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Edmonton Electrician | Considering Bathroom Fans

Homeowners may think choosing a new bathroom fan will be easy says Edmonton electrician. But when they get to their home improvement store. They may realize that there are so many options, it is hard.
Edmonton Electrician

One of the first things that is important to consider. When choosing the right bathroom fan. Is choosing the right size of the fan. For the bathroom that they have. To understand what size they need.

Homeowners should understand. The function of a bathroom fan. And how the size is calculated. Unlike most fans, that are designed to blow air, and cause cooling in a home. Bathroom fans are actually designed to suck air.

They are designed to be so powerful. That they can suck all of the air. From inside a bathroom, and vented outside. This is not terribly difficult. Because most bathrooms are quite small.

But, the amount of air that needs to be moved. Is calculated by how much cubic feet of air. Is in the bathroom. Bathroom fans are sized by what is called a CFM. And this is considered cubic feet per minute.

How many cubic feet of air the fan can move in one minute. The smallest fan that people can buy will be fifty CFM. And the largest fan that they should be able to buy for residential applications. Is one hundred and fifty CFM.

However, Edmonton electrician says homeowners should not calculate. How many cubic feet of air is in their bathroom. And then get the fan that matches it. Because, with dust and time.

Fans are going to move slightly slower. For example, any homeowner. That has dusted there home will realize. The amount of dust that can accumulate. In a short amount of time, is often quite shocking.

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They should understand. That this amount of dust will also accumulate on their bathroom fan. And the grill that is covering the fan blades. When this thin layer of dust attaches itself. To the bathroom fan blades.

The motor will not be able to turn the blades as efficiently as it did. When the blades were not covered in dust. Therefore, the fan will be moving less air than it was designed to. If people are purchasing bathroom fans.

That are the exact size they need. Then, they need to understand. That their home is at risk of moisture buildup. Because their bathroom fan is not moving. The amount of air that it should.

To get around this, Edmonton electrician recommends. Getting a fan that is slightly larger. Then what they absolutely need. They typically install nothing below 70 to 80 CFM.

So that it accommodates. For this thin layer of dust that is inevitably. Going to build up on the fan blades. However, it is important for homeowners to know. That regular dusting of their bathroom fan.

Will keep working efficiently and effectively. It will also help avoid the motor from burning out. If it has to constantly work harder. To turn the fan blades, it will wear out sooner. Regular fan maintenance.

Can protect the home. And help homeowners avoid replacing their fans prematurely.

Edmonton Electrician | Understanding Bathroom Fans

There are many reasons homeowners may be replacing their bathroom fans according to Edmonton electrician. Perhaps they can no longer live. With the loud noise the fan makes when it is turned on.

Whether it is simply irritating. When they are having a bath or shower. Keeping them from being able to relax and enjoy their peace and quiet. Or, they want to listen to music. And the loud fan makes that impossible.

It could also be that the fan has started making. Strange noises, operating more loudly. Then they have ever heard, and they rightfully assume. That the fan is wearing out. Perhaps a homeowner is building a new bathroom.

Such as creating a bathroom in their basement. Or, they are renovating and creating a larger bathroom. All of which, will cause them. To need to find a new bathroom fan for their home.

While the basic function of the bathroom fan says Edmonton electrician. Is to actually suck the moist air from a bathroom. And vented out of the home. So that it cannot cause moisture damage.

These days, bathroom fans. Come with a wide variety of bells and whistles. To help homeowners. Achieve whatever goals they have. One of the first things that homeowners should keep in mind.

Is they can now choose bathroom fans. With varying degrees of noise. Perhaps they do not want to pay for a slightly more expensive. Completely silent bathroom fan.

But they can no longer handle. The extremely loud noise of their current fan. They can get a quieter bathroom fan. Or, they can decide. To get a completely noiseless fan. So that they can shower in peace.

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They can also get fans that come with sensors built in. To only turn on. When they sense humidity rising. This is really great for people. Who live in homes with children or seniors. Who may forget to turn the bathroom fan on.

Or, they may forget turn the bathroom fan off as well. People who have these humidity sensing bathroom fans. Can rest assured. That they are only using. The bare minimum of electricity that is required to operate.

However, if people are looking at bathroom fans. To help them save energy. There are also energy efficient models according to Edmonton electrician. These are going to be the most silent fans on the market.

But having the smallest carbon footprint. Is becoming more and more important. To mourn more home owners. They also can have bathroom fans that come with mood lighting, in the form of LED lights.

Whether they want a nice bright white light. In order to help shave, or put on makeup. Or perhaps they want to switch their lighting. To colour to suit their mood. They want to have an invigorating shower to start their day?

They can have a nice orange colour to suit their mood. However, if they have had a very long and stressful week. And want to have a soothing bubble bath. Perhaps a purple or pink light, is more suiting.

In addition to all of these great options. Edmonton electrician says there most popular fan. Has Bluetooth connectivity. So that people can have music playing. Directly from their bathroom fan.

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