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Welcome to today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician and today’s edition of your Edmonton electrician. We’re going to be talking today about bathroom ventilation fans. So as always here at Howard power electrical, our mission is to power customer service.
And one of the ways we do that is through these informative videos. If you do like the video hit, like share, subscribe, do all those fun things. If you just want to watch it today though, that’s fine too.

So today we wanted to talk about bathroom ventilation fans specifically in residential scenarios. What we see a lot is moldy scenarios where we’re coming to a customer’s home, first the bathroom found on their ceiling and then up surrounding it as some drywall.
It’s kind of sunken down and a little wet from moisture buildup. So in order to get ahead of that, we want to talk to you today about what to look for in a bathroom fan so that if your fan isn’t really sucking, isn’t doing the job for you, then you can get it replaced ahead of the time.

So what we’re going to talk to you about today is a size of your bathroom, your CFM, what you’re going to need for CFM. That’s cubic feet per minute. Your options when it comes to bathroom fans, your ducting, when it comes to bathroom ventilation fans.
Your humidity sensors, motion sensors the noise level of your fan that might be an issue, especially if you don’t want to noisy fan your efficiency level of your fan. Everyone wants to go green and, and make the most e-commerce decisions.

Edmonton Electrician | Info About Bathroom Exhaust Fans

So that’s always a big factor too. Other than that, there’s your, your cost range of your fan. Now, cheap is going to be expensive in the long run. Whether you buy a cheap one now, you know, maybe 10 to 20 bucks now might be a lot more expensive than Warren around when you have to do repairs and mold work.

Other than that, where you’re gonna, you’re gonna want to do maintenance, you don’t want to do cleaning on it. But yeah, we’ll get all into that here. And if you have any questions as always, questions or concerns hauerpower.ca, that’s the best way to get a hold of us.
Or info@hauerpower.ca regarding email or you can call us directly at (780) 935-0622. So getting into the bathroom, fans diving right in. The first thing you want to look at is the size of your bathroom, right?

If you have your standard bathroom, maybe it’s 10 feet by six feet kind of thing, just a single small bath toilet in a, in a tub maybe a shower kind of thing. You’re going to want to wait. When you do the math of it, it might tell you to do 50 CFM, 50 CFM is pretty much the lowest bathroom ventilation fan that you can get.

And 50 CFM might cut it, but as time goes on and that gets clogged up you’re going to see a lot less cubic feet per minute of air flow and air exchange over time. So you might want to bump it up. Will you like to go with nothing less than 70, 70, 80 CFM?

That’s a good amount to have, especially for average size bathrooms. If you get a large scale sized bathroom the biggest we’ve ever installed wasn’t put a hundred, I think it was 150 CFM, and that’s kind of the biggest that you’ll get for a, for a bathroom ventilation fan and a resident.

Edmonton Electrician | Bathroom Exhaust Fan Specifications

So you can get, you can go as big as you want when you get into HVAC and, and bigger commercial fans. But as far as the residential scenario goes, we’re looking at 50 CFM to up to 150 CFM.
That’s pretty standard there. So if you get one that’s around 70, 80, probably pretty set, but you can find calculators online to do this size calculation of your room. So you’d get your square footage. Again, maybe it’s 10 by six. Great.

So you got what would that be? 60 square feet times how many air exchanges per hour that you want to have. You know, maybe that’s four, then that’s going to give you 240 CFM. So then you’ll, you’ll do the math that way, but there’s the different calculators. I don’t think I’m doing it justice, but at the end of the day, you want 70 to 80 CFM for your average bathroom fan. You got a smaller bathroom. You could probably get away with 50.

You want a larger bathroom bumping up, go a hundred, 120, 130, 40, 150. And after that you might want to parallel bathroom fence, which means that you’re just going to have more than one bathroom fan on a single switch.

So that if you have, maybe you got a real great mansion of a place and you got, you know, three toilets, two showers, whatever you got going on there, you might want to have a whole bunch of bathroom fans go on at the same time. So that kind of squares up the size of the bathroom and your CFM count.

And if you have any questions, again, feel free to call, email, text us, whatever you want to do there. When you get into different bathroom fans, you’re going to be hit with a whole bunch of different options.

Edmonton Electrician | More Than A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

So you can get, nowadays you can get music via Bluetooth, your phone can connect your speakers, you’re having a shower, you can listen to music and that’s really enjoyable. I personally have one of those and it’s fantastic. A lot of our customers really love those.
They’re a little pricier, but that ego what you pay for, right? It’s a good fan, good ventilation, not noisy and you get to listen to music in the shower. Those also come with a light.

They come with two light settings, either a white light led or a blue light led, which a lot of people like when they’re having a bathtub and they want to have a nice relaxing scenario.

