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Edmonton Electrician | Call an Electrician After Buying an Older Home

There are many reasons why people want to purchase an older home says Edmonton electrician. They often want to renovate it and build exactly how they want.

And regardless of the reason why they have purchased an older home. Whether it is to save money. Or because they want to renovate it. They should always call in Edmonton electrician to inspect it.

The reason why, is because older homes, especially ones that were built in the sixties, seventies or eighties. Often have electrical components that need to be upgraded.

Not only do these parts have the ability to wear out and fail. But also, because what used to be done in house building. Is no longer considered safe. And the electrical codes have changed significantly in those decades since.

Therefore, by calling on an electrician. They can inspect all of the different electrical components of the house. And make a list of everything that they think that should be upgraded.

As well as an estimate on what they believe is going to cost to upgrade each of those components. As well as their recommendation of what needs to be upgraded first.

It is a safety issue for people to upgrade certain parts of their electrical components of an older home. And a great example of this is the circuit breaker.

The job of the circuit breaker is to stop the flow of electricity going to a circuit that is overloaded. Because as the wire is overloaded with more electricity than it is designed to handle.


The wire gets physically hot to the touch. And the longer it is overloaded, the more likely it will cause a fire. The circuit breaker is designed to stop the flow of energy from happening so the wire does not get hot.

But if a circuit breaker is not functioning properly or does stopped functioning completely. The flow of electricity will not be stopped. Which will result in a potential fire breaking out because of it.

Therefore, people should consider getting their circuit breaker tested. And even if it is currently working. They may want to get it replaced regardless.

Especially if they find that there is not enough electrical outlets in their house. For all of the things that they need to have plugged in at the same time.

This is a good indication that it is the right time to replace the circuit breaker as well. And not only have a circuit breaker installed that will allow them to have as many circuits as they need right now.

But have more spaces so that as their electrical needs increase in the future, they can add those circuit very easily. If people have any outlet extenders such as power bars. This is a good indication that they should increase the circuit in their home.

If they decide not to upgrade their circuit breaker panel just yet. Edmonton electrician says they should be aware that if there breaker start stripping a lot more often than it usually does.

This is often an indication that people should get it replaced because it is starting to wear out. And they should replace it now, before it completely gives up.

Edmonton Electrician | Call an Electrician After Buying an Older Home

It is very important that when people purchase an older home that it is inspected electrically says Edmonton electrician. Because it is likely not only not up to code. But there is also potentially dangerous things that need to be upgraded as well.

An example of this, is aluminum wiring. In homes that were built in the sixties, seventies and eighties. Often used aluminum wire. Even though by today’s standards this is very dangerous.

The reason why this is dangerous, is because aluminum wires have the tendency to overheat. Which increases the likelihood of a fire starting if a circuit is overheated.

That is compounded with the older circuit breaker. If it is not working properly or at all. Houses with aluminum wires will have a tendency to overheat.

And then that circuit does not get cut. Results in a higher likelihood of a fire breaking out in the home. Therefore, if an electrician sees that home has aluminum wiring. They recommend getting that replaced.

Something else that they will look for, is to see if there are grounding wires to the home. Because an ungrounded system is very dangerous.

To fix this, the electrician will need to add a ground fault circuit breaker to each of the circuit. In order to ground them all individually. And this is incredibly important to do for safety reasons.

Another thing that their Edmonton electrician should look for. Is to see what kind of wires are going into their circuit panel.


The old code back in the sixties and seventies used to recommend having an 8gauge wire going into the panel.But by today’s standards, that should be upgraded to a 6gauge wire.

And especially if the electrician is going to be installing a new circuit panel. This is a great opportunity to replace everything.

And there is always the option of homeowner wanting to install a subpanel instead of replacing their whole new circuit breaker panel. To give them more circuit easier and quicker.

However, in Edmonton electrician will tend to advise against that. Especially if they have a panel from the sixties. Because there are going to be so many code violations. That could put the house at risk.

And their recommendation is to just place the entire panel. And not deal with any code violations or safety issues.

When there electrician gives them not only a quote for what it would cost to get these upgrades done. They should also specify in what order is most important for these to get done. Because some issues are more dangerous than others.

Before homeowner goes ahead with everything that is recommended. They should get one or two more estimates. In order to ensure that everything that all the electricians are saying is the same.

And to ensure that the electrician that they are going to proceed. Has taken everything into consideration. The price that takes everything into consideration. But also that there electrician has in fact thought of everything to make their home safe.

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