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Edmonton Electrician | Commercial Applications for Grounding and Bonding

Grounding and bonding refers to ensure that an electrical system can discharge electricity safely says Edmonton electrician. And while the current Canadian electrical code specifies that all residences have this. Not all commercial applications require this.

The reason why residential buildings require grounding and bonding. Is because of the job that grounding and bonding does. Whether it is a type of house or kind of a brand building.

The grounding and bonding needs to be done correctly. To protect the inhabitants from electrical surges. As well as overloaded circuits. And while many people understand the job that a breaker plays.

They may not understand that grounding and bonding works with the breaker system. To ensure that it all works properly. To protect the electrical system entirely.

A great example of this. Is when the ground fault has current flowing to the source, from where it was first originated. This is actually what causes the breaker to be tripped.

And when the breaker is stripped, it will turn power off to an overloaded circuit. And the reason why that is important says Edmonton electrician.

Is because when a wire is trying to handle an amount of electricity that was never designed to handle. It will get physically hot. And that can in turn because electrical fires to start.

Electrical fires are very dangerous, because they start inside the walls, and can spread very quickly. And this is why grounding and bonding is so important. To protect a home from this kind of damage.


Not only can electrical fires cause a significant amount of damage, by travelling through the walls. But it can cause a significant amount of injury to people. Because it can be very difficult to get out of a building during an electrical fire.

This is why residences have such as strict electrical codes that specify all buildings will have grounding and bonding. However, the rules are not quite so strict with commercial buildings.

However, it is important that depending on what the commercial building is being used for. That they are grounded and bonded. For example, laboratories deal with electricity quite a bit. And require grounding and bonding.

As well, hospitals are required to have grounding and bonding. Especially because the amount of equipment that they have in the building. That if there is a power surge.

The equipment can be damaged, and whether it is a piece of equipment that keeps someone alive. Or is helping a doctor or nurse perform a very important function. An electrical surge can cause a lot of damage in a hospital.

As well, the Canadian electrical code specifies that all schools must have grounding and bonding. Because of the danger that an ungrounded and bonded building can pose to children.

Therefore, if people want to ensure that they electrical systems are protected. They should hire and Edmonton electrician. To ensure that not only is the electrical done correctly. But that it is grounded and bonded as well.

Edmonton Electrician | Commercial Applications for Grounding and Bonding

Grounding and bonding refers to ensuring the electricity has a safe place to flow says Edmonton electrician. And when people are building, or renovating. They need to ensure that the grounding and bonding is done correctly at all times.

And while the electrical code in Canada specifies that all residential buildings are grounded and bonded. Not all commercial buildings have the same requirement.

But any electrician that is working on a jobsite should know whether the job that they are on. Needs grounding and bonding. Because it is specified in the Canadian electrical code.

And while the electrical code gets updated every year. Edmonton electrician always ensures that they are using the most up-to-date code. To ensure that they are the electrical work according to the specifications.

Is also very important that everybody who is working with an electrician understands that they need to pull permits. Whether they are doing electrical job from scratch. Or they are making alterations to the current electrical system.

And if a person who hires an electrician here is that they are not going to pull a permit. Or they have not pulled a permit. Should immediately get that person off the jobsite, because permits are required by code on all electrical work.

The reason why the code is so strict when it comes to grounding and bonding. And electrical work in general. Is because of how important it is to ensure that the electrical work is done properly.


But the grounding and bonding will do, is work with the breaker. To ensure that excess electricity can get discharged properly. And that if it goes back into the system. The breaker can turn the circuit off safely.

People might find that their lights are flickering or dimming. And that is an indication of improper grounding and bonding according to electrician.

Also, if people experience a lot of power surges. Many people understand how important it is to have a surge protector on their computer. Because of how damaging a power surge can be to the data on their computer.

And while the grounding and bonding should protect the home from this. If it is done improperly. The power surge can end up causing damage to anything that is currently plugged in.

Whether that is a computer, a television or stereo. Or even things like the appliances like a fridge or a washing machine for example. And while this can be very frustrating and expensive to have their property damaged.

A greater risk when the grounding and bonding is not done properly. Is that the circuit gets overloaded. And the breaker does not turn circuit off, which can overheat the wires and because electrical fire.

Therefore, grounding and bonding can protect property, check the building. And most importantly, protect the people in the building. Which is why you need to ensure you hire the best Edmonton electrician for an electrical job. To ensure that it gets done properly at all times.

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