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Edmonton Electrician | Consider Your Bathroom Fans

One of the most important things for people to consider says Edmonton electrician. When they first move into their new home. Is looking at the bathroom ventilation fans.
Edmonton Electrician

This is true whether people are moving in. To a brand-new build. Or if there home that they are buying. Has been previously owned. Whether it is five years old, ten years old, twenty years old or more.

The function of the bathroom fan is so important. It truly must be considered. No matter how old or young the house is. This is because the bathroom fan is the only thing. That is designed to protect the house from moisture buildup.

While many people might understand. That home has many different methods. Of protecting it from external moisture. Such as moisture barriers, tar on the roof. To protect moisture from precipitation.

Drywall, and paint. That is resistant to moisture. Edmonton electrician says the bathroom fan is designed. To protect the home from moisture that is caused. From inside of the home.

Bathrooms are incredibly humid places. Whether people are having baths and showers. Or simply, running the sink to brush their teeth and wash their face. And let us not forget, the toilet.

Which is a large vessel, simply holding several gallons of water. It is no surprise, that the bathroom has a lots of moisture problems. The bathroom fan is designed. To take that humidity, and that it out of the home.

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One of the first things that new homeowners need to do. When they buy their home, is get a home inspection. To ensure that these bathroom fans. Actually vent to the outdoors.

Edmonton electrician has seen so many homes. Where the vents, do not truly lead outside. They lead to the attic, where the moisture problems. Can go undetected for longer. And because of wider variety of problems.

Or that the bathroom ventilation fans. Go outside, but underneath a soffit for example. Which is going to cause that moisture. To actually come back into the home. And again, go undetected for longer.

Getting inspection done. Can give homeowners that peace of mind. That there bathroom ventilation fans. Have a fighting chance at protecting the home from moisture. Once they have verified this information.

They need to ensure that the size of fan is adequate for their space. And while the previous homeowner, or the homebuilder. They have installed, to code of fan. That is rated for that size of room.

Most electricians recommend. Buying a bathroom fan that is slightly larger. Or more powerful for that size of bathroom. For the simple reason, that once the bathroom fan.

Is in use, it will develop a layer of dust on it. And that layer of dust, will cause the fan. To work a little bit less efficiently. Getting a slightly larger fan installed. Means that homeowners can ensure.

The fan does the bare minimum job. Even if there is a bit of dust on it. Of course, dusting the fan properly. Will be an important job of every home owner.

Edmonton Electrician | Assess Your Bathroom Fans

Homeowners need to think about their bathroom fans says Edmonton electrician. Because, they can be functioning. Less efficiently than they should. Putting a home at risk of moisture buildup.

The reason why moisture buildup is so bad in a bathroom. Is because moisture can cause problems like rot. It can cause the drywall to become mushy and disintegrate. And even more importantly.

Moisture causes toxic black mould to grow. And toxic black mould is so bad for people’s health. That homes that have blackballed. Our considered condemned. Until the home can be gutted, and rebuilt.

Black mould represents a huge health hazard. For all of the people living in the home. Giving them rashes, respiratory illnesses and more. Not only can it protect the home, but the bathroom fan insures.

That the people inside the home. Do not develop these health conditions. Caused by moisture buildup. One important thing to consider. Is that these fans require regular maintenance. Homeowners should not set it and forget it so the speak.

Once a month, it is recommended that homeowners. Vacuum the grill on the front of the fan. So that it does not become clogged with dust. If the grill is clogged with dust. The may not be able to suck as much air through as it needs.

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However, approximately every three months. Edmonton electrician also recommends. Pulling the grill off of the fan. And actually vacuuming the fan blades themselves. Dust that is clogged on the blades.

Will cause the motor to have to work harder. To rotate the blades as quickly as they are needed. But also, it will cause the motor to burnout faster. And of fan that is designed to last. For five years, may only last one or two.

If the homeowner does not do this regular maintenance. However, as long as homeowners can remember to do this. It should not be more than five minutes every month. And ten minutes every three months.

To protect their most important assets, their home. However, if they have discovered. That their fan is suddenly not working. Or their fan is making a funny noise. They should contact Edmonton electrician immediately.

Because these are signs that the fan is not working any longer. And now there home is at risk. They can go over all of the various types of fans that they can get. From a noiseless fan, and energy efficient fan.

And even fans that come with built-in humidity sensors. So that the fan will automatically come on whenever it senses the humidity level is too high. And turns off, when the humidity level is at normal.

They can get bathroom fans with built-in LED light bulbs. And even a Bluetooth speaker. To make their bath thing, and showering experience. Exactly what they want.

The first step, is calling an electrician to help them today. Ryan at Hauer Power we more than happy to help all homeowners. Get the bathroom fan that they need. To protect their home, and have a great bathroom experience.

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