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Edmonton Electrician | Consider Your Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Bathroom fans are incredibly important to a home says Edmonton electrician. It is not just important to have one. They must be used. As well as working properly at all times.
Edmonton Electrician

The job of the bathroom fan. Is moving the air from a human bathroom. Out of the home, so that it cannot cause problems. Moisture can cause all sorts of problems. From causing the drywall to become mushy.

Or, causing any soft materials. To start to rot. Whether this is the subflooring, the studs in the walls. The carpet, or even cabinets. And worse than rot, moisture can cause the perfect conditions for mould to grow.

Mould is incredibly terrible in a home. Because as well as being destructive. The way that rot is destructive. Mould can cause health problems. For the people living inside the home.

Toxic black mould, is a problem. Because it can grow, undetected. Especially if it is in places. Such as between the walls, in the subflooring, and in places like the attic for example.

Toxic mould is responsible for a huge number of health problems. In the inhabitants of a home, causing people to develop rashes, allergic reactions. They can develop respiratory illnesses and even autoimmune diseases.

In fact, Edmonton electrician says homes that have black mould. Are actually considered condemned. Until people can gut the house, and completely get rid of. Anywhere that has black mould.

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Therefore, bathroom fans should be considered. The unsung heroes of the house. Protecting the home from damaging rot. And devastating toxic black mould to the inhabitants.

However, many people are unaware. Of how important the fan is. When they move into a home, the builder or previous homeowner. Often has installed. The most inexpensive fan that they could find.

This is to help them save on the cost. But there are several things wrong with this. The first thing that people need to consider. Is that they will never want to install. The most inexpensive fan.

It is likely only rated to last for one or two years. Causing a homeowner to have to replace it sooner rather than later. But if homeowners are not aware of this. They might go several years. With the fan that is not working properly.

Assuming that they are protecting their home for moisture. By turning the fan on. Whenever they have a bath or shower. While the fan, is doing very little. To eliminate the moisture from the home.

But the second, and more important reason says Edmonton electrician. That homeowners should not install the cheapest fan. Is that typically, it will be rated. To move the bare minimum amount of air from the room.

Which means, as soon as the fan has dust on it. It is no longer moving that amount of air. As the fan turns slower, once there is dust on it. By installing a fan that is rated for a slightly larger room.

Homeowners are ensuring that the fan is still moving the correct amount of air. Even if it is slowed down from having a thin layer of dust. For more help on choosing the right bathroom fan, homeowners can call Hauer Power today.

Edmonton Electrician | Assess Your Bathroom Ventilation Fans

Choosing the right bathroom fan is overwhelming admits Edmonton electrician. If homeowners are renovating. Or their current bathroom fan has simply died. They may think picking a new without is going to be easy.

They might go to their home improvement store, and wander the aisles. Being completely overwhelmed with the choices. Or worse, they may simply choose. The most inexpensive option.

And then, unwittingly have an ineffective fan. And an unprotected home. One of the first things that Edmonton electrician says homeowners should be aware of. When choosing a brand-new bathroom fan for their home.

Is understanding the sizes of the fans. They are going to see that the fans have a rating called see FM on them. CFM stands for cubic feet per minute. And refers to the amount of air the fans are designed to move.

Unlike a fan that is designed to cool a room. Bathroom fans are designed to suck air out over room. And the larger the room is. The more air the fan is going to have to move. And the larger the CFM rating will be.

Homeowners may realize that the smallest size fan that they can get. Is about 50 ft.³ per minute. And the largest is going to be about hundred and 50 ft.³ per minute. For residential applications.

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However, people should not make the assumption. That if they have an extremely large bathroom. That they can just get the 150 ft.³ per minute fan. And that will be perfect for their needs. Edmonton electrician often installs.

Multiple fans in larger bathrooms. And if homeowners also calculate how much cubic feet their bathrooms are. And then get bathroom fan that matches that. They are also going to end up disappointed.

Hauer Power recommends getting a fan that has more cubic feet per minute. Then there bathroom needs. The simple reason for this. Is once there is a thin layer of dust on the fan. And this is inevitable.

The fan will not be turning as efficiently as it does. Without any dust on it at all. Therefore, Edmonton electrician it usually installs. Nothing lower than 70 to 80 CFM. Because that buildup of dust is going to happen.

And it will ensure that they bathroom fan can move the moist air out of the room. Regardless of whether dust has settled on it or not. However, that brings upon a very important maintenance point.

Homeowners should also ensure that they are dusting their fans regularly. About once a month, they should take a vacuum to the fan grill. So that they can suck out all of the dust that has settled onto it.

And then, every three months or so. Homeowners can take the grill off. And vacuum the dust off of the fan blades. To ensure that it is being kept in tip top working order. And protecting their home.

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