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Edmonton Electrician | Buying The Right Size of Bathroom Fan

While many homeowners understand that expense, and noise level are options in choosing the right bathroom fan says Edmonton electrician. One of the most things to take into consideration. Is the amount of airflow that fans need to move.

The job that they bathroom ventilation fan has, is to suck moist air out of the bathroom and out of the house. To prevent moisture buildup. And to prevent mould from growing.

If homeowners do not have the right airflow in the fan they have in their bathroom. The fan will not be able to efficiently move that air out of the bathroom and out of the house. And this can allow moisture to build up, which will lead to mould.

The airflow of bathroom ventilation fans is expressed as a cubic feet per minute, or CFM for short. Homeowners can calculate the by figuring out there square footage of their bathroom, and putting that amount into a airflow calculator that they find online.

And while the calculator might show what size the fan they would need to get for their room as it is. Edmonton electrician recommends that homeowners by a fan that is slightly bigger. So that as the fan ages, and as dust settles on the fan.

The fan will be able to continue to pull the correct amount of air through it as is needed. To keep the bathroom moisture free. If the calculator says that homeowners have fifty CFM fan. He should purchase a seventy or eighty CFM fan. To ensure that is always working properly.


While the highest CFM in a residential fan would be hundred and fifty CFM. If homeowners have a significantly larger bathroom, or if they have many amenities in their bathroom. They can increase the airflow by adding more than one fan to their bathroom.

Once people have taken into consideration the size of fan they need to, and to airflow that is required in their bathroom. They can start looking at all of the different options that are available to them. One of the most important considerations that homeowners have these days is the noise level of their fan.

Many people are finding that minimizing noise in their home is more important. Opting for lower noise dishwashers, washing machines and even dryers. Which makes sense that they would put the same importance on minimizing the noise of their bathroom fan as well.

And while I lower noise level bathroom fan is going to be a bit more expensive, it will increase homeowners enjoyment of the room. As well as in crease their enjoyment of their home, for minimizing the noise that they experience.

If homeowners have any problems in doing the calculation. Or choosing which fan they should install in their bathroom. They can always contact Edmonton electrician. And get their expert opinion about what the best bathroom fan is for their needs.

And then they can always get the electrician to install their bathroom fan. To ensure that it is being installed properly, so that they know it is functioning properly to pull moisture from their bathroom. So that they do not develop mould growth.

Edmonton Electrician | Buying The Right Size of Bathroom Fan

Bathroom ventilation fans are designed to pull air from the room, and move it out of the house says Edmonton electrician. And while the size of fan is important. Relative to the size of the room.

To ensure that it can move the right amount of air. There is also other important considerations. To ensure that bathroom fans are working properly to rid the house of moisture.

If the ducting is not done properly. Or if it is old, and has flaws and it. It is not going to help the home to be as moisture free as possible.

Ideally, Edmonton electrician says the ducting should go straight up and out the roof of a home. To ensure that the moist air that is in the bathroom is no longer in the home where it can promote mould growth.

Or, the ducting can take the air from a bathroom erectly out the side of the house. Regardless of which route the ducting takes. It needs to go through a rated exhaust hatch. And that the exhaust hatch has a flap or damper on it.

The flap or damper will ensure that while air can be expelled out through the home. No air can get back in, and cause problems in the house.

Not only is it important that the exhaust hatch has a flap or a damper on it. But it also must be caulked and sealed correctly. Because if the exhaust hatch is not sealed. Not only can air get in again.


That can actually cause moisture buildup on the exhaust hatch. Which can cause even more problems. Especially in the homeowners attic.

Also, Edmonton electrician says people should ensure that the ducting does not go directly into their soffits. Which can cause moist air to be sucked directly into their attic. Where moisture can promote mould growth, completely undetected for many years.

When installing a bathroom ventilation fan. It is worth the additional effort to hire an expert to check to ensure that the ducting has been done correctly, and that all exhaust hatches have been sealed properly. To avoid developing any further problems.

In addition to ensuring that they fans are ducted properly. Maintenance of the fans is important as well. This means that homeowners need to be cleaning them often, to minimize dust buildup.

Not only can dust buildup because the fan to work less efficiently, and not pulley moisture out of the room that it is designed to.

But also, dust buildup can cause the older to have to work harder. Which will wear out the motor faster. And require homeowner to replace it or often then they would have to otherwise.

The recommendation is to take the grill off the fan every 3 to 6 months. By cleaning the grill, and vacuuming the fan directly. Helps keep the fan as dust free as possible. So that it is always working at peak efficiency.

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