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Edmonton Electrician | Consequences Of Overloading Your Circuits

While most people know they should not overload their circuits admits Edmonton electrician. Many people do not know how to avoid doing this. Or the risks of doing so in their home.
Edmonton Electrician

One of the first things that any homeowners should be told. Is if they overload their electrical circuit. That is plugging too many devices into an outlet. That the outlet is not designed to handle.

Actually puts the outlet at risk of developing. On electrical fire, which can be very dangerous. The reason why electrical fires are so bad. Is because they start within the walls of the home. And they can spread very quickly.

To all areas of the house, before anyone realizes. That there is a fire at all. By the time the fire becomes apparent. To the people thing in the home. Usually all of the walls and now the ceiling are on fire.

Therefore, avoiding electrical fires are important. But many people are not aware of how to do this. Or worse, Edmonton electrician says they believe. That the circuit breaker is always going to save them.

The circuit breaker is designed to cut the flow of electricity. To any circuit that has a larger flow. Of electricity than it is designed to handle. And while this is the design of this electrical feature.

Circuit breakers are not completely infallible. Especially in panels that have been made by the company pioneer. And if the panels are older than twenty years. They are at a higher risk of failing as well.

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Therefore, rather than counting on a circuit breaker. Homeowners should understand. How many watts they can have plugged in. To any electrical outlet at any given time. And why they should not be using.

Outlet extenders like octopuses. These are devices that are meant. To allow people to plug in more devices. To their electrical outlets, and many people. Also believe that they increase the wattage of that outlet.

So that people can safely plug in more devices. However, this is not true. While it allows people to plug more devices in. It does not increase the amount of electricity. That can be handled in that outlet or circuit. Therefore, when people use outlet extenders.

They often are putting themselves at risk. Of overloading the circuits. And if there circuit breaker fails, the only way they will realize that. Is when an electrical fire breaks out in their home.

A good rule of thumb is for people to understand. The electricity that each of their electrical devices draws. And to avoid plugging multiple devices in. To an outlet when a device that draws more electricity is in use.

Kitchens are the rooms in the house. That draw the most electricity by far. And many of the devices that are used. Should be used on a single outlet, and not with another electrical device says Edmonton electrician.

Take for instance on electric kettle, a toaster and an electric frying pan. All things that are often used at the same time. Each use the amount of wattage allowed by an outlet. Therefore, must all be plugged in on a separate breaker.

Edmonton Electrician | Consequences Of Overloading Your Circuits Today

It is very important for people to avoid overloading there electrical circuits says Edmonton electrician. However, people are not sure how to do that. Or what they can do in order to prevent it.

A good rule of thumb says Edmonton electrician is that if people are using. Many outlet extenders, or extension cords. This is typically a sign. That they are overloading there circuits.

The reason why, is because despite what many people believe. Extension cords, power bars. And outlet extenders do not increase the outlet’s ability. To handle a larger flow of electricity.

It simply enables a person to plug more devices. In two one circuit at a time. And if people are plugging in very low wattage devices. It is not a problem to have two, three or more. On a single circuits.

For example, someone might be charging their cell phone. And have a lamp plugged in, and also have a radio plugged in. They might have an outlets extender. That will allow them to have all three devices plugged in.

And while each device will draw approximately 300 W each. This is not going to overload a circuits, that is designed to handle 1500 W. However the problem comes in, when people plugged in devices.

That draw more than 1500 W combined. A good example of this is a hair straightener. This draws 1500 W all on its own. Therefore, if a person plugs the hair straightener. And anything else in, it will overload the circuit.

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Even though the electrical outlet may have two spots to plug things in. It is important that people know the wattage of all of their electrical devices. And avoid plugging more than an outlet can handle.

I kitchen is a great example of one room in a house says Edmonton electrician. That uses a lot of electricity. Take the refrigerator, microwave and stove for example.

Each one of those electrical devices. Is going to be drawing more than 1500 W. And so not only will each of those devices. Need to be on their own circuit. Edmonton electrician says they also need to be wired specifically.

To handle the amount of power that they draw. And have that electrical outlets. Be wired to be able to handle that amount of electricity. While it might seem very overwhelming to some people.

A good rule of thumb is. If people are using outlet extenders. On a regular basis, this is a good indication. That they should have more electrical outlets installed. How are power can do this for people in any room they wish.

Even if they are only using extension cords once a year. For example, at Christmas time. They should be getting more outlets installed. Because even overloading circuits one time a year. Is a risk that homeowners should not be making.

If homeowners have any more questions about electrical usage in their home. They can always contact Hauer Power in order to find out what they should be doing. As well as what they should be avoiding.

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