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Many people do not even think about their smoke detector, until it is time to replace it says Edmonton electrician. At that time, they should work with a professional in order to choose the system that is going to be best for their household to ensure that not only can everyone get out safely, but that they are protecting their valuables their best ability as well. However, with all of the technological advances, and the wide variety of smoke detectors and smoke alarms on the market, people still have a wide variety of questions when it comes to understanding which is the best to use.

When the most common questions that put an electrician gets when it comes to smoke detectors, is people asking if they can paint or decorate their smoke detector smoke alarm. The reason why, is many people find detectors to be ugly, or simply not work with their decor. However, the recommendation is for people to avoid painting, or altering their smoke detector in any way shape or form. The reason why, is because paint or other modifications may cover important sensors, or plug holes. Since the smoke detectors ability to check smoke relies on smoke getting into the unit, people may be altering that ability by painting it.

In addition to rendering it useless, it also voids the warranty of the smoke detector, and it may cause a person’s insurance to be denied in the case of a house fire. If people have modified or altered their smoke detector system, and the experience a house fire, insurance may deny coverage. Therefore, with how important this is, people should ensure that they are avoiding modifying their smoke detectors at all. There are some varieties that allow a cover to be popped off, so that people can paint or decorate it, but Edmonton electrician recommends people stay away from this variety as well, that if they want to colour other than white, that they look for brands that offer smoke detectors in other colours.

Another one the most common question that Edmonton electrician gets from people about their smoke detectors, is what do the lights on at mean. Typically, lights are going to indicate if the unit is working, or if something is wrong. While each smoke detector may have a variety of different lights, people should keep in mind that green typically means that everything is operating well with the unit. If the light starts to flash, or turn low or red, it might mean that one of the sensors is not working, or that the battery is low. It also might mean that there is a problem with the interconnectivity of all of the alarms. If changing the battery does not change the light, people should contact their electrician in order to have them figure out the possible causes.

It is very important that people are keeping an eye on their smoke detector. They might not even notice the blinking light, which is why it is very important that they engage in monthly testing of their system. This can help ensure that the system is working, in case the unthinkable happens, and people have to deal with a fire in their house.

Edmonton Electrician | Common Questions About Smoke Detectors

Even though smoke detectors are virtually everywhere says Edmonton electrician, does not mean everybody is very knowledgeable about them. In fact, especially when it comes time to get a new smoke detector, people have a lot of questions about the differences in smoke detectors, and how long it will last. Especially since most people only change their smoke detectors every 7 to 10 years, the large technological advances in smoke detector technology means that people should get an expert opinion when they are ready to make a purchase.

One of the most common questions that people ask is how long will a smoke detector last for. Edmonton electrician says that while the Canadian electrical code recommends everybody changing their smoke detector every ten years, many smoke detectors while replacing sooner than that by several years. People should be familiar with the longevity of their smoke detector at the time of purchase, because some brands require replacement after seven years.

Another question is how often should people be changing the batteries in their smoke detector. This depends a lot on each individual smoke detector says Edmonton electrician. Many different styles of smoke detector use a wide variety of batteries. Some take 9 V, AA’s, AAAs, or even a lithium ion battery. The general rule of thumb is the higher quality the battery, the longer life it will end up having. Some batteries can last as long as the entire smoke detector, which is ten years. And other batteries require replacing every six months. This is part of the reason why it is very important that people are testing their smoke detectors on a monthly basis.

Another question that people have is can smoke detectors have any other features other than detecting smoke. Edmonton electrician says that most smoke detectors if they have another teacher, come with a carbon monoxide detector built into them. This can mean everything from simply sounding alarm when the levels of carbon monoxide in the air are dangerously high, to giving people a constant reading of how many parts per million, or parts per billion of carbon monoxide is in the air. The benefits to these systems, is that people can see if the carbon monoxide levels are starting to go up gradually, that people can troubleshoot the issue before it becomes life-threatening. The culprit is often a furnace that needs fixing, or replacing.

When people are ready to purchase a new smoke detector system for their house, they should contact their Edmonton electrician and learn about all of the different styles and capabilities that are on the market, so that they can end up with a product that is going to allow them to protect their family and all of their belongings.

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