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Edmonton Electrician | Consider Bathroom Vent Fans

Many people may not realize it says Edmonton electrician. The importance of their bathroom ventilation fans. Many people do not often. Turn them on, let alone ensure. That they are working properly.
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But the reason why. Bathroom ventilation fans are so important. Is quite simply, because they remove the moisture. That accumulates in the air after a shower or a bath. So that the accumulated moisture.

Does not cause problems in the home. Such as causing the drywall to become mouldy. Or, having the moisture end up. Taken throughout the entire house. Through the houses ventilation system.

Therefore, not only should people turn on. The bathroom ventilation fan during their showers and baths. But they also should ensure. That the bathroom fans are kept in good working order.

And that they have the best bathroom ventilation fan, says Edmonton electrician. For their home and bathroom size. The first step, is ensuring that they have the right size fan. Even if people have just moved in.

Two a new home. Whether it is brand-new to them. Or it is a brand-new build. They often are not going to have. The best fan in the bathrooms. Often, builders put in. What is called a builder grade fan.

Where it is the power of fan. That is required. But it is not the best quality. And will likely need to be replaced. In about two or three years. Edmonton electrician says people should ask about.

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The cubic feet per minute that the fans are rated. 50 ft.³ per minute is the lowest power. That fan should be, in the smallest bathroom. Most bathrooms are going to require. 70 to 80 ft.³ per minute.

And the fans can go up 250 ft.³ per minute for residential applications. If people have an extra-large bathroom. They can get their Edmonton electrician to install. Multiple fans to suit their needs.

Once they know the proper size of fans. They can also calculate what size they need. By calculating the cubic feet in their bathroom. And then, there are still many things to consider about their bathroom fans.

Definitely, do not get the cheapest fan. Because they likely will end up. Clogging, or stopping their job for they should. When going shopping for a new bathroom fan. Homeowners should either consult an electrician.

Or find out the best options to look for. So that they do not get. The most inexpensive option, and cause problems for themselves down the road. Other types of factors they should consider.

Our things like do they want fan. To automatically come on when it senses higher levels of humidity? Do they want the fan to come with built-in LED light bulbs? How about a Bluetooth speaker that is built in?

One option that people should not consider. Are the fans that come with a built in heater. Because while it might be lovely. To step out of their shower, and into the warm glow of heating bulb.

Fans and heating bulbs should be separated in a bathroom. Simply because fans accumulate dust. And it can be a fire hazard. To have a fan with a built-in heater.

Edmonton Electrician | Think Bathroom Vent Fans

Bathroom ventilation fans, according to Edmonton electrician. Play an important part. In keeping the home safe from moisture and mould buildup. People not only should ensure they have the best fan installed.

They should also ensure. That they are maintaining that fan effectively. Something that people should consider. Is that the fans in their bathroom. Need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

People may not realize it, because the fans are designed. To suck moist air out of the room. And vented out of their house. But this can accumulate dust. Many people do not associate dust and moisture.

But the simple fact of the matter is. Even when it is humid says Edmonton electrician. Dust is in the air. And because of the moisture. The dust often gets stuck. To the fan blades, and the great.

That sits in front of the fan blades. As well as the ducting behind the fan blades. It is good practice, that homeowners should get in the habit. Of vacuuming out the vent great. At least once a month.

And then, at the change of every season. Such as spring, summer, fall and winter. That is a good reminder. To vacuum off the fan blades themselves. The reason why this is so important.

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Is first of all, if the great or the blades. Get clogged with dust. The fan cannot do as good a job. Of removing the moist air. People might even hear. That the fan is slowing down. Because it is heavy with dust.

But also, if people do not clean the fans. What will happen, is they will eventually burn out the motor. And the fans will stop working permanently. Therefore, doing just a few minutes. Of regular maintenance every month.

And then every quarter, people will ensure. That they keep their fans in working order. Doing their job of venting the moist air. Out of the home, where it will be unable. To damage the home.

Many people are aware. Of how damaging mould and moisture can be in-house. But something else that they should consider. Especially if they have just moved into a home. Is ensuring that the bathroom fans.

Have actually been vented properly. Many people, if they are building a new bathroom. In their home, or if builders have taken shortcuts. The fans are not vented properly. Edmonton electrician has seen many problems.

Where the bathroom vents lead to. The soffits of the house, where the moisture will cause problems. Or, the bathroom fans are venting. Into the home’s attic, where mould buildup will be a larger issue.

Getting the right bathroom fan is the first important step. And the second important step is maintaining it. By doing these two things. Homeowners can protect their largest investment. And have a dry home, for years to come.

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