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Edmonton Electrician | Cleaning a Bathroom Fan is Important

Even though many builders, and homeowners may put a lot of effort into choosing the right bathroom ventilation fans says Edmonton electrician. It does not matter how effective the fan is. If homeowners are not maintaining it.

The way bathroom ventilation fans work. Is by sucking up air from the bathroom, and venting it outside. So that any moisture in the air can be carried outside with it.

Because of how it pulls the air. Edmonton electrician says bathroom ventilation fans very quickly get covered in the layer of fine dust, and pet hair. And need to be cleaned periodically.

In fact, if bathroom ventilation fans are not cleaned periodically. Not only does it age the motor quickly. By forcing the motor to work even harder. To move the same amount of air around the room.

But also, it can cause the bathroom ventilation fan to not work properly. And every time a homeowner turns the fan on. It is actually not pulling the air from the room. Which increases the chances of moisture buildup says Edmonton electrician. Which can increase the risk of mould.

However, many homeowners may not be aware of how important cleaning the bathroom ventilation fan is. Or how often they should be doing it.

Homeowners might look up once in a while, and only get the vacuum out when they noticed that the grill in front of the fan is almost completely clogged.


While vacuuming the grill of the ventilation fan is a great way to clean it. A more efficient method is to take the fan grill off completely. And clean that. While taking a vacuum brush to the fan blades themselves.

However, cleaning the bathroom ventilation fan is only effective if it is done regularly. A typical size bathroom with two people using it. Should get cleaned every 3 to 6 months.

However, the more people that are using the bathroom. Will increase the use of the fan, as well as the dust in the air. And will require more frequent cleanings.

By cleaning the bathroom vent regularly. People can prolong the life of this important fan. So that people do not have to replace it as often.

And so that people can ensure that the fan is actually removing moisture from the air. Instead of making a lot of noise, while mould builds up unnoticed.

In addition to cleaning the ventilation fan. Edmonton electrician says ensuring that ducting is sucks the air out of the bathroom. The ducting ensures that the moist air is being carried out of the house.

If the ducting is damaged, not sealed properly, or clogs. Then no matter how efficiently the bathroom fan works. It is not helping homeowners take the moisture out of the home.

Therefore, homeowners should hire a professional periodically to ensure that the ducts are correct, and in good repair. So that when they use their bathroom ventilation fan. It can actually help keep the home moisture free.

Edmonton Electrician | Cleaning a Bathroom Fan is Important

While choosing the right bathroom ventilation fan is necessary says Edmonton electrician. Using it every time someone is taking a bath or shower is as important. So that the moist air can be pulled out of the room and out of the house.

In order to ensure this happens, homeowners need to ensure that they are cleaning their bathroom ventilation fans as often as is required. But also, that their duct system is clean and clear as well says Edmonton electrician.

If the ducting is dirty, it can force the moist air to go into different areas of the home. Where it can cause mould and mildew to develop. Especially if mould and mildew is growing in the ducting system. It can cause respiratory problems for everyone in the house. Because mould is extremely toxic.

In addition to ensuring that the bathroom ventilation fan is cleaned. And that the ducting is clean and clear as well. There are other things that homeowners can do to ensure that they are minimizing the moisture in their home.

One of the first things that homeowners can do, is purchase a bathroom ventilation fan that comes with a built in humidity sensor. What this does, is ensures that whenever the community levels raise to a certain percentage. That this fan turns on.


By having the fan come on when waster levels are too high. And stay on until the moisture levels drop. This can help ensure that the bathroom ventilation fan is used as often as is necessary. Especially in homes where people can often forget. Or turn off the fan to early.

One of the most beneficial reasons to use this style of bathroom ventilation fan. Is so that if the fan becomes clogged, or stops working efficiently. People will be able to tell, because it with low longer reduce the humidity in the room.

Other bathroom ventilation fan options that homeowners can choose from. Are fans that come with built-in motion sensors. This can help ensure that the ventilation fan comes on as often as it is needed. And can be great for homes where there are children, or adults who sometimes forget.

Another great option in a bathroom ventilation fan that homeowners can choose from. Include fans that come with built-in lights, either to help illuminate the room. Or to find mood lighting in the bathroom.

Whether people want an especially relaxing bath. Or they want to use the mood lighting to help them prepare for their coming day. This can add a lot of enjoyment to the bathroom says Edmonton electrician.

Ultimately, homeowners need to ensure that they are using their bathroom ventilation fans. They are maintaining the fans, so that they work at taking moisture out of the room. And that they are replacing the fans as needed. To ensure that they are doing their job effectively.

By keeping these things in mind, homeowners can ensure that they are not just increasing the enjoyment of their bathroom. That they are protecting their house and their family from toxic mould.

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