They put on the blue led, put on their music and, and they do their thing there. But again, not for everyone’s a little pricier. If you just want a standard bath found are happy to do that for you too.

We have ranges across from standard high flow to medium and light and all the way up to the Bluetooth light. So ask about our different bathroom fan packages that we’re happy to give you pricing on those again with the different options.

So you can have the ones with the music that’s a tip top luxury bath fan, fun, fun units. But before those, you can also get ones with lights in them. So if you have a smaller bathroom and maybe your vanity light isn’t cutting it or you don’t even have a valid vanity light maybe you don’t want to put a spotlight above your shower.

Edmonton Electrician | Choosing A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Maybe you have no lighting in there, you just have a fan or you have nothing in there. You a light kind of fan. A lot of fans can come with a light built in and integrated led or a, you can change the ball on it however you want to have it. You can get whatever bath fan to suit your needs. And then we put it down to the switch.

And depending on what kind of fan it is, it might come with either a humidity sensor switch, which means that it’s going to automatically turn on.

Once it senses the humidity level is too high in the bathroom in order to balance out the humidity and get it to a nice comfortable dry level or no mold is going to grow. So they come with a humidity sensor.

We can always just put in a humidity sensor. If you have an existing fan, it’s just a simple as a basic wall on off switch rather than physically turning on the switch. It senses humidity. Just like a motion sensor switch.

You could get that for your bathroom fan to where you walk in the bathroom. It senses motion turns on your fan could turn on your lights too. However we have it wired. Give us a call if you have any questions about that. We’re happy answer as your professional Edmonton electrician, that’s our job.

That’s what we do. You give us a call and we’re happy to walk you through with what our process is, what our pricing is and how we can get your problem fixed today.

But I don’t know if that, we’ll go back to our list here. What we want to accomplish, getting the info out. So noise levels of fans. Again, if you don’t care about the noise level, you can get a cheap builder grade fan, 10 to 20 bucks retail.

Edmonton Electrician | Choosing The Right Bathroom Exhaust Fan

It’s not going to, it’s not going to be in it for the long run, but a lot of the time a builder is building, you know, 10 different houses is going to pick the cheapest bid, cheapest electrician, and they’re going to pick the cheapest bathroom fans they’re going to throw in that 10 to $20 fan because if the other fans are a hundred bucks.

Well that base is going to come up to 10 times more than the price and the builder’s not going to pick them because they’re not putting in the best possible bathroom fan.

So as trusting reading as that maybe for a, from the electrical contractors, the builders and the cuts customers, at the end of the day, that’s how that’s going to go. So if you do have a builder grade fan, you might want to get that changed out.

They typically last two to five years and then you’re out of a fan and typically you don’t want to be on a fan, especially in the winter. So it’s a heck of a lot more pain. When you get moisture on your windows that are freezes, thaws, then you get condensation and eventually that, that moisture is going to lead to mold and you don’t want mold in your home.

It’s the last thing you want. But again, going back to the noise level, you can get them pretty quiet nowadays. Again, you can get them high flow, high noise, but you can also get high flow and low noise.

And typically that’s kind of what you want to go for as low noise. If you’re in a residency, you don’t want to hold a lot of sound going on. I mean, people go for quiet dishwashers.

Edmonton Electrician | Choosing A Bathroom Exhaust Fan with Lights & Sound

It’s about bathroom fans. The same thing. If noise isn’t a matter to you, that’s great. But for most people it is. And it’s always good to get a quieter fan cause when you go through and you’re selling your house, when people are turning on all your switches and your fans, that’s one thing they’re going to notice as a L loud fan, you might not like it.

It might not be a deal breaker, probably won’t be. But it’s always a good touch to have a nice quiet bathroom fan. After that you get near the efficiency level. They’re all pretty efficient nowadays. Drawing zero to two apps, somewhere around 0.8, 1.2 abs, depending on the current draw of your fan, the efficiency level of your fan.

But overall for a bathroom fan, they’re not going to draw a whole heck of a lot of power nowadays, which is nice. And welders have gotten a lot more efficient. But that being said, it’s still gonna draw more than your light.

Still gonna draw more than less than a stove or a dryer, but it’s still a motor. It’s still going to draw a fair, decent amount of current. So looking at the efficiency level of the fan and the current draw the wattage level of your fart fan, that is gonna matter. So pay attention to that because in the long run maybe a couple of bucks more here might save you a little, a little few more bucks in the end.

So that’s something to look at the, at the end of the day, you just want to see your, your CFM. You want to see your noise level, you want to see the size of the room for the bathroom fan.

A bigger is usually better. But again, do the math of your fan. Give us a call, we can do the math for you. And and then you want to look at your options. If you want to have a light integrated into it, if you want to have speakers integrated into it if you want to have some units can come with a heater integrated unit into it.

