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Edmonton Electrician | Company Values

When people are choosing which Edmonton electrician they want to hire. Whether it is for a residential, commercial or industrial project. They should choose the company that has high values. Because they will go over and above for each customer.

Edmonton Electrician

When people are looking for the best electrician. They should consider hiring Hauer Power. Because they have many company values. That sets them apart from their competition. Starting with their tagline.

The tagline that they have is bringing customer service back to the trades. Unfortunately, because the trades have a very bad reputation. When it comes to customer service.

From not being pleasant when they answer the phone, to not being on time. And coming in over budget. This is everything that Hauer Power wants to ensure they do not do to every single client that they have.

And the reason whites important for customers to know what the company values are. Is because when someone hires an Edmonton electrician. Whether it is in their home, or in their business.

They want people to feel comfortable inviting their workers in. Because at the very least, they are managing the flow of electricity in their home or business. And it is important that they do this safely.

And at the very most, they should feel good about the people that are coming to do their electrical work. Because they are bringing these people into their homes. In order to have them work in their business.

Because of that, it’s important that they reflect a business owner’s business. Acting the way a business owner would want them to. While continuing to act respectfully when in a customers home as well.

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As the employees of Hauer Power also need to know what the company values are. So that they can live those company values. And then bring them forth to the customer.

The number one value that they will even at Hauer Power is honesty. Customers need to know that when they contact this Edmonton electrician. They will do what they say they will do.

Do it on time, and at the price that they promised to. In fact, honesty is the number one value. Because without honesty, all of the other values just pale in comparison.

The second value that they live at Hauer Power is being on time. Punctuality is so important. Partly because so many other contractors are not punctual.

Therefore, if they can stand out from the competition. And stand out to their customers by simply being on the jobsite when they say they will. That is extremely important.

Especially with how important it is for getting the job done on time. They need to show up on time. Which means the employees need to arrive at work on time.

There are so many values that are important to Hauer Power. And with holding so many values in high regard. They say this is how they feel about their employees. And this is how they feel about their customers.

If people want to hire the best electrician. That is bringing customer service back to the trades. They should look no further than Hauer Power. And call them for free estimates at 780-935-0622.

Edmonton Electrician | Company Values

whenever someone is looking to hire and Edmonton electrician. Whether it is for their home or for their business. They should understand what sets Hauer Power apart from their competition.

Not only is there tagline bringing customer service back to the trades. But they chose that as there tagline. Simply because they wanted to ensure that every customer to know how important this is to them.

Not only that, but they chose to focus on seven different values. That they feel make them unique. And sets them apart from other electrical contractors in the area.

And while the first ones that they like to focus on is teamwork. Teamwork is so important, because the safety of a jobsite depends on. The staff’s ability to work well together. And electricity is inherently dangerous.

Therefore, working on electricity. Represents any hazards. When they are hiring new team members at Hauer Power. They like to ensure that the team can work well together. And making sure they mesh is important.

The next value that they like to talk about at this electrician is integrity. Integrity happens when all of the other values work together. Integrity means accountability, working hard.

And bringing the best level of customer service to every customer. No matter if it is a commercial, residential or industrial job. By treating each job as the most important one they can be working on at the moment.

Because in reality, no matter how small a job may be. It is important to that customer. And bringing every sense of professionalism to every single jobsites no matter how big or small.

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Is what the value of integrity is all about. The only way that they can live up to their tagline. Which is bringing customer service back to the trades.

They have to dispatch integrity with everything that they do. The next value that they like talking about is a positive attitude. This Edmonton electrician truly believes that without a positive attitude.

You have a hard time solving problems and overcoming challenges. Without a positive attitude, it makes teamwork hard. It also makes people want to quit. Especially when teamwork is low.

When people want to quit, then it is not the safest jobsite anymore. They know that their job is to help control the flow of electricity through someone’s property.

And they need to do that with a positive attitude as well as teamwork. And finally, the next value is constant learning and improvement. Not only does the Canadian electrical code changes every 3 years.

Constantly investing in the knowledge of their team. Is the only way they can ensure that it is the best, and safest team for every single customer.

If people want more information on this Edmonton electrician, Hauer Power. All they have to do is call or email for free estimates. 780-935-0622 info@hauerpower.ca.

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