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Edmonton Electrician | Common Renovation Errors

There are many things that can go wrong during a kitchen renovation says Edmonton electrician. But with the proper planning, homeowners can minimize these instances greatly.

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When way that they can avoid a lot of problems. Is by hiring an Edmonton electrician. As well as hiring them early on in the process. Typically, kitchen renovation ends up needing a lot of trades.

For example, people could need a plumber. If they are going to install a garb rater, or add a sink to a kitchen island. But also, homeowners will need higher trades people like people to do the dry walling.

Tradespeople to the flooring, and painting. But also, people will need to hire and Edmonton electrician. And out of all of these trades. The electrician needs to do their work before any other trades.

In addition to that, it is written in the Canadian electrical code. That when an electrician is working on a renovation. That they get their work inspected twice. Once when they do what is called the rough in.

Which means the grounding and bonding has been done. And they are planning on where they are going to run the wiring and put the boxes. It is very important that the work gets inspected at this point.

And while the inspection process does not guarantee mistakes will not happen. It greatly minimizes them. Especially since electrician who knows their work is going to be inspected.

Will typically be a lot more careful in the process. Also, the electrician will need to have the work inspected at the very end. Therefore, the electrician is the only trade.

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That is going to be utilized all throughout the entire renovation. Which means it is even more important that this gets done properly. And so that all of the other trades can coordinate, and be done properly.

A great example of how this works. Is when a homeowner is planning on upgrading the lighting in their kitchen during a renovation. They might want to upgrade their fluorescent lighting.

In favour of more energy efficient LED lights. But also, they might want to add under the counter lighting. And at dimmer switch, and have a lit feature in one of their kitchen cabinets.

It is important that the electrician knows all of this information up front. So that they can do all of the wiring required. To handle all of those capabilities. This is why it is important for the homeowner.

To consult with the electrician at the start of the job. Even small details, like the fact that they want at dimmer switch. Means that the electrician will need to know this at the very beginning of the job.

So that they can wire properly for it. And pass inspection. Therefore, once the rest of the renovation is done. And all that needs to happen, is put the finishing touches of getting the lights up.

The electrician simply has to install the lighting. That the wiring was created for. And finish the renovations properly. But this can only happen, when a homeowner plans the renovations the proper way.

Edmonton Electrician | Common Renovation Problems

When homeowners are planning a renovation, it can be exceptionally helpful to contact an Edmonton electrician. To do a walk-through of their space, and look at their existing wiring. As well as a here about the homeowners plans.

No matter how old home is. Chances are very good. That the electrical components are going to have to be upgraded. At least in one area of the kitchen. But according to the Canadian electrical code.

Whenever small changes are being made to an electrical system. The entire room must be upgraded. The most current safety standards, written in the Canadian electrical code.

Even homes that are not necessarily that old. Are typically older than three years. When the homeowner decides to do some renovations. Therefore, since the electrical code gets updated every three years.

Chances are very good that the safety standards have changed. Since the kitchen was built. Therefore, there electrician will need to upgrade the entire system. Even if they only need small changes to the system.

But when the electrician has to upgrade the electrical system. This is a perfect opportunity. For the homeowner to do other electrical upgrades. Ones that they might have wanted.

But did not want to hire an electrician just to do those things. However, since they need to hire and Edmonton electrician anyway. It is a good opportunity for them to get out their wish list.

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About what they want in their kitchen. Such as adding electrical outlets. So that they can plug more electrical devices in. Which is extremely important, especially since more homeowners have more kitchen gadgets than ever before.

Or, they may decide to add things like under the counter lighting. Or get LED lights instead of their fluorescent lighting. And all of these things require an electrical component to be changed.

Such as adding circuits, and running more wire. That might even include the electrician having to add a subpanel, or adding an entirely new panel. To handle the additional circuit requirements.

When homeowners are planning a kitchen renovation. It is well worth their time. To contact an Edmonton electrician. Who will be able to do a walk-through, and make recommendations.

As well as check what kind of wiring they have in their home now. And what kind of panel they have. So that homeowner can budget for this. And ensure that it is done properly from the start.

When homeowners do not contact an electrician of the beginning of the job. They may find that the renovation does not go according to plan. And things do not work, requiring them to call an electrician anyway.

Therefore, homeowners should be proactive. So that they can have the best renovation. To improve and increase the functionality of their kitchen. And increase the value overall of their home for years to come.

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