Edmonton Electrician | Which Bathroom Exhaust Fan Is Right?

No, we don’t advise those. We don’t install those. We can, if that’s what you have and that’s what you want us to install. But with that level of heat, you get a 250 watt, 300 watt heat, incandescent then that wall was going to make so much heat that it’s going to degrade your fan over time. And if you have any clustered dust up in that fan, that’s a fire hazard.

So regardless of whether it’s rated for it or not, it’s not, I wouldn’t advise it. Having a heat lamp integrated into a dusty scenario, a bathroom ventilation fan, you’re better off to have a bathroom ventilation fan and then maybe a foot or two away have your heat lamp.
Especially if you’re in a colder climate, you like getting out of the shower and basking and some heat. We’d be happy to install that for you. But we wouldn’t advise having it in the same unit just for fire hazard conditions cause they create a lot of heat.

Moving forward though that’s, that’s one of the options that you can get as well. Jeez, the world’s your oyster when it comes to options. But at the end of the day, cost is a barrier too. So if you do want to heat lamp, that’s up to you, we’re happy to give you a price.

If you want just a fan that’s up to you. If you want to found the light found with music however you want we want to put it in for you so you can be a fan of us. So going back to the maintenance side of things, we want to touch on that.

Set it and forget it is what most people do regarding your furnace regarding maybe so many things in your house, furnace filter and your bathroom fan is no different. The more you put into something, the more you’re going to get out. So if you clean your bathroom grill, you clean your fan.

Edmonton Electrician | The Importance Of A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

Maybe with a vacuum every three to six months it’s going to last a whole heck of a lot longer cause its whole job is to suck that air in and exhausted out your roof. So if you don’t have it sucking in hair and stuff, that that might be okay, but you’re still going to get dust.
If you have pets, it’s going to get all that hair. If you, if you have a heavy use, if you have a lot of people using that bathroom, it’s going to get a lot more dust. You’re going to want to clean it a lot more frequently.

But if you don’t clean it frequently and you let it clog up, then you’re going to have all that dust, debris, hair and it’s just not going to be a good scenario. It’s going to clog up that motor. It’s, it’s gonna, it’s gonna create more of a draw when it’s trying to rotate cause it’s all clogged up.

Your power barriers, your power grill is not going to skyrocket, but it is gonna go up and it’s, it’s just good preventative maintenance to keep those bathroom ventilation fans clean and clear. So I get every three to six months, just go through the vacuum, clean off the grill.
If you can get the grill down, clean up the fan with it. Off, of course it’s going to be up a rotating motor, then that’ll do me a whole lot more. In the long run, your final work better, it’ll suck harder and and you’ll just be in a better scenario.

Lastly on the ducting side of these bathroom ventilation fans, you want to duck them out of your roof or outside of your house. Some van fans can be mounted on the wall most in the ceiling. But the walls no different. If they’re rated for it, then they’re good for it.

Edmonton Electrician | Deciding On A Bathroom Exhaust Fan

But at the end of the day, it’s gotta go out your roof, the top of your roof or the side of your house if it’s in a basement, but never should you be coming out into your soffit. Cause the whole point of your attic is to exhaust air out of your soffit.

So if you’re blowing moisture right there and it’s sucking year right back in, sorry that it’s not going exhaust around the soften, it’s going to suck air in from the soffit. That’s a whole airflow idea of behind your attic. But if you have your bathroom ventilation fan, exhausting, moist air into your soffit, then it’s just going to suck that air right back in your attic.

You’re going to have moisture in your attic, you’re going to get mold, and you’re going to have bigger problems. That’s why you want to exhaust it right off the roof. Keep it away from that soffit into a rated exhaust hatch on your roof.

As long as it’s got a flapper damper, it should be good. As long as it’s professionally installed, it’s coughed, sealed, shouldn’t, shouldn’t have any leaking issues. There. Again, your, your duct line going into your attic, you’re gonna want to make sure that’s an insulated duct line, not just a plastic duck blind.

Because again, if you have a colder climate, like you’re in Alberta, here in Edmonton, it’s going to be, you’re gonna have a frost and thaws. So it’s going to collect that for us. It’s going to melt and it’s going to collect moisture down at your installation eventually at your drywall.

And regardless, you’re going to get mold, whether your installation’s rated from old or not. But again, get at us. My name’s Ryan Hauer from Hauer Power electrical. And you can see all more of these videos on our YouTube channel or on our website at hauerpower.ca.
Again, if you want to get ahold of us info@hauerpower.ca, you can reach us via our website, or if you want to call us directly, (780) 935-0622 as always, as a professional Edmonton electrician, we power customer service and these videos are another way that we like to give back and answer our customer’s concerns. So take care guys, stay safe, stay healthy out there. And we’ll see you on the next one.

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