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Edmonton Electrician | Consider Bathroom Ventilation Fans

The bathroom ventilation fan is important says Edmonton electrician. Not just in a bathroom, but for the entire household. This small, unsung hero. Is responsible for removing the moisture. That can damage significant parts of the home.
Edmonton Electrician

When people have moved into their house. Whether it is a brand-new build. Or simply, a new to them home. Is ensuring that the bathroom fan. Is the right size for their bathroom. Having a fan that is too small.

Can cause many problems for the home. Such as failing before its warranty dates. Causing people to have to replace their fan sooner. And they may not realize, that the fan. Is not doing the best job just before it needs replacing.

But also, that they are doing the proper maintenance on the fan as well. Edmonton electrician says these two things go hand-in-hand. To help ensure that the home. Is protected against moisture.

The first thing to consider, is what size of fans that people need. 50 ft.³ per metre, or C and M. Is the smallest size of fan. That should go into a residential bathroom. The CFM or cubic feet per metre.

Refers to how much air the fan is able to move. And the larger the bathroom, the larger cubic feet per metre. The fan should be. In order to be able to move that much air out of the bathroom.

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A good reason to keep in mind. Is that if people are purchasing a fan that is too small. It will suck out some of the air in the bathroom. But not all of the air. Leaving behind moisture that can cause mould in the bathroom.

People will not even realize. That the bathroom fan is not functioning properly. It will simply turn on the fan when they are having a bath or shower. Thinking that they are protecting their home. When they simply are not doing anything.

There Edmonton electrician will be able to help them choose. The right cubic feet per metre size of fan. For the size of bathroom that they have. The bigger the room, the larger the cubic feet per metre.

While the smallest bathroom fan is 50 ft.³ per metre. And the largest is about hundred and 50 ft.³ per metre. If people have an audit sized bathroom. There Edmonton electrician may recommend.

Putting in multiple fans. To ensure that they are sucking out as much moist air as is needed. And while size of the fan. Is the most important consideration. People have multiple options to choose from.

From energy-efficient fans, fans that are silent. Fans that have built-in mood lighting. And fans that even have built in Bluetooth speakers. If people have ever wanted to have a shower or bath. With their favourite music playing.

Then these can be the greatest bathroom fans. That they could ever buy for themselves. Whatever they do, they should always consult with the experts. To ensure their not only getting the right size. But they are getting the right quality for their home.

Edmonton Electrician | Imagine Bathroom Ventilation Fans

While every home says Edmonton electrician. Whether it is a house or an apartment. Will have bathroom ventilation fans. This is actually according to the Canadian builders code.

There is either the need to have the fan. Or to have a window, that can open. The reason why, is because the job of the fan. Is to suck out all of the humid air. That can cause problems to a home.

One of the first things that people should keep in mind. Is that they should ensure the size of the fan. Is the correct size for their home. Even if they have just moved in to their new home.

They should not assume. That the builder, or the previous owners. Have put in the right size fan. Or that they have put in a high quality fan at all. Many builders, in an effort to ring their costs down.

Install what the industry calls older grade bathroom fans. What these are, are very inexpensive bathroom fans. That are the right size. For the size of bathroom, but are not good quality.

These fans will do the correct job. But will likely need to be replaced. After only one or two years, even though homeowners. May not think to replace them for several. It can cause problems, and put the house.

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At risk of getting moisture damage. Therefore, Edmonton electrician recommends. Homeowners simply double check. To ensure that the bathroom vents, have the right size fan. And are of a good quality.

If people have to replace their bathroom ventilation fans. Soon as they move into their new home. It will not cost them very much money. But it can significantly protect this large investment.

Once they have chosen the right size fan, with the help. From Edmonton electrician, they also must consider. The maintenance that those fans require. People often have the mentality.

Of set it and forget it. When it comes to bathroom fans. But this is a bad idea. Fans get clogged with dust. As they suck the air. Out of the room, and all of the dust that goes with it.

Because the air is moist, the dust often sticks. To the great on the fan. The fan blades themselves. And the ducting, that leads out of the bathroom. First of all, dust on the great, will cause.

The fan not to be able to pull as much air through the clogged holes. Which means the fan cannot do a good job. But also, as dust gets built up. On the fan blades, the fan. Simply turns slower, moving less air out of the bathroom.

If this is not cleaned, on a regular basis. The bathroom fans will not be pulling as much moist air. Out of the room as they are designed. And if they are continually. Let clogged with dust, they will eventually burn out the motor and fail.

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