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Edmonton Electrician | Choosing The Right Bathroom Fan

While many homeowners think that the most important consideration to a bathroom ventilation fan is cost. Are actually many other factors that once home owner is aware of them. Might be far more important. And will have homeowner paying money that they need, to have the options that are important.

Ultimately, the function of a bathroom fan is to suck moist air out of the bathroom, and out of the house. To minimize the risk of mould growing in the home.

To achieve this, choosing a fan that can move the right amount of air for the size of bathroom is the most important consideration. Fans can come in different airflow, which is expressed as cubic feet per minute, or CFM.

For residential bathrooms, people can choose from fans that are between fifty CFM and one hundred and fifty CFM. If they need a larger fan for their residence. Edmonton electrician says they can always put more than one fan into the bathroom. In order to move the right amount of air that is needed.

Once a homeowner is able to choose the right airflow in their fan. And they can do this either by contacting their Edmonton electrician. Or by using one of the many airflow calculators that are available online.

The next thing that homeowners typically think about is the noise level of their fan. There can either be the regular noise level, which can be quite noisy. Or a low level noise in a fan.

And while the low noise fans are going to be a bit more expensive. It can be very important to home, to minimize the amount of noise that is happening.


People will go with low noise dishwashers, as well as washers and dryers. So to spend a little bit extra to ensure that their bathroom is as quiet as possible, can be very important.

After homeowners have chosen the airflow, and taken noise into consideration. There are also many other options to choose from. From fans that come with built-in humidity sensors. So that the fan can turn on as soon as it needs to, to keep the room as dry as possible.

To fans that have built-in mood lighting, and even fans that have a built in Bluetooth speaker. Not only are these bathroom ventilation fans low noise. But it will allow both to connect their digital music device to their fan. So that they can play any music they want. Whether they are having a bath or shower.

And while there is even an option to have a built-in heat lamp into the bathroom ventilation fan. This isn’t recommended. Not only because the heat from the heat lamp will age the bathroom fan quickly, causing it to need to be replaced more often.

But also, since job of the bathroom ventilation fan is to suck air through it. It also is quite efficient at collecting dust. Having that dust buildup close to the heat lamp is a fire hazard.

If people truly want a heat lamp in their bathroom, it can be extremely nice in the cold climate of Alberta. They can always ask their Edmonton electrician to install a heat lamp separately. So that they do not and up with a fire hazard in their bathroom.

By understanding all of the various options. Can help homeowners pick the right bathroom ventilation fan for their needs. So that they can enjoy using their bathroom as much as possible.

Edmonton Electrician | Choosing The Right Bathroom Fan

Even though homeowners might not think about bathroom fans often says Edmonton electrician. When they are moving into a new home, or doing any kind of renovations. They should take this important device into consideration.

Bathroom fans are designed to move moist air out of the bathroom. So that there is less likely a chance that mould will buildup in the home.

And while the ability of the fan to do that is important. Edmonton electrician says the ducting of the house needs to be considered as well.

To ensure that the air is actually being moved out of the home and not somewhere else. And that the ducting is done properly. So that they are not exacerbating issues elsewhere.
The ducting should be done so that the air is being sacked by the fan, and out of the home. Ideally, the ducting should go straight up, and out of the home through the roof.

It should be blown into a rated exhaust hatch. And that exhaust hatch should be sealed properly with caulking. And has a flap or damper, so that the air can be blown out, but air cannot move back in through the same exhaust hatch.


Or, the ducting should allow the air to be sacked out the side of their house, again, through a rated exhaust hatch that has been installed and sealed properly. And has a flap or damper on it.

If the ducting is not done properly, and has the are going to a different place in the house. Such as in between the walls, or the attic. It is not eliminating mould risk in the house. His just moving it to a less obvious place. Where will be able to grow mould unabated.

Edmonton electrician has even seen ducting that blows the air from the bathroom into the soffits of the house, which is also bad. Because the air in the soffits will get sucked into the attic, where growth will be able to happen undetected.

If people are renovating, this is the perfect time to ensure that the ducting has been done properly. So that they are minimizing the risk of mould in their home.

But also, it is important for homeowners to regularly clean their bathroom ventilation fan. To get rid of the accumulation of dust. That is going to inevitably collect not just on the grill of the fan. On the fan itself.

It is important to cleanness, because the more dust buildup there is on the fan. The harder it is going to have to work. Which will wear out the motor faster. But also because it to move less airflow out of the bathroom.

By taking off the grill and cleaning it and vacuuming the fan every 3 to 6 months. Can be enough maintenance to ensure that their fan is working efficiently to keep their home mould free.

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