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Edmonton Electrician | Commercial Applications for Grounding

While the current Canadian electrical code specifies that all residences being grounded according to Edmonton electrician. That is not the case with all commercial applications.

The reason why the code is different for commercial properties as well as residential properties. Is because grounding is designed to keep a building safe from power surges and overloaded circuits.

And this is most important in a building where people are living. Such as an apartment building, a townhouse, a duplex or a regular, standard house.

In a commercial building. It often is not occupied twenty-four hours a day. Which is one of the reasons why it is not necessary to ground or bond all commercial buildings.

And the reason for grounding a building. Would be to protected from surges, and overloaded circuits. And this is less common in a commercial building that is only open for 8 to 10 hours a day.

However, Edmonton electrician says there are exceptions to this rule. And there are several different commercial applications that require grounding. Because the nature of the business.

One great example of this. Is when people consider hospitals. They are technically commercial. But because they house injured and sick people. The Canadian electrical code specifies that this should be grounded and bonded.

Also, and then to the electrician says there are a lot of electrical devices being used in a hospital. From machines that are used to help administer medication monitor patients, and keep people breathing.


To the machines that are used during surgery. To ensure that doctors and surgeons are doing the proper job. And even diagnostic equipment such as x-rays. All need to function properly.

And if there is a power surge, all of this very sensitive equipment could be put at risk for being damaged. Which is one of the reasons why it is so important to have the electronic devices grounded.

Also, with the number of people inside a hospital says Edmonton electrician. From staff and patients alike. If the building is not grounded properly. Then there is a significant risk of an electrical fire. And that would put sick patients at risk. As well as other people who are doing sensitive operations.

This is why hospitals are required to have grounding. And schools are another commercial building that needs to be grounded. So that it can protect the students in the building.

As well, more and more schools have more technological advances. And the grounding protects the building and the devices from electrical power surges that can damage equipment.

But most importantly, Canadian electrical code says that schools need to be grounded. To protect the students from any potential electrical fire. From an overloaded circuit.

When a circuit is overloaded, and there is no grounding in place. The breaker will not shut off, and that can cause the overloaded wire to get hot enough to start a fire.

When an electrician is working on a job. It is of paramount importance. That they know what the code says. So that they can ensure the appropriate buildings are grounded. To protect the occupants inside.

Edmonton Electrician | Commercial Applications for Grounding

It is very important that people are ensuring that there Edmonton electrician is grounding buildings properly. And while not every building requires grounding.

Knowing which buildings require it and which do not. Is included in the most current version of the Canadian electrical code. Which is updated every single year.

And while every single residential building whether it is a high-rise, a walk up apartment building. Or even a simple house. Is going to require the appropriate grounding as well as bonding.

But this is not the case for every commercial property. However, before an electrician sets foot on a job site. They need to be familiar with what they are working on.

And ensure that they know what the Canadian electrical code specifies. So that they can ensure they are doing the electrical work to code. And are not causing undue risk to the people that will eventually use the building.

The reason why grounding is so important says Edmonton electrician. Is because it helps the overcurrent device operate. And the overcurrent device is either a breaker or fuse, depending on what is needed.

The ground fault will have current flowing back to the source where it originated. And that is what causes a breaker or fuse to trip, and opened the circuit.


Therefore, when a building is not grounded. The fuse or the breaker does not have the opportunity to do its job properly. Which can cause power surges to happen.

But also, it can create problems when they breaker does not trip. If it is due to an overloaded circuits. Because when there is an overloaded circuit. And the breaker does not stop the flow of electricity.

The wire that is overloaded continue getting hotter. And if it stays hot for long enough. For example, because the machines are not turning off, causing the flow of electricity to be decreased.

That can very quickly because an electrical fire. And electrical wires can be so damaging says Edmonton electrician. Because they fire starts inside the wall, were it can travel throughout the entire building.

In this happens before anybody realizes that the building is on fire. And by the time the occupants of the building realize that there is a fire. It is difficult to evacuate, because there is fire in all of the walls.

This is why it is so important that the Canadian electrical code specifies that the buildings that are most commonly occupied by people. Such as residences, hospitals and schools are protected by being grounded.

When people are hiring an electrician. They should ask what version of the Canadian electrical code they are using. As well as ensuring that there getting the right permits to ensure that their work will get inspected.

Because even the most thorough electrician can make mistakes from time to time. And getting it inspected their work inspected can ensure that someone is double checking their work. To ensure that the building is safe for occupancy.

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