans to do their job, they need to suck the moist air in, from a bathroom. And then blow it out of the home, to avoid developing moisture problems which can lead to mould. Not only do fans have a life expectancy on them. Requiring homeowners to replace them every few years.

But the less air they suck through them, which is expressed in cubic feet per minute or CFM. The more often they are going to need to be changed.

When people are purchasing a home that is brand-new. Often, the builders will have put in what is called a builder grade fan. Which is the most inexpensive option. Edmonton electrician recommends people changing out these fans with a higher powered option.

These builder grade fans typically only last 2 to 5 years. And are extremely noisy. And in order to ensure that they are working at peak efficiency, need to be cleaned fairly often.

By replacing these builder grade fans with a higher efficiency fan, homeowners can guard against mould developing in their home, and this will be less expensive in the long run than having to eventually make repairs due to the damage mould can cause.


Even if people have lived in their home for several years. And have not changed their bathroom fan in the time they have been there. Or have not cleaned it every 3 to 6 months. It may not be working as efficiently as it should. And might not be protecting the home against mould buildup.

When people are considering getting a new fan, while fifty CFM is the lowest air fan that can be purchased. And is often put into a standard bathroom. Edmonton electrician recommends getting a fan that is at least 70 to 80 CFM for many reasons.

While a fifty CFM fan might be efficient when it is brand-new. As it gets a buildup of dust on the grill of the fan, and on the fan itself. It will start sucking less air out of the bathroom, and be performing under fifty CFM.

If homeowners purchase a fan that is slightly higher airflow, at seventy or eighty CFM. Even if dust settles on the grill and fan itself. It will still be able to do an efficient job of sucking out that moist air. So homeowners will not develop mould.

If homeowners have bathrooms that are larger than the standard size bathroom. That have just a toilet, sink and bathtub. They should go with an even higher airflow fan. So that it can do an efficient job as well.

This is why it is very important for homeowners to think about the bathroom fans in their home. Whether they are purchasing a home, building a new home. Or even if they have lived in their home for several years. The right bathroom fan can protect their home against mould. That can destroy homes, and compromise the health of everyone who lives there.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Since bathroom ventilation fans need to be replaced from time to time according to Edmonton electrician. There is an extremely wide variety of bathroom fans on the market. As well as different efficiency levels. Making the decision on what bathroom ventilation fan to purchase a difficult decision.

Out of the various options that consumers have to choose from in a bathroom fan. There is the efficiency level of their fan, which means how much air is being sucked through the fan, and how efficiently it can suck moist air out of the bathroom.

Environmentally friendly fans, that are low energy, but can move air efficiently. Noise levels is another important consideration. There are also bathroom ventilation fans that come with additional options, such as a Bluetooth speaker to connect music to.

Fans that can come with additional lighting, motion sensors and humidity sensors. So that the lights and the fan can come on when someone walks into the room, or when the humidity levels rise.

Even the noise level of the fan can be chosen, with some bathroom fans being lower airflow, but higher noise level. Or a higher airflow, and a higher noise level. However most consumers prefer high-efficiency airflow and low noise. But these are more expensive than the lower airflow or higher noise options.

With all the various options, if homeowners are confused about what kind of fan they should install. They can always contact their Edmonton electrician. And find out what they recommend for their particular home.


Also, Edmonton electrician says that homeowners should take into consideration the ducting that they have in their house. And that bathroom fans needs to be able to not just suck the air out of the bathroom. But blow it out of the house. So that no other rooms on the risk of developing mould.

Because of this, the ducting should have the air being sucked out of the bathroom, and either out the roof, or out the side of the house. When mistake that many people make, is that they have their bathroom fans being inducted into their soffits.

This would be a huge mistake, because when this happens, it goes into the soffits. Where they air will be sucked into the attic. And if there bathroom fan vents into the soffits. Their socks into the attic will be moist. Which will cause mould to develop in the attic of the house.

With all of the various options available for bathroom ventilation fans. People should consider the size of their bathroom, and what options are most important. Most residents want a low noise fan, but once they know what kind of fan they want and what options they want with it.

They can call Edmonton electrician to install the choice of fan that they have chosen. So that whenever they use the fan to suck air out of their bathroom. They know it is happening efficiently, and they are protecting the rest of the house from mould.

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