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Edmonton Electrician | Consequences Of Overloading Circuits

Many people may not realize how easy does says Edmonton electrician. To overload the electrical circuits in their home. It is quite easy especially with how easy it is.
Edmonton Electrician

For people to have a lot of different electrical devices. That use increasingly larger amounts of power. One electrical circuits. Is only designed to handle approximately 1500 W of electricity at a time.

However, many devices nowadays. Use even more electricity than ever before. Making it easier and easier. To overload circuits, simply by plugging more than one electrical device in.

While many devices, such as reading lamps, air fresheners, and stereos. Use 300 to 500 W of electricity each. It is no problem plugging multiple devices. Of that variety into a circuit at a time.

The problem comes in, when people are utilizing. Much more powerful devices. And using them in a smaller area. Edmonton electrician says they are often being asked. To come in and provide wiring.

For persons game room. Where they have a gaming computer, that has three extra-large computer screens. An entire sound system. Devoted to their computer. As well as cooling agents. To keep their gaming computer cool.

A room like that can very easily. Use multiple circuits. And require at least a dozen outlets. Having is properly wired. Is extremely important. To ensure that all components function properly. Without overloading the circuits in the home.

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Another room that often requires. Adding multiple circuits and outlets is the kitchen. Edmonton electrician says more and more kitchens. Have technological devices, such as electronically programmable instant pots.

Hand mixers, blenders, toasters, espresso machines and more. What is even more important to note. Is a lot of these electrical devices. Individually draw close to. The maximum amount of energy. That a circuit can handle. Which means, simply plugging in an air fryer. Into a kitchen, means that nothing else can operate on that circuit. Or else they will overload the circuit, causing the breaker to trip. Or an electrical fire will break out.

Therefore, if people are finding that they are tripping their electrical circuit breaker. More than a couple of times a month. Or that they are using. A power bar, or an outlet extender. In order to meet their electrical needs.

Rather than making an outlet accessible this is a good indication. That they should be calling their electrician at Hauer Power. To come in, and do a walk-through of their home. To give them a quote.

About updating the electrical circuits in their home. One of the first things that the electrician will do. Is actually take a look at their electrical panel. The first thing they will be checking, is the brand. Federal panels are very well-known.

For their circuit breaker failures. Causing many electrical fires to break out. As well, the electrician will need to know. If they need to upgrade the panel. In order to add circuits to the home.

Helping homeowners understand how to avoid electrical circuit overload. Can keep their home, and subsequently their family. Safe from electrical fires.

Edmonton Electrician | Consequences Of Overloading Circuits In Your Home

Overloaded circuits is a common problem says Edmonton electrician. That can easily be avoided. With a little bit of knowledge and some common sense.

A common problem that homeowners have. Is if they do not have enough electrical outlets. To meet their needs, they had to the dollar store. And pick up some power bars, or outlet extenders called Octopus.

These are not a good idea to use. If people are hoping to plug more devices in to an outlet. Simply because they are not safe. To use to increase the amount of electricity. That can flow through an electrical circuit.

There is no device that is sold. That will increase the amount of electricity. That can be used in an outlet. Even though many people incorrectly believe. That the function of a power bar. Or a similar device, is to do just that.

All they are doing, is making it much easier. For them to overload their circuits. By plugging in multiple devices at a time.

Another problem with this says Edmonton electrician. Is if they are buying cheaply made devices. Like the ones sold at a dollar store. The poor quality also puts them at risk. Of causing electrical problems.

Therefore, people should only use electrical extenders, power bars and such. That has been inspected by the Canadian safety Council. And it will be stamped into the device. With the logo CSA.

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However, people should avoid using these devices. If the purpose is to plug more devices in. Because all they will do says Edmonton electrician. Is overload their circuits.

If they do overload the circuits, while the circuit breaker. Is supposed to stop the flow. Of electricity to that circuit, circuit breakers are not infallible. And if they are not functioning perfectly on a day.

There is no failsafe, or backup system. And an improperly working circuit breaker. Could cause a fire. From an overloaded circuits. Therefore, because there is no backup. People should use a circuit breaker.

As the backup system. And the main system being. Not overloading there circuits in the first place. Every single electrical device will have. The amount of electricity that they require. Either printed on the device itself.

Or printed on the sticker that is wrapped around the court. Edmonton electrician says they should ensure that nothing over 1500 W. Is plugged into a single circuit at a time.

However, if they find that their electrical breaker does trip. More than a couple of times a month. That often is an indication. That the circuit breaker is nearing the end of its life. And people should upgrade their electrical panel.

If homeowners have any other questions. About electrical circuits, their electrical devices. Or learning about how to install more circuits in their home. The experts at Hauer Power will be more than happy to answer any questions.

People can phone, or email. And have an electrician come to their house. Do a walk-through, and give them a free, no obligation quote.

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