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Edmonton Electrician | Buying a Bathroom Ventilation Fan

There are many reasons why homeowner might want to buy a brand-new bathroom ventilation fan says Edmonton electrician. Even homeowners that are moving into a brand-new home. Might want to consider purchasing a new bathroom fan.

In order to understand why, homeowners need to clearly understand what the job of the bathroom fan is. And how it is able to do that job efficiently. Essentially, in order to protect the home against mould buildup. The fan is designed to suck moist air out of the bathroom, and out of the home.

Since bathrooms are the most common rooms in the home to have moisture buildup. Because people are having hot, steamy showers and baths. As well as the sheer amount of water in the room, and the small size.

Having an efficient bathroom fan is extremely important. There are several things that can impact the ability of a bathroom fan from being able to do its job as well as it should.

The first thing is, if there is not a large enough fan for the room. Bathroom ventilation fans have different airflow that are expressed as CFM. Which stands for cubic feet per minute. It represents the amount of air that the fan moves.

One common problem with homeowners doing their own renovations. Is that they have chosen to install a bathroom ventilation fan. Based on cost alone. And not understanding that they have chosen one that has an insufficient CFM for the size of room that they have.

Or they may not realize that once the dust settles on the bathroom fan, it causes that CFM to be lower.

When people are purchasing a home for the first time, they might want to have Edmonton electrician look at the bathroom ventilation fan for them.


To see if it is efficient as it should be for the room.

Even in brand-new builds, most builders install the cheapest fan possible. Which means not only is it only going to have a fifty CFM, but is will only last for 2 to 5 years.

And by changing this bathroom ventilation fan right away. Homeowners can avoid developing problems in their new home.

Another reason why homeowner would want to change their bathroom ventilation fan right away. Is because it has a high noise level. And they want to minimize that noise level for a variety of reasons.

The most inexpensive fans on the market typically also have a higher noise level. Therefore, if noise is a concern. Homeowners should talk to their Edmonton electrician. And have them recommend a make and model of bathroom ventilation fan. That will be low noise, so that they can minimize that problem.

People also might want to change their bathroom ventilation fans because they want fans that have more options. Such as a built in humidity sensor. So that the fan will automatically turn on, whenever humidity levels rise.

They might want fans that come with additional lighting, whether that is white lights, or mood lighting. And even options that have fans with a Bluetooth speaker built into them. So that homeowners can connect music to their fan, and enjoy music while they are in the bathroom.

For all of these reasons, and all of the options homeowners can choose from. Getting an expert opinion from their Edmonton electrician. Can ensure that not only are they choosing the fan that has the best options for them. But that they will have the right size for their room. So that they can protect their home as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Buying a Bathroom Ventilation Fan

While the right bathroom ventilation fan for a bathroom is extremely important says Edmonton electrician. This can ensure that the moisture is being sucked out of the home, to minimize mould occurring in the home.

There are other important considerations that homeowners should have. When ensuring that their bathroom ventilation is truly minimizing the risk of mould.

The ducting that people have in their home is just as important. And Edmonton electrician recommends that homeowners have the ducting going straight up, and out the roof. Or out the side of the house. So that the moist air is completely removed from the home.

One problem that many homeowners have, is that their bathroom ventilation fans actually ducked into the soffits of the home. This is a huge problem for many reasons.

The air that is being sucked into their attic comes from the soffits. And so when moist air is being directed into the soffits. That will ensure that the attic will be pulling in moist air.

And not only will the homeowner not minimize chances of mould. But they will increase chances of mould from building up in their attic.


In addition to the ducting going directly out of the house. Homeowners also need to take into consideration that the ducting is done properly. And that is being blown into a rated exhaust hatch.

It is very important that a professional has installed the exhaust hatch. And that it has a flap or a damper on it. And that it is completely sealed. These things have not been taken into consideration. Or if over time, the caulking is starting to strip away.

This can actually cause a lot of moisture buildup on the exhaust hatch. And especially in a very cold climate like Alberta. Can cause freezing, and thawing. Which will cause even more problems for the homeowner in the long run.

It is also important that homeowners are cleaning and doing the appropriate maintenance on their bathroom ventilation fan. Because as air is being sucked through the fan. It will inevitably attract dust.

Edmonton electrician recommends vacuuming the grill of the fan every 3 to 6 months. Or taking the grill directly off and cleaning that separately. And vacuuming the fan itself. To minimize as much dust as possible.

By cleaning the fan this way, as often as is needed. People can ensure that the fan is working as efficiently as possible. And is able to clear the moisture out of the bathroom as it is designed to.

By understanding all of the important factors that help a bathroom fan work efficiently. Homeowners can ensure that not only are they choosing the right fan for their needs. But that they are in fact allowing the fan to take the moist air out of their home. That it does not pose a threat.

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