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Edmonton Electrician | Choosing Bathroom Vent Fans

Choosing the right bathroom fan may be overwhelming says Edmonton electrician. For a homeowner who is never had to do this before. There are many different things to consider. When choosing the right fan. Size, only being one of them.
Edmonton Electrician

Size of than is expressed as cubic feet per minute. And specifically refers. The amount of air the fan can move. In a single minute. The reason why the power is expressed this way.

Is because the function of a bathroom fan. Is actually to pull all of the humid air. Out of the bathroom, and vented out of the home. While most fans are designed to blow air. And cool off the person on the other end of it.

The bathroom fan is designed to suck air. And getting rid of all of the humid air. Means sucking all of the air out of the room. Therefore, homeowners need to calculate. The cubic feet in their bathroom.

And find a fan that matches the cubic feet in CFM. However, Edmonton electrician says there are things to keep in mind about this. The first one, is that if a person calculates. There cubic feet, they should not choose the fan.

That has that exact same cubic feet per minute. The reason why, is quite simple. As the fan ages. And as the fan gets clogged with dust, which is an inevitable problem. It will stop working as efficiently as it does.

When it is first installed in a home. Therefore, getting a slightly more powerful fan. Ensures that homeowners. Can still get all of the humid air sucked out of their home. And protect against moisture.

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Also, they need to understand. That if they purchase the largest fan. That is also not guaranteeing. That they are covered, and protected against moisture. While hundred and fifty CFM is the largest fan they can purchase for residence.

Many bathrooms, especially nowadays. With multiple toilets, sinks. Bathtubs, Jacuzzis and showers. Often require multiple bathroom fans. Therefore, they should never make any assumptions. When choosing the right fan for their home.

If they are in doubt, they should contact Edmonton electrician. Who will be more than happy. To help do the calculation. As well as help choose the right bathroom fan. And then expertly install it for the homeowner.

Once they have the correct size calculated. They are going to have to consider many different options. That people did not realize that they had. The more technology people have access to.

The more bells and whistles their bathroom ventilation fans can have. Among popular options include fans that are completely silent. Because ever knows how annoying. Allowed bathroom fan can be.

Fans that are energy efficient. The have built-in humidity sensors. Have Bluetooth connectivity. And mood lighting built right into them. People who are choosing the right fan. Should also consider these bells and whistles.

As it can significantly enhance the beauty. As well as enhance the function of their bathroom. Particularly if they have different needs.

Edmonton Electrician | Picking Bathroom Vent Fans

When homeowners move in to their house, Edmonton electrician says. They should not assume that their bathroom fans are in fact perfect. In many cases, even in brand-new homes, the bathroom fans are not great.

Builders install what is called. Builder grade bathroom fans. This is because they want to cut their costs somewhere. So while they put in a bathroom fan. That has the minimum power requirement that is needed.

They are often very cheaply made. That are not designed to last. Which requires homeowners. Having to replace these bathroom fans. In two years or less. As well, they are likely going to stop working efficiently.

After they have been used for a while. And when they inevitably. Get clogged with dust, which happens in a home more often. And people really realize. And while regular maintenance of the fan.

Such as vacuuming the grill once a month. And vacuuming the fan blades once a quarter. Homeowners are going to end up. With the fan that is not doing its job. In a very short amount of time.

Therefore, when they buy a house. Whether it is new or previously owned. Calling Edmonton electrician. Can be one of the best things that they do. To ensure that the fan is great.

And if it is not, they can easily replace it. Either with a higher quality fan. A more powerful fan. Or, a fan that has many amazing options. That will make their bathroom even better.

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A common option. That people are choosing more these days, is a silent fan. Not only are loud fans annoying. And can disrupt the peace and harmony of a home. But for people who are in the bathroom.

Getting ready, or coming home. When other people are asleep. This can be an extremely important way. To ensure that they are not disturbing the sleep. Of the others, especially children in the home.

They also can get a bathroom fan says Edmonton electrician. That actually turns on. Only when it senses the humidity levels are rising. And will turn back off, when the humidity levels drop. This can help people have lower electric bills.

And also reduce their carbon footprint. But in addition to that, there are even energy efficient models. If people want something even fancier. They can get bathroom fans. With built-in mood lighting in coloured LEDs.

And they can even get a bathroom fan. With a built in Bluetooth speaker. This can mean. That they never have to be without their music. Or, they can arrange to have a soothing bubble bath. With relaxing music playing.

The only option that Edmonton electrician advises against. Is the bathroom fan. That comes with a built in heating bulb. The reason why, is because bathroom fans. Our magnet for dust, which is flammable.

If someone desperately wants a heating bulb in their bathroom. However power will be more than happy. To have it installed. But they will install it in a different location. From there bathroom fan, so that they do not cause a fire hazard.